Fashionable women’s jackets and jackets 2018

An integral attribute of the business woman’s style for many years
is a fashionable jacket and jacket. But modern designers offer
us become bolder and feel free to use this item of clothing and
in everyday images. It is very important to find the right one.
model so that the bow looked harmonious. And this, in his
turn, a combination of stylish style, good quality material,
correct cut and a suitable shade.

Jacket and jacket – one of the few elements of women’s wardrobe,
at the same time looking very elegant and giving the silhouette
slenderness and grace. It is for this amazing property that he
Loved by many of the fair sex, which
often have in their arsenal several models for all cases
of life. The season of 2018 pleased us with a wide range of the most
diverse patterns that differ not only in colors and
details of cut, but also decorative elements. Even within one
Fashion designers have been able to create a series of various jackets
among which each will find the perfect option.

Fitted jackets

A fitted jacket can be your faithful companion to any
an occasion of life and an excellent basis for both everyday and for
evening look. His most valuable superpower is incredible.
way to transform the shape, adjusting the shape. You easy
achieve a reference hourglass effect if you give
Preference for a fitted jacket made of thick material. Such
jacket, like a frame, will create perfect curves.

You can go further in the development of this idea by choosing one of
sets of design options for jackets with a large basque. They
Perfect for a pencil skirt, pants, or even
skinny jeans.

Short models

This year’s absolute must have is a short vintage
jacket. This is a fairly wide model with volumetric sleeves and
round shoulders. The ideal length is about the waist. AT
in most cases, the shortened jacket repeats the outlines of the usual
male double breasted jacket, but has a reduced format.
A high waisted skirt (pencil skirt or
medium length pleated skirt) or palazzo skirt, flared from
thighs. Do not forget about accessories: keep you retro
small ladies bag on a chain, narrow sunscreen
points and bright satin turban.

Men’s Jacket

The elements of the male wardrobe continue to systematically flow into
female, and this season is no exception. Designers offer
Excellent examples of how to beat a men’s jacket: on
graceful female shoulders he can miraculously turn into
an elegant coat and even a dress. By the way, this year
jacket dress – one of the most popular styles. And the most
amazing – that you can acquire such without spending
penny. Just borrow your jacket from your man!

According to the trends of 2018, the jacket can be truly huge –
you can literally drown in it! Extended style, voluminous
sleeves, broad shoulders, – the jacket of a large size makes the figure
visually more slender. We can wear a voluminous male
jacket and a gentle feminine top, and a strict shirt, and even
lace bustier. This element of the wardrobe remarkably emphasizes
fragility and femininity, and you can safely use it.

Fashionable leather jackets

ATновь на модных подиумах (и в шкафах самых стильных
the fair sex) presented the aesthetics of the nineties
yo Trendy dark leather jackets are beautiful this season.
fit even the most tender images. ATы можете дополнить им даже
Chiffon blouse or guipure dress – heavy texture
The skin goes well with light translucent fabrics.

Another option – vinyl all kinds of colors: from candy
pink to spy black. Do not forget to follow the details:
shuttlecocks, perforation, unusual color transitions. ATсе это – объекты
fashionable interest in the season 2018! Punk rock and grunge return again
yourself huge popularity.

Overseas model

ATыше мы уже советовали вам одолжить мужской пиджак у вашего
boyfