Golden manicure – the luxury of brilliantiridescent!

Golden manicure takes a worthy place in the creation of the first
all festive nail design, but gold is great and
for the everyday image, if properly present it. It will be
directly depend on the chosen design and combination of different


  • Golden jacket
  • Beige and white and gold manicure
  • Black and gold manicure
  • Red and pink with gold
  • Blue with gold
  • Manicure with gold sparkles and rhinestones
  • Green with gold
  • Brown with gold
  • Matt
  • Manicure with gold flowers and stripes
  • Decor options – gold rub and foil

Surprisingly, even a classic french manicure can
Execute in these brilliant shades. For this golden color
allocate the tip of the nail. But here you should observe some
rules: the nail plate should not be short, at least
middle length. For a more accurate application of the crescent can
use a special stencil.

In addition to the special varnish or gel, the golden effect can be
create with sparkles that are of two kinds: in the form
special dust that creates volume and 3D effect, and
glitter, which is a large pieces. There are
shiny stickers that facilitate the work of novice nail masters.
At the same time, the technique of use is also diverse: it can be
pattern or coating of the nail plate completely.

Golden Manicure Options

If we consider this color in combination with others, then we can
called universal because it is very easy to combine.

  • Classic French with Gold

Classic does not stand still and is subject to new trends, for example,
instead of a white tip, you can make gold. In this version, he
will be more festive and suitable not only for everyday
image, but also for a fashionable party.

золотой французский маникюр

  • White and beige in combination with
    in gold

Белый часто используют в маникюре, наравне с in gold, а их
tandem can be called luxurious. If you recall the famous Greek
robes, where white clothes decorated gold accessories, then
it becomes clear that the white and golden manicure will be beautiful in any
design. These nails do not require additional decoration, but if
I really want to use it, then you need to do it with extreme
caution – easy to overdo it. Especially worth limiting
количество использованных shades.

Beige usually acts as the basis for further
decorating. Это относится и к in goldу Colourу. Manicure in such
combination turns out to be discreet, but very beautiful.

  • Black and gold manicure – тренд 2018 года

In 2018, it is advised to pay particular attention to the combination
black and gold. Such a palette in the past pointed to
wealth and wealth of the owner. Besides, most recently fashionable
Dior’s house has produced a luxurious collection in precisely such shades.
Black manicure will look bright and stylish, but take a chance on such
can only be a brave woman.

  • Red gamma and gold

Red + gold is a classic in its purest form. Words here
unnecessary. Pay attention to the shade: scarlet fit
young girls, and dark, burgundy and wine colors are excellent
look at adult women.

Pink does not lose ground in popularity among women, especially
noticeable with the onset of spring. Gold is the perfect tandem for him,
moreover, as a finish, nail masters produce paper or liquid
foil. The design is adapted to delicate shades of pink: cute
drawings, flowers, geometric patterns, sea theme, zodiac signs and
etc. Vivid images also have a place to be, but usually they are made
as an emphasis on individual nails.

  • Palette blue

It looks very beautiful, but to pick up such a manicure is worth to
certain along. The key is played by the presence of blue in the dress
shades or gold edging. As an option – dress finish

  • Glitter and rhinestones with a golden sheen

This option is chosen by many women. Adding gold
colors in the form of sparkles or rhinestones in a small amount well
looks in a casual way, if more – then the overall look will be
festive. By the way, if the dress code does not imply such
of liberty, it is easy to add to
already available manicure a little shine or rhinestone.

If you want to decorate your nails with stones, then you should be ready
to the fact that the execution of many household and habitual affairs can
prove impossible. Constant wet cleaning will quickly lead
luxury manicure worthless. In addition, work with gold
pebbles require special professionalism and skills, since
their location should always stick to the chosen

  • Green shades

A large variety of elements for golden design allows
show imagination and imagination when creating a manicure, including
and with green shades: sparkles, rhinestones, stripes, foil or
golden sand For a simple design, just select one or
two nails on hand. Making snake scales or
reptiles – such a manicure will undoubtedly attract attention

  • Brown Colour

Brown наравне с бежевым является довольно нейтральным
Colourом и отлично смотрится в любой ситуации. In combination with gold
elements it looks festive and very noble.

  • Matte finish and gold details

Matt маникюр выглядит слегка «приглушенным», но небольшой
блеск способен ему добавить золотистый Colour в виде небольших
pebbles or strips. This design should be a bit because
this can create disharmony with the base.

  • Популярные рисунки in gold: полоски и

Given the saturation of the design with sparkles, the patterns should be
as simple as possible so as not to overload the manicure. More often drawings
создаются in gold на Colourной основе, но может быть и наоборот. AT
этом случае применяемый Colour должен быть только один.

Among the drawings with shiny lacquers the leading place belongs to
classic stripes. The latest trend is a combination
natural pastel shades with gold stripes in style
minimalism on both long nails and short ones.

Украшение ногтей Colourами – никогда не выйдет из моды, поскольку
they symbolize tenderness and feminine essence. Also beautiful
Colourа, да еще в таком праздничном Colourе, всегда способны поднять
mood. And the creation of tender buds is a real art,
who needs to study for quite a long time.

Предлагаем вам также идеи новогоднего маникюра с in gold.

Materials and methods of decoration

There are a large number of modern materials for
create a beautiful decor, including gold. But there are those
universally used due to ease of use and
beauty. These include rub, which is applied to sticky
the surface is gel polish and contains a pigment with a dim metal
shine. Creating small patterns in this way is impossible,
therefore, they fill the entire surface of the nail – usually one or

Another very common decoration method is foil:
sheet, thermo, in the form of stickers or embossed. With her help
moon and french manicures are made, stripes are created and
абстрактные узоры и etc.

Gold has always been in the price, including in manicure. Considering
fashion trends in 2018, expressed in brilliance and twinkling, can
expect a golden manicure to be at the peak of popularity. the main thing
– do not overdo it.

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