Formavit. Supplement for weight loss by priceaircraft

Formavit slimming capsules is a dietary supplement that
produced in Russia by ComFarm. The manufacturer promises that
his dietary supplement for weight loss will stimulate the metabolism
will accelerate fat burning, reduce cellulite, improve hair condition and
nails, and generally slow down the aging process.



What is part of Formavit?

L-carnitine is the main component of Formavit. It is carnitine and
acts as a fat burner. Simply put, it’s
substance, is a “transport” for fat in the human body,
delivers it to the place of recycling and disposal. Without sufficient
amounts of this substance in the body effective fat burning
almost impossible.

Chromium picolinate. He is involved in the utilization of glucose by insulin.
In other words, it does not allow the sugar in our body to turn into fat.
The combination of L-carnitine and chromium picolinate gives the effect of reducing

Amino acid complex. Will provide invaluable support to the muscles. BUT
after all, they are the first to suffer during the diet. If losing weight
also connects the physical load, then without such a complex
Amino acid fat loss can stop altogether. it
due to the fact that the body will simply be missed
�”Building material” for muscles, hair, skin and nails and Formavit
make up for these losses.

Grape seed extract. Natural antioxidant. Helps
slow down the aging process and fights cellulite.

Echinacea extract. It takes over the function of an immunomodulator,
supporting the human body in a difficult situation. After all, however
cool, and losing weight – it is stressful for the body. If, of course, you
you lose weight really, that is, you follow a low-calorie diet, and
do not sit on the couch with a roll, thinking that the pills will make for you all

Take the drug should be one capsule twice a day.
food Time. When taking Formavita be prepared for the fact that the weight
start to decline gradually only by the end of the fourth week.
BUTппетит тоже снизится, но не настолько значительно, чтобы вы вообще
stopped experiencing hunger.


A set of biologically active substances in Formavite, in principle,
standard for conventional weight loss supplements. But the price is surprising.
which our Russian manufacturer asks for its product.
A jar of Formavita for a month of admission costs 4400 rubles. Course for three
month – about 10,000 rubles. Even taking into account that other than
slimming l-carnitine and chromium in Formavite contains Ehnacea,
grape seed amino acids and antioxidant such price
seems very high. What it is based on remains a mystery.

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