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Each girl is special in her own way and wants to look decent,
feminine and attractive, but it so happens that not all
representatives of the fair sex meets the perfect figure.
Nature has conceived every woman individually, despite
some nuances. If the figure does not match the ideal
parameters, and has some drawbacks, they need
learn to transform into virtues by using female tricks and

There are several types of female figures, of which “pear”
is quite feminine, but the image of such a lady
requires some scruples and taste. Figures “pear” should not be
hesitate, she is your great advantage!

Dress for the figure “pear” – an integral element of the wardrobe

Sloping narrow shoulders, the presence of a relatively narrow waist, narrow
rib cage wide hips, but rather a significant difference between
waist and hips, possibly full legs and hips. If all these
Descriptions refer to your figure, then do not rush to get upset!
Men most often pay attention to busty, long-haired
girls with wide hips. One of this list already exists, therefore
it’s worth thinking about how to make your hips your main

For such a figure you can pick up absolutely any clothes, but
The best and easiest option is a dress, since this is exactly the kind
clothes opens before the “pear” a huge selection of styles!

How to choose a dress for the figure “pear”?

1. It is necessary to draw attention to the top – arms, back and
chest. In this case, a dress with thin straps, which
увеличивает узкие плечи, подчеркивая chest. The lower part should
be extended and extended to the knees or slightly lower.

2. Do not be afraid to choose dresses with large details in the area.
Breasts, this style will be good with a narrowed lower part, only
the bottom in this case is better to choose more simple.

3. Emphasize your most important advantage – a narrow waist!
Here you can choose a fitted dress or tight,
use belts, bows, basques. It will look good and
loose dress shirt under the belt.

4. Feel free to neckline! In combination with a lush sleeve it
will create a completely balanced and complete silhouette.

5. Dress with one bare shoulder – a great evening option,
to emphasize the chest and beautiful shoulders.

6. Empire dress is a good choice. A-line skirt
lengths, underlined waist, compacted bodice will create the necessary
visual tandem.

7. Classics of the genre – black dress that visually narrows.
hips and gives its owner sexuality and

8. Do not be afraid of tight-fitting dresses, especially if
The image will complement the shortened, fitted jacket.

9. Dresses from light, flowing fabrics perfectly hide the hips,
one should only avoid layering at the bottom of the dress.

What things to buy in your wardrobe?

Girls with a pear-shaped figure can wear any things, only
consider the following features. What

• First of all, these are blouses and dresses with lush top – ruffles,
clamps, shuttlecocks;

• It is advisable to select cutouts V-shaped or round;

• Fluffy sleeves;

• Use trapezoidal clothes;

• Baska;

• Dresses with a high waist;

• Fitted jackets;

• You can choose jackets and dresses with shoulder pads;

• Fabric color also matters! Enlarge chest
You can clothing with a horizontal strip or in peas.

Taboo in the wardrobe

• Any details that add volume to jeans or pants.
(especially at the top);

• Back pockets, side pockets, patch pockets;

• Trousers, jeans or low waist skirts;

• Complicated models of trousers or jeans;

• Narrow pants, skirts or jeans;

• folds on hips or riding breeches;

• Free styles of jackets;

• Straight coats;

• Dress style “case”;

• Knitted skirts or dresses;

• Clothes with large prints and geometric patterns also
does not fit this type of shape;

• Pleated skirts or dresses.

Star dresses for the figure “pear”

Among the Hollywood stars and the stars of Russian pop and film have
many representatives with a pear-shaped figure. They can
Be an excellent role model for you
manual to make your choice when buying

Рассмотрим конкретные примеры:

Jennifer Lopez. Great black dress from flowing fabrics, on
One shoulder with a belt at the waist. Immediately few
the moments about which it was told above.

Or another option – a tight model with a fully open
riding that attracts attention. The dress is monophonic, without excess
prints, bright detail on the chest.

Rihanna The girl is dressed in a dress of flowing fabrics with dense
fixing the chest, covered with a narrow waist and hips, which
extended downwards.

Selection of accessories for dresses for the figure “pear”

Girls with the figure “pear” can supplement your bow with various
accessories, it’s not only will help place accents in the image
make you brighter and more attractive, but also emphasize
merits and hide flaws as it does visually correct
выбор clothes.

Expanding visually the upper narrow part of the body. For this you can
use necklaces, cropped beads, fashionable today
chokers, large flower brooches, fastened on the upper borders
clothes. Beautify the neck in the cooler season is great
get with scarves, baktusov, silk neck

A great addition will be large earrings and cute hats with
fields, but these accessories should already be selected according to the shape

The next part of the body, which should be allocated – waist. What already
it was found out above, it is desirable to emphasize the waist with belts, belts
from fabric and bows, but, keeping up with the times, you should turn
attention to such a fashionable accessory as a belt.

A belt is a leather product made of straps; in the case of a figure
�”Pear” should choose shoulder belt, located high at the waist
with thin straps, not heavily piled up elements.

Special attention shoes

The image of a woman should always be complete, and shoes though does not have
direct relation to the hips and waist, but, nevertheless, she
must harmonize.

• First of all, the shoes should not be too massive and
visually burden the bottom of the image.

• Very high and narrow heels will also look.

• The best shoe for a pear figure is shoes or
open sandals with a narrowed cape at an average height and thickness

• For the cold season – these are cropped boots or
low boots, as inflated models can often not fit
the thickness of the legs, because it is not infrequently that pear-shaped figs are enlarged
only hips, but also legs.

It’s easy to be beautiful, use good advice to always
be on top!

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