Green manicure – a win-win forNew Year’s image

Green is the color of the Christmas tree, so for many it causes
association with winter holidays. No wonder often women
choose it as the main color of their New Year
nail art. Use a variety of shades in combination with
fashionable application techniques allow you to create a bright, extraordinary

Successful combinations with varnishes in other colors.

Green – a deep and interesting color, thanks to which the nails
will have a noble and elegant look. But those who think
monotonous manicure is a bit boring for a new year’s eve, can
combine it with varnishes of other shades.

Given the characteristics of this color, we can say that harmonious
his ensemble is obtained with:

  • Related tones that are yellow or blue
    the foundation.
  • Achromatic colors (black, white, gray).
  • In red. Such an ensemble looks bright and energetic. Both
    The tones are bright enough, but they complement each other perfectly.
  • Gold and silver.

In addition, designers recommend light green lacquer
Combine with the following shades:

  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • nude

For a rich green fit:

  • dark tones;
  • all shades of gray;
  • the black;
  • white;
  • gold and silver.

When creating any manicure, it is important to remember the basic condition
beautiful combination of colors – they must be the same level

Nail design ideas

New Year’s nail art is different from other holiday
registration originality and abundance of brilliance. Even those who
prefers classic style, tend to give nails more
originality, add your own twist.

  • French manicure and variations on his theme

The easiest way to turn a classic french into a festive
– replace the traditional white smile with a green one. You can
focus on one nail, completely covering it with color,
decorating pattern.

Quite bright french turns out in a red-green range. Basis
You can make a red lacquer, and a smile pearl-green or
sparkles. Such a bright design does not require additional drawings.
or decorative items.

Ideal for the winter holidays double jacket. For example,
make a smile with a shiny green gel polish, and a second

Looks good in the green version of the reverse jacket (moon
manicure). Lunuly can be left colorless, and lay out the border
small rhinestones.

Nails with holes completely beautiful look
covered with gold. They can be made convex or concave.

  • Ombre, broken glass

Beautiful ombre is obtained in a blue-green color scheme. BUT
use three colors at once: green, white and red
symbolizes the main attributes of a winter holiday: a Christmas tree or
Christmas mistletoe, snow, Santa costume.

Ombre can be done as a glossy finish, and

A coating resembling glass shards is at its peak
popularity, it is not surprising that designers recommend it
в качестве новогоднего nail art.

The design is not only beautiful, but also unique. Each pattern
it turns out unique. At hit of light it is poured by all

Made with dark green gel polish, the design is more like
not broken glass, but diamond edges. Such a manicure can not stay
unnoticed on a festive night.

  • Cat’s eye

Красиво смотрится на ногтях любой длины маникюр «Cat’s eye»,
made of green magnetic varnish. Among the variety of shades
every woman will be able to choose for himself the one that will
harmonize with her outfit. Stylists consider the most suitable.
for a similar design – agate, olive, yellow-green

Выбрав в качестве праздничного маникюра «Cat’s eye», важно не
overdo it with the decor. Excessive use of it will not complement
а только испортит design. If you wish, you can decorate only the nail
on the ring finger.

  • Ornament and Christmas symbols

Green matte or glossy surface of the nail plate
serves as an excellent basis for creating traditional New Year
drawings and ornaments.

On the eve of the holidays are becoming all sorts of
Christmas decorations, snowmen, watches, Christmas bells,
confetti, sketchy images of Christmas trees and other paraphernalia. With
This pattern can be applied to all the nails or just one.

BUTжурные морозные узоры и снежинки на зеленом фоне ногтей можно
portray white lacquer or silver.

As an option, one nail is coated with a contrast varnish or
leave natural. It is on it that multicolored are created.
thematic drawings.

Volumetric pictures look very original. For example,
matt varnishes made of snowflakes, Christmas trees, shiny stars.

Scandinavian remains popular throughout the winter
ornaments or volume imitation knitted pattern. With этом на каждой
nail plate ornament may be different.

  • Shine

No festive neil art will not do without decoration
all kinds of sparkles and rhinestones.

Fine glitter can be stretched along the nail plate so that
the loose edge was heavily strewn with sparkles, and their bases
the amount was minimal.

The thread of the garland going through all the nails looks original.
arms. The role of light bulbs on it perform colorful rhinestones or

With the help of small rhinestones, glitter, shimmer or kamifubuki
It turns out to decorate any pattern.

In addition, covering any nail art with clear varnish with shimmering
with particles, you can give it a festive look.

New Year’s manicure can be bright and bold or, conversely,
gentle and elegant. The main thing is that it is suitable festive
along with, and also fit the overall style. Well chosen,
beautifully executed nail art will help to keep the New Year for a long time

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