Hair became brittle: will the treatment helpat home? Brittle hair: different treatment at homein ways

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Beautiful hair is a parameter that allows
determine the level of human health. Split and brittle curls
are alarming.

The problem must be eliminated not only from the inside, but also from the outside.
Home remedies are much better than store counterparts because
lack of chemical components.

Causes of hair breakage

Expensive hair care products are not a guarantee.
the fact that the hair does not begin to break.

The occurrence of the problem affects a lot

• use of hair dryer, curling iron, styler, etc .;

• shampooing with high temperature water;

• comb with metal and plastic teeth;

• frequent use of fixation agents;

• squeezing with barrettes and rubber bands;

• coloring and perm.

Often hair starts to break due to intestinal problems,
hormonal background, etc. Bad habits also affect
condition curls. Sometimes the cause of brittleness is wrong.
selected care products. After finding a problem, you can
try changing the shampoo and balm, after consulting with
a pharmacist.

Treatment of brittle hair at home: diet

For healthy hair can not do without the right balanced
power supply. It is necessary to give preference to food with a large amount.
squirrel. In the diet you need to add more products fortified
vitamins of group A, E and B.

You need to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible. Hair health
depends on the daily consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products.
Several times a week you need to pamper yourself with fish and other gifts.
seas. Do not bypass the side and cereals. To satisfy
the daily norm is enough a couple of pieces of whole grain bread and
50 grams of brown rice.

Brittle hair at home is treated and cleansing the body from
toxins. You need to give up harmful products: fast food,
sweets, soda, etc. Smoked and fried dishes also
adversely affect the condition of the hair, destroying them from the inside.
Strong drinks – tea and coffee dehydrate the body and aggravate
the problem. It is recommended to drink plain water, compotes or fruit drinks in
not less than 1.5 liters per day.

Improve the structure of the hair nuts and seeds. They contain
useful zinc, copper and silicon. Last item in abundance
located in kohlrabi, radish and celery. From the problem of brittle hair
will relieve food salads with bright vegetables. Carrot Beta Carotene
is converted in the body to vitamin A, which builds building
blocks to strengthen curls.

Treatment of brittle hair at home: the best masks

Mask of olive oil, avocado and banana


• olive oil – 20 ml;

• avocado oil – 40 ml;

• banana – 1 pc .;

• yolk – 2 pcs.

The oils are combined and heated in a water bath to a temperature
70 ° C. Banana warming up to the state of gruel. It is mixed with
yolks and butter. The mask is applied to the hair. Head tight
corked with film and wound with a towel. Means
desirable to keep on hair all night. In the morning, the curls are washed
water and rinsed with a decoction of dry chamomile.

Sea buckthorn oil mask


• sunflower oil – 3 tbsp. l .;

• sea buckthorn oil – 1 tbsp. l

The components are heated in a water bath to the optimum
temperature and applied to the hair. Worn on the head
cellophane cap and towel. The exposure time is 2 hours. For
severely damaged hair increase the duration of the procedure and
leave the mask on for the night. In the morning the head is washed with shampoo.

Mask with cottage cheese, cream and honey


• cottage cheese – 50 g;

• fatty cream – 25 ml;

• honey – 2 tbsp. l .;

• yolk – 2-3 pcs .;

• Mandarin essential oil – 2 drops.

All ingredients except the oil are placed in the same bowl, where
mix well and whip with a blender. In homogeneous
Mandarin oil is added to the mass. The mixture is placed in a water bath and
heated to 50 ° C. First, half of the mask is applied to the roots.
curls and aged 10 minutes. The rest is distributed
for the rest of the hair. After that, a cap and a towel are put on. AT
For five minutes, the head is heated by a hairdryer, which is turned on
power. AT завершении процедуры шевелюра промывается детским
shampoo without additives.

Treatment of brittle hair at home: shampoos

Loose hair cured at home is easier if replaced
regular shampoo for washing your hair
cooking It is in combination with masks will feed and
heal the curls.

