Goldline – diet pills. How do theytake?

Goldline’s active ingredient is sibutramine. It means,
that Goldline is a complete analogue of such tablets as Meridia and
Lindax, which are no longer sold in Russia.

Годлдайн для похудения

Currently, sibutramine is one of the most effective drugs.
for weight loss. Slimming when using it occurs in
the account of two processes – prolongation of the feeling of saturation and strengthening
thermogenesis. Sibutramine affects the saturation center in
the brain. With its activation decreases the appetite, man
starts to eat less and, as a result, lose weight.

It is established that when taking Goldline food intake
reduced by 20%, and daily caloric intake by 25%. Sibutramine
also increases heat production (enhances thermogenesis), while
increased energy consumption due to burning fat. Established
as a result of enhanced thermogenesis by the body
consumes about 100 kcal per day.

When taking Goldline, remember that its effect
develops gradually during the first month of use. Doctors
note that the maximum effect of weight loss when taking Goldline
observed after three months of continuous use. However, at
In this, they recommend taking Goldline for 6 months. For that
time is not only noticeable weight loss, but also
correct eating habits are formed that allow
keep the achieved result for a long time after
termination of admission. Goldline is taken once a day in the morning
clock. The drug is available in two dosages – 10 mg and 15 mg.
Usually, starting with a lower dose (10 mg). If during the first
two months no tangible result is observed, the dose of the drug
increase to 15 mg per day. Goldline is allowed to take in
continuous mode up to 2 years. There may be side effects when taking Goldline.
effects such as dry mouth, insomnia, irritability,
increase blood pressure. Most of these side
effects go away on their own within the first month
application. If side effects are severe and do not go away
on your own, it is recommended to consult a doctor for advice.
Goldline is a prescription drug, so before you buy it
in a pharmacy, you need to visit a doctor and get a prescription.

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