Fitomucil for weight loss – for, against,abstained

Один пакетик Фитомуцила – это  6 г пищевых волокон, проще
speaking, fiber, which is not known to be digested in
body but creates a feeling of fullness, and therefore
suitable for weight loss. Dietary fiber in Fitomucil have
vegetable origin, they are obtained from prunes and seeds
plantain. If you dilute the powder with water, it turns out not too
aesthetic jelly light brown. By type of product
like … slime. Shuddered from disgust? Fitomucil began
act – now you definitely do not want to eat.


How to take Fitomutsil for weight loss

Seriously, you need to use the contents of 1 sachet before
every serious meal, and do not forget about the mandatory glass of water
after taking the drug. So before breakfast, lunch or dinner
dilute one sachet, drink, and in the stomach is approximately
300 g mucous mass.

Nutritionist L. Kordain once wrote that the average
an American eats about 500 grams of food per meal. Of our
I haven’t found any research on this topic, but, most likely, we have little
отличаемся от заокеанских  едоков.  So, 300 g
Fitomutsila we already ate. На 200 г можете положить  себе любого
vegetable salad, or porridge, or a bit of meat with vegetables, or even
A serving of wholemeal pasta with seafood. Do not climb? Have a drink
a glass of kefir or eat fruit.

It is clear that if you do not miss the reception of Fitomucil, eat
a lot will not work. The main thing – to control snacks between
powder techniques.

Who would fitomutil

Information on the manufacturer’s official website states that
the remedy is not to reduce weight, but to combat constipation. At the same
time to fly like a swallow in a famous cabin you do not have.
The product acts rather smoothly as it improves peristalsis.
due to the natural action of fiber, not due to
laxative component. And the drug is able to enhance the effect
any prebiotics – whether bifido or lactobacillus. Fitomucil as
would “feed” the useful flora, it better digests our
dietary fruits and vegetables.

Nutritionists believe that to reduce appetite and weight loss
a person needs 30-40 grams of fiber per day. It’s easy to calculate that
3-4 sachets recommended by the manufacturer cover most
daily need for fiber. The rest you have to “eat”
independently – oranges, broccoli, berries, green salad to your

The Case Against Fitomucil

Are you going to run to the nearest pharmacy? Do not hurry, not everything is so
rosy as it seems. Cons means are also available.

– The drug does not affect the so-called stress
overeating is a behavioral stereotype that forces you
reach for a donut every time after emotional experiences,
Fitomutsilom and reduced appetite is not treated. If you are used to
eat without an appetite, just to take your hands or something
relaxing mucus with dietary fiber will not help you.

– Too much fiber is not good for the digestive tract. Drug can
cause bloating, flatulence and even severe diarrhea. All this
symptom complex manufacturers call “individual
intolerance. ” So in order not to endure, it is better to go
normal examination by a gastroenterologist before buying

– Refrain from buying is worth the girls related to diet with
unhealthy perfectionism. If your diet and so consists of apples
and cottage cheese, and the weight does not decrease, you should not drink dietary supplements – you get to
exhaustion, and there is a completely different story – not about beauty, but about
health recovery.

The final decision, of course, is yours. But before
Take Fitomucil as well as other supplements for
похудения лучше проконсультироваться со специалистом.

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