Shampoo with vodka and lavender oil


• vodka – 0.5 cups;

• water – 0.25 cup;

• yolk – 2 pcs.;

• lavender oil – 2-3 drops;

• нашатырный спирт — 1 ч. l

The alcoholic beverage is diluted with water and mixed with other.
ingredients. Ready shampoo is distributed to the curls and
left for 20 minutes. It is washed off with running warm water. If a
the odor of ammonia is not washed, then you can additionally
rinse curls with water and lemon juice. From washing with such shampoo
hair will become streaming and alive.

Shampoo with Castilian soap and aloe vera


• liquid Castilian soap – 60 ml;

• aloe vera juice – 60 ml;

• aroma oil with a favorite smell – 2 drops;

• подсолнечное масло — 2 ч. l .;

• жидкий глицерин — 1 ч. l

Components are placed in the same bowl and mixed. Ready
shampoo shimmer in glass or plastic containers. Volume
получается примерно 250 мl Quantity is enough for a week. Before
each washing and treating brittle hair at home means
need to shake.

Gelatin Shampoo


• food gelatin – 1 tbsp. l .;

• warm water – 80 ml;

• Apple vinegar – 5 ml;

• Neroli essential oil – a few drops.

Gelatin is soluble in water. Vinegar is added to the mixture.
set aside for an hour. After the time gelatinous
the solution is thoroughly mixed and filtered through a sieve. TO
oil is added to the mass and shampoo is ready. It is applied to the curls,
head gently massaged, after which the composition is left on 10
minutes ATолосы хорошо промываются водой.

Treatment of brittle hair at home: other means

Care for problematic hair should be comprehensive. For этого
There are many ways that are easy to do at home.

Nutritious cream


• lanolin – 2 tbsp. l .;

• глицерин — 1 ч. l .;

• castorca – 3 tbsp. l .;

• масло персика— 1 ч. l .;

• melted pork fat – 1 tbsp. l .;

• уксус яблочный — 1 ч. l .;

• шампунь, не содержащий SLS — 1 ч. l .;

• вода — 100 мl

The first five components are stacked in a glass bowl and
melted in a water bath. TO сметанообразной массе добавляют
vinegar and shampoo with continuous mixing. After reaching
homogeneity to the mixture pour in hot water and do not stop interfering.
Ready крем перекладывают в баночку и хранят на нижней полке
refrigerating chamber.

Apply the cream to brittle hair, dried and towel-dried.
Home treatment is carried out with two tablespoons.
at one time. For улучшения эффекта к ним можно добавить одно
egg. The composition is evenly distributed through the hair and insulated.
ATремя воздействия — 30 minutes After the hair is washed with shampoo and
balm It is recommended to rinse curls with mint infusion. is he
make hair fragrant, shiny and silky.


Well nourishes brittle hair; application of a few drops of essential
oil on the brush before combing. The best effect is
plant based products – ylang-ylang, geranium, orange, sandalwood
and rosewood.

ATитаминный уход

Pharmacy vitamins in liquid form can be added to shampoos and
balms or use for evening rubbing into the scalp. For
этих целей нужно приобретать витамины группы Е, AT и А в

Treatment of brittle hair at home: prevention

Healthy curls are the result of a diligent complex
care. After successful treatment of brittle curls, you need to constantly
maintain their condition so as not to return to
recovery activities. Prevention of Repeated
appearance of the problem will be:

1.•ATыбор правильной щетки.

2. • Gentle combing.

3. • Use of hair care products.

4. • Masks once a week.

5. • Protect hair from wind from the sun, snow, wind and rain.

6. • Periodic salon visits.

7. • Monthly haircut tips.

To treat brittle curls at home is easy and even
nice, since most of the components are not only useful, but also
tasty and fragrant. The effect of the use of folk recipes is not
worse, and even better than from salon procedures.

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