Feminine and romantic peachmanicure

Для создания нежного и изысканного manicureа в этом сезоне можно
Feel free to use the trendy peach shade gel polish. Trend
персиковый manicure выглядит свежо и легко, независимо от выбранного
you decor options.


  • With rhinestones and sparkles
  • With flowers
  • Френч и лунный manicure
  • Matt
  • Gray with peach
  • Types of painting
  • Stemping
  • With gold
  • With rubbing

This juicy tint is relevant at any time of the year: as in cold
period, both in spring and summer, peach-colored nails will
look great with any outfit. Enough to pick up
suitable – cold or warm – the tone that best
will look in a certain situation.

Peach manicure is a very versatile option, with
through which you can easily complete any image, including
using decorative elements for nail art.

Ideas with rhinestones and sparkles

Elegant rhinestones in all their diversity today
are a constant part of trend nail art. Surely, their
relevance will not fade away for many years, and they will continue to delight
fashion beauties radiance on the nails.

For special occasions and special occasions, we strongly
рекомендуем дополнять manicure в персиковом оттенке стразами,
bouillons and decorative stones that transform your nails and
will make an image unique and unique.

Украшенный сияющими стразами manicure можно оставить монохромным,
but it is also acceptable to combine with other fashionable shades of lacquer:
pink, yellow, white or gold. If you wish, you can select
individual nails pattern, use the slider design,
perform artistic modeling to give volume. Such a design
will look very festive and beautiful.

Floral motifs on peach background

WITHамый простой способ придать manicureу уникальность и особый шарм
– the use of drawings. Most relevant in the season of 2018
floral and floral patterns that you can safely add
thin curved lines.

French and Lunar

Peach color symbolizes femininity, tenderness and
harmony, so it’s hard to think of a more suitable
design than french.

Французский manicure можно выполнять в любых оттенках персикового
– as in very saturated, and in the most light. Options
application is also very much. For example, peach color can
cover the entire nail, and the edging to perform classic white.

You can do and vice versa: highlight the peach smile line, and
as the main one, choose transparent or very light beige,
imitating the natural color of the nail. If this option seems
you overly restrained and boring, you can diversify
by adding an elegant pattern in black or brown tones on
several nails and highlighting the edges of each nail with the same color.

Не менее выигрышно смотрится персиковый и в лунном manicureе.
Here, too, there is a wide scope for experimentation: you can
use this color as a base or accent as highlighting a hole
or to create a pattern on the nails.

Matte ideas

If you use peach color to create everyday
manicureа, можете попробовать матовый лак с виниловым или бархатным
finish line It does not attract undue attention, it looks reserved and
not catchy, but very gentle.

Keep in mind that when using matte varnish is very important.
high precision of drawing. It is recommended to update it once
two or three days.

Peach varnish with a beautiful, elegant and modern look
sand effect. He keeps at least a week, hides everything
irregularities of the nail plate and is resistant to damage and chips. Behind
due to these qualities, it is perfect for girls who only
учатся самостоятельно делать manicure.

Peach gray combination

Emphasize the femininity and sophistication of the image by highlighting
one of the nails has a cool silvery gray tint and leaving
the rest are peachy.

Variants of drawings

If you try a little, you can turn the nail cover in
a real masterpiece of art. Украшение manicureа незамысловатыми
patterns and drawings emphasize the femininity of the shade even more.
It is enough to give vent to fantasy, and you will create a unique nail art,
which will emphasize the uniqueness and brightness of your image.

In the creation of an exclusive design, various
technology painting.

  1. Fiction. Usually it uses acrylic paints. With their
    using floral and animal prints,
    ornaments, graphic abstractions, hieroglyphs and other drawings.
    Very restrained and harmonious on the nails look traditional
    folk ornaments.
  2. Chinese The pattern is made flat brushes. Behind счет плавных
    transitions between shades create wide three-dimensional drawings.
    Thanks to this technology in one design you can use two
    different shades of peach color.
  3. Drawings with pencils. Such a design создается с помощью акриловых
    paints, but only on the extended nails. In this stand out
    bright borders of drawings. Resorting to such a technique, masters can
    put on your nails almost any pattern – from delicate floral
    ornaments to complex architectural design.
  4. Watercolor painting with pencils and paints. Application
    watercolors and stained glass, color gels for nail art allows you to create
    multilayer volumetric pattern. The combination looks very nice
    two techniques of painting in watercolor: painting on wet and washing. So
    the way on long nails you can perform quite complex
    drawings in shades of peach.


Peach varnish can be used as a base for
праздничного manicureа со стемпингом. Thoroughly prepared nails
covered with two layers of varnish and dried thoroughly. On
a special plate for stemping is applied a little silver
or gold lacquer (remove excess with a scraper). Figure is transferred
on the nails using a latex stamp: you can decorate them all or
just some nails. Waiting for the pattern to dry
cover with a glossy topcoat.

For stemping it is recommended to use special varnishes,
which allow to achieve a bright and dense pattern. Instead
silver or gold lacquer can take chocolate or black. WITH
Evening dresses combine contrast design very favorably.
imitating lace.

Glitter gold

WITHочетание золотого и персикового цветов с декором в виде золотых
rhinestone looks very expensive and perfect for a special

With rubbing

One of the win-win types of nail art is rub. WITHпециальный
пигмент в форме порошка преобразит ваш manicure. Peach varnish
can be supplemented with a rub in the same color and put it on each
nail. So образом вы добьетесь удивительного эффекта глянцевого
metal coating, and in a very unusual gentle

Как видите, manicure в персиковом цвете может безупречно
complement your image. It is enough to show a little imagination to
achieve a beautiful and interesting effect.

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