Favorite part of the wardrobe— With what to wear brownjeans?

We get used to the classics too much and hardly perceive something.
unusual. So no one will be surprised jeans of all shades of blue, white
jeans, but here are the other colors of these fashionable trousers can cause
some doubts even the most courageous fashionistas. Ordinary brown
trousers are associated with most of us with something not too
attractive and conservative, however, in the case of brown
jeans all may not be so boring! Brown jeans can
become your most favorite part of your wardrobe if you learn
to pick up things to them.

С чем носить коричневые jeans?

Jeans of non-traditional color, even brown, could
decorate any wardrobe, but for this you need to see them in a new
light, give them a new read – correct drawing up of sets or
bows will make brown jeans the most expressive thing

С чем носить коричневые jeans? Composing ensemble by
colors, to brown jeans you can wear all shades of brown,
which, by the way, fashion designers consider one of the most fashionable in this
season. It is sandy, beige, mustard, golden, terracotta.
So brown jeans are perfectly combined with sand pullovers.

С чем носить коричневые jeans?

Blue and pink, as well as all shades of olive, beautiful
emphasize brown color and make it more expressive.

Green, peach, orange and burgundy tint and refresh
brown jeans.

С чем носить коричневые jeans?

Classic combinations can be considered brown and black,
brown and white, brown and gray. In summer you can wear
brown jeans with black and white tops and t-shirts. If a
To combine brown jeans with a black top, the bag should also
быть коричневого colors. Very successful combinations are
сочетания светло-коричневых оттенков джинсов и черного colors.

In some cases, blue will be in harmony with brown.
(brown jeans, blue turtleneck and brown vest).
Navy blue boots with brown skinny jeans, gray jacket and
blue handbag, terracotta shawl on the neck – original and bright
image, and without the use of catchy shades.

If a есть желание визуально удлинить ноги, то можно смело
wear brown tight jeans and boots of the same shade on
high heels – it will definitely work. Boots can be made of matte
leather and suede, in a set of these things, you can choose a gray suede
bag with brown straps and a gray short jacket. Brown
jeans will look great with a cream-colored cardigan
or cream trench.

С чем носить коричневые jeans? For brave girls great
the choice is a combination of brown jeans and a red short coat
or leather jacket or brown jeans, red boots, black
jackets and red handbags (the belt on the jacket should be

If a цвет коричневых джинсов имеет красивый шоколадный оттенок,
then they can pick up things coral, turquoise and other
warm shades. Brown джинсы и длинная блузка из атласа
olive gray or terracotta, brown strap on
thighs and large turquoise jewelry
brown suede – such a bow is suitable for lovers of free

С чем носить коричневые jeans? Light silk blouse
antique pink (dusty rose color) or beige, having
Strict fit will go well with brown jeans.
low shades – a terracotta handbag with pink
a scarf on a strap and pearl jewelry (long thread

Sea green and brown are the perfect summer combination.
Long aqua tunic and brown jeans, bright
blue-green jewelry and a bag of golden color and in tune with it –
light sandals. This option will look very positive and

As you can see, the options of what to wear brown jeans,
There is plenty to choose from, as they say.

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