Gentle beige in winter – boredom or elegance? With whatWear a beige coat, down jacket, sheepskin coat or fur coat?

Recently, in the collections of designers celebrated
enthusiasm for delicate beige tones. Famous personalities
believe that this direction can change a lot, because
in nude style, any woman looks sexier,
more elegant and softer.

Do not think that this is boring and unattractive, because
being bright does not necessarily wear a flashy, flashy thing. ABOUT
how to look perfectly in any situation read on.

It is now the beginning of winter, which means that there is an opportunity to flaunt
new warm outfit. Among the huge variety you liked
exactly beige coat? Do not doubt: this acquisition will be
relevant in the next season, because by connecting the imagination, you can
to make with his participation a huge number of options.

Beige coat with what to wear:

For the most daring charming fashionistas can offer
combine beige with red. Pick up a red handbag such
same gloves and scarf and universal attention guaranteed.

Another “eye-catching” set is a beige coat in
combined with one of the leopard prints. Complete your outfit
Leopard scarf or bag, but do not overdo it – one
This accent is enough.

If you choose a coat of a classic silhouette model, you can
Feel free to complement it with a black leather belt.

More conservative women
It is recommended to supplement the coat with a classic plaid print or
a strip. ABOUTтличным выбором будет шарф или платок. The simplest and in
also an attractive combination: a beige coat with
accessories brown. Suede tight boots,
brown elbow pouch and suede gloves – what could be
it is better?

Бежевое пальто, с чем носить, фото

For young cheerful persons perfect bright, green
accessories. With them you will look very natural and

And, of course, the combination of basic
colors. Such kits are interesting and versatile.
at the same time. ABOUTднако не рекомендуется сочетать беж с исключительно
black, as it looks overly conservative.

Also find out with what to wear:

How to wear a beige skirt and blouse?

With what носить бежевые сапоги, ботильоны, ботинки, ботфорты?

With what носить бежевую куртку, бежевую парку, бежевый тренч?

So you know what accessories look great.
beige coat and now it’s time to talk about beige
down jacket.

Beige down jacket with what to wear

Thanks to their unsurpassed qualities, down jackets won
special love and have become indispensable clothing with a modern rhythm
of life. Today, many of the women want to buy a down jacket, and
Since this season in fashion beige color and all its shades just
need to diversify your wardrobe and consider a few
options to help create the most sophisticated and fashionable image.

If you like a romantic style, it is advisable to stop your
выбор на женственном удлиненном down jacket. It is he who is wonderful
looks in combination with boots with heels, blouse and skirt –
pencil. ABOUTбязательно дополните эту модель широким поясом, так вы
You will look more feminine and gentle.

Beige down jacket with what to wear, фото Slender girls
perfect short jackets, and most importantly – they are beautiful
look in combination with almost any clothing. ABOUTтличным
addition to this model are skinny jeans and boots on
heels, as well as wool skirt and a long scarf.

Fat women are more suited to classic down jackets
length below the knees. ABOUTни зрительно удлиняют фигуру и скрывают
fullness. This model goes well with black pants and
low-heeled shoes.

If your choice fell on a short down-sleeveless jacket, wear it with
sweater with a large knit, jumper, jeans, long skirt
or dark corduroy pants.

You decided to give preference not a down jacket, and a sheepskin coat?
Perfectly! Since this thing will always look very fashionable.
ABOUTстается только узнать о том, с чем носить бежевую дубленку этой
snowy, filled with “weather surprises” in the winter.

With what носить бежевую дубленку?

To the short sheepskin coat fit high boots with heels. ABOUTднако
hairpin is not worth choosing, because in this case the image looks
disharmonious, and sheepskin coat looks too heavy. With this model
beautifully combined short knitted dresses.

Classic trousers are more suitable for long sheepskin coats with belts.
As for the cap, it is better to choose fur. Color can be combined with
the color of a sheepskin coat, but the one that matches the fur looks better
cuff and collar.

With what носить бежевую дубленку, фото Virtually any
models of sheepskin coats perfectly match white hats, but
They are especially well suited to sheepskin coats of light, warm colors.

Bag and boots is better to choose leather. Their color should be
identical and harmonize well with the color of the sheepskin coat.

In general, with regard to what to wear a beige sheepskin coat, you can
give a bunch of recommendations, but the most important thing is that this thing is excellent
sat on a figure and successfully combined in color with other

Recently, the most popular among fashionistas have become
Enjoy elegant beige fur coats. ABOUTднако классический пошив
such products require an appropriate addition, so it is worth
talk about how to wear a beige coat.

With what носить бежевую шубу?

ABOUTчень женственно смотрится удлиненная шуба в комплекте с
boots made of leather or suede under one condition – the shoes must be on
stiletto or steady, but high square heels. Fur
a hat for such a coat is not suitable, as it makes the image heavier,
Therefore, it is better to wear a beige fur coat with a soft handkerchief or stole.
A good choice – a coat with a hood. ABOUTна позволит обойтись без

The cropped style of a beige fur coat blends perfectly with
jeans-cigarette, especially if you fill them in high,
stylish boots. Look great office pants complete with
boots on comfortable heels.

With what носить бежевую шубу, фото As for the caps under
short coat, then here it is more suitable knitted her version or
beautiful shawl.

Gloves and a bag better to buy leather, they will give the fur
special refinement. The color of the accessories should be in the tone of the shoe, either
slightly darker or lighter than the fur of a beige sheepskin coat.

The following tips are for floor-length hostesses. So
how this model is preferred by women with status and achievement
a certain age, I would like to draw attention to the fact
that clothes under a long fur coat is chosen quite easily, but in
As shoes only high boots harmoniously look.

A hat can be either a fur hat or a scarf, and
Here the hood is good only in fitted styles. Loose fit with
the hood turns a woman into an immense mountain.

And in conclusion about the models to the knees. The selection of headgear and
accessories identical to previous models. But high boots
would be appropriate only under the skirt, under the pants give preference

Remember that choosing a beige coat, you have chosen not just expensive
thing, as well as a certain status for the entire upcoming season.

With what Wear a beige coat, down jacket, sheepskin coat or fur coat? A photo
successful combinations

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