Hair bump – neat and stylish! howmake a bump of hair on your head in different techniques (photo)

Ср, 06 июл 2016 Автор: Марина Ивасюк

Almost every woman wants to be the owner of the mane
thick and long hair, because on them almost any option
hairstyles will look great. This even applies to the careless
loose hair. However, there are days when the hair is just
I want to get out of sight. This is the moment to your rescue.
one of the variants of the well-known classical beam will come –
a bump of hair.

A bump of hair – how to make a bump of hair on your head:

Everyone has long known how to properly twist hair
so that a bunch is formed on the head. However, what exactly from him
is the bump different? You can find a few differences:

1. The main difference between the bumps and the bundle is their basis:
a bunch is simply collected hair, and the bump is carefully made
a construction that, although it seems difficult in words, in practice
can be collected in just a couple of minutes.

2. There is going to be a bump on the basis of a braid woven in advance, namely
it allows such styling to look more advantageous against
simple bundle.

One of the main advantages of this hairstyle is the ability
collect it in various places of the head, emphasizing the length
neck, if the bump is high. Or hide the wrong ones.
traits, being low. It seems to be such a simple hairstyle, but she
It may even help to emphasize the silhouette and image favorably.

The existence of various variants of this hairstyle helps her
remain indispensable for both holiday and everyday
goals. And it is perfect for ladies of any age, from
a little girl to an old woman. Perhaps that is what does
hair bumps one of the main trends of what fashion
of the season.

A bump of hair – how to make a bump of hair on your head:
materials and tools

Despite the fact that in appearance this hairstyle looks rich and
convoluted, to make it fairly simple because no special
Skills you do not need. To get a great result
absolutely no sense to spend money on expensive hairdressers
services, it can be easily done at home. However before
than you begin to create hairstyle, you need to make sure that you have
ready to have all the necessary tools.

First of all – it is the roller itself, which is hidden under the hair,
disguised and on the basis of which the hairstyle looks massive, rich
and aristocratic. There are several varieties: round,
oblong, elongated, roller on the scallop, but they are all created
for one purpose – to give volume.

Next is the shampoo and balm. Similar hairstyle always follows
do a freshly washed head, otherwise the hair will not show itself in all
beauty and will look greasy. Also desirable
use a spray that will give your hair extra
volume Now many cosmetic lines produce similar
facilities. All this will help you prepare your hair for
direct making hairstyles.

It should take a comb, it is best to have available wood,
it is recognized that it is they who least of all injure hair when
combing You will also need tools that will help make
styling: foam and hair spray. These wonderful tools will help
hairstyle hold out on the head all day without giving her

To lump directly on the head, it is necessary
keep in stock a variety of gum, studs and stealth. it
fixed assets that help fix the lump itself and its

No need to skimp on the various hairpins and other clips that
will help decorate your hair and give it a grain of your

A bump of hair – how to make a bump of hair on your head: способы
and the sequence of actions photo

At the moment there is a huge variety of
options for weaving hair bumps. Below you can see a phased
analysis of each option.

1. Cone of braids.

It is this version of this type of hair is considered
classic. However, it is also the most versatile and
easy to manufacture. However, it is suitable only for owners.
smooth hair, however, can come to the aid iron. For
In order to fulfill this option, the following

1) After the hair is well washed and blow-dried,
apply a little bit of styling, foam or
gel. The main thing is that the hair should be smooth and docile.

2) Select the place where there will be a bump and make
simple tail. Usually a classic bump is built on the back of your head or
top, it is here that it looks the most impressive.

3) The resulting tail should be divided into three parts and from each
make a separate pigtail. Then each of them should be wrapped
around the gum that holds the tail. Ears of braids need
carefully hide under the bump so that they do not look out and carefully
close up hair with hairpins and stealth, which are suitable for
hair color and not stand out. Fix varnish.

To like cone as a decoration nets are perfect
and studs with rhinestones, Chinese sticks – they will give hair
a touch of elegance.

2. Babette – a bump with a roller.

Bridget Bordeaux brought to the fashion world, among other things,
completely new kind of hairstyle – “babette”. In those days, people went to
all in order to repeat her inimitable style, so it was going to help
all that is possible. Now it is much easier to do, because it was
Invented several varieties of special rollers for hair.
They come in completely different shapes – round, oval, just
elongated. Appearance does not matter, they are all aimed at
creating this hairstyle style. The main thing is to get a roller, which
suitable for the color of your hair, preferably even blend
on the general background, so the lump will look most impressive.
how же воссоздать подобный аналог прически

1) Thoroughly wash and dry hair with a hair dryer. Further,
you should carefully comb them and leave that part aside
hair, which is next to the bangs.

2) In the manufacture of this hairstyle, we will use
oval roller, so its execution will be repelled precisely from
similar tool. The roller should be attached on the back of the head and
secure it with stealth so that the donut doesn’t crawl on
head. Further, следует прикрыть валик отделенными заранее

3) The hair itself should be divided in half and each of them should be braided.
pigtail. Take one of them and fasten around
The resulting bumps and secure with stealth. Same
to do with the second, but in the opposite direction.

A great decoration for this cone will be small
artificial flower that will coquettishly peeking.

3. Двухъярусная a bump of hair.

Perhaps this option is the most difficult to do hair, because
There are many limitations to its manufacture. The main thing is required
so that the hair from nature was very smooth. Otherwise it takes a lot
and a very strong straightening that can adversely affect
hair. The sequence of actions should be

1) Rinse and dry hair thoroughly. If required,
straighten further.

2) All existing hair should be collected in a bun on
top of the head, then fix it with varnish.

3) Strands should be divided in half into upper and lower ones, after
leaving the top pinned separately, they will fit
only after the bottom.

4) Take the lower half of the hair and separate several strands.
Further, следует их накрутить с помощью резинки и не слишком сильно
to fix, otherwise the hairstyle will turn out too slick.

five). After one half of the hair is finished, you should
go to the second. These strands should be evenly distributed over
всему кругу, создавая дополнительный volume Tips required
hide with the help of invisible, however, even slightly sticking will be
look very harmonious.

Such a cone does not require additional decorations, because it is already
looks very mysterious and enticing.

A bump of hair – how to make a bump of hair on your head: tips

1. When creating a bump, hairspray should not be abused,
otherwise the hairstyle will look very heavy and unnatural.

2. You should not use the usual rubber bands such as banking or
pharmacy, they can seriously damage the hair. Now on sale
There are special silicone rubber bands.

3. If you are the owner of thin hair, it is best to choose
hairstyle option, which involves the use of the roller.
Именно он поможет сделать недостающий volume

4. Feel free to fantasize with decorations: hoops, tiaras,
hairpins The bump will bear all your favorite accessories.

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