Fashionable women’s jackets and raincoats spring-summer2018


  • Leather jackets
  • Denim
  • Rivets and metal parts
  • Rain jackets and raincoats
  • Khaki
  • Cropped Jackets and Coats
  • Loose fit

One has only to get warm a little as we strive to get rid of
heavy sheepskin coats and fur coats and put on something lighter and
Stylish 2018 fashion jackets allow us to do this without
losing the habits of overseas silhouettes. Designers take trends
90s fashion with her urban chic and grunge, playing with them,
mixed, and here we get a lot of jackets for every taste and any

Buying the right jacket means building half
wardrobe. After all, we wear it for everyday meetings, work,
study and out. Self-respecting fashionista simply must have
leather and denim jackets, but raincoats “anthers” and
ветровки  это приятная и практичная модная опция.

Daring Leather Jackets

The classic “kosuha” is still in fashion, but the designers this season
seek to shorten the silhouette. Image Courtney Love – jacket,
lace dress, heavy boots and red lips – gains
a new sound with jackets that have a shorter silhouette and more
wide sleeves.

Leather jacket 2018 is decorated with various applications and
with stripes, she invites us to plunge into the world of post-punk culture and
grunge, stand out, express yourself. Leather goods contrast with
almost weightless clothes under them. We can meet on the catwalks
A combination of a voluminous leather jacket and an almost invisible bra top.

Leather coats are back in fashion. This comfortable and functional
element of the wardrobe ceases to be too classic. Avant-garde
voluminous raincoats with stripes would fit the leader of some
rock bands. Fashionistas can combine them with thin lace
dresses to create a current look. Leather jackets диктуют
monochrome image. Dilute the laconic sound we have to
with the help of bright ankle boots.

Topical denim

What could be more versatile than a denim jacket? Only
denim oversize jacket. Designers offer us clothe in
jackets in the style of the early 90s, when this thing was not pritalenoy and
so frank. Combine denim jackets with jeans is
too boring. The actual image consists of an oversized dress or
outfits in lingerie style, jackets both from the shoulder of a boyfriend and stylish
shoes. In a trend and combination with dresses with high waist.

Denim jacket is no longer monochrome. She may be
decorated with sequins, rivets and colored fur. Those who
afraid to look too extreme, it may be advisable to combine
such a thing with laconic shoes and one-color dress.

Rock Style Decor – Rivets and Metal

Yes, rivets, buttons and rivets again. Actual jacket
Spring-Summer 2018 could easily decorate some wardrobe
glam rock stars. Do not be ashamed of your thrust to blame what
Mother forbade in adolescence. Of course, a lot of rivets
can not be. And designers offer us to decorate their functional
things are real patterns from this traditional element of cut.
It is true to look very canonical and to wear these jackets only with
coarse classic jeans are not worth it.

Designers advise to be bolder and mix such a jacket with
office bows, “dilute” her romantic images with blouses with
ruffle and wear it with dresses. So you will look
feminine despite the metallic masculinity underlined

In addition to leather rivets, topical jackets are decorated with zippers and
buckles, as well as whole patterns of them. Basically, jackets decorate
not only metal rivets and buckles, but also various
other elements. In the collections you can find whole pictures from
metal decorating trendy jackets.

Raincoats and anthers

Spring and summer can not do without a raincoat. And it is absolutely not
means that it should resemble a traditional product from
polyethylene worn by our grandmothers. Fashionable rain can
be and is made of bologna-like fabric, but it looks much more
interesting. The trend also has bulky hoods that allow you to hide
hairstyle from the rain.

Khaki clothing

On the catwalks that year, the rules of the ball favorite camouflage color
all the armies of the world. Khaki доказал свою практичность и жизнеспособность
not only in the format of all your favorite safari dresses. Jackets in style
Khaki, coats and raincoats are the trend of the 2018 season.

Military colors are no longer dictating the style. Along with the usual
oversized military parks on the podiums came jackets jackets
and even leather jackets in khaki. But who are interested in boring skin,
Today you can also make a jacket out of suede with a fringe, as long as it’s boring
It was. Khaki leather jackets with zippers and rivets – the most current

In the trend – light shades of khaki. Modern fashion designers sew from
fabrics of such colors, which resemble real fabrics of military
form, burnt under the sun of some Middle East. TO
khaki jackets, designers suggest adding skirts, not jeans, to
the image didn’t look too brutal. Soften the image and the ubiquitous
floral prints. And some designers offer us to change
a leather jacket on a bomber jacket and to supplement it with quite a feminine skirt.

Trendy cropped jackets and coats

The wildest trend of this season is for warm spring evenings and
slender sports bodies. Designers have shortened the classic blown
the jacket is almost indecent. Today she looks like a bolero with
sleeves and allows you to show more body. Nothing to hide?
Complement the bold image of jeans and tight-fitting T-shirt. Want to
keep some secrets? This jacket or coat will be great
Combine with a maxi-dress of a multi-layered structure.

Mini raincoat? Now this is not an analogue of a jacket or jacket, but
independent piece of clothing! Unlike the jacket, he doesn’t have
padding polyester and foam pad and can be worn in almost hot
weather, or as a cardigan. TOонечно же, микрокуртки и миниплащи не
appropriate in the office with a dress code, or for wearing indoors, but they
may well be an element of outerwear.

These jackets appeared in sports collections, they are most often
there they replace the Olympimens and Hoodie. These jackets are usually
are a shortened “bomber” or “dutik”, and
designed to complement street style clothing.
True, fashionable women wear them with dresses.

Overseas – freedom of movement!

Modern dynamic lifestyle does not allow us to relax
during the day. Oversize clothes don’t just let you hide extras
but it can also help to feel comfort in the midst of a busy day.
of the day TOуртки большого размера сначала вызывали недоумение у модниц,
but in recent years they have firmly won the podium, and today
most are very active in their everyday life. They
comfortable, practical and make it look fragile with almost any
figure. So why not take advantage of this trend in fashion
jackets 2018?

Jackets-maxi overseas is a rather binding thing that
requires careful selection of accessories. Transform from stylish
celebrities who went out for coffee in the Central Park area
a person who lives in a train station is quite simple – enough
just make a mistake with the bag and hat. Therefore, it should be neatly
treat the style, and pick the accessories carefully.

Bulky cloaks with a hood – analogue of the anthers, the trend of the season –
raincoats in khaki. They сочетаются с практически любой одеждой, от
woolen dresses to chiffon sundresses with ruffles. Cloak now
left a purely “office” format and may well be informal
clothing for meeting with friends or parties.

Sports fashion

Sports collections perfectly complement the wardrobe. Today they
copy basic fashion trends, and jackets from sports
collections we can easily wear every day.

Спортивные куртки копируют основные тенденции — floral
prints, cropped silhouettes, decor with zippers. True colors
there will be brighter, neon, and textures – shiny.

On the catwalks you can see completely eclectic images –
sports jackets complemented by multi-layered maxi dresses,
ankle boots and overseas bags.

So, the outerwear of the new season is bright, cheeky, with its
special character. To pick up a jacket of adequate style,
find yourself in a series of fashion trends and shape your
Unique style can any woman.

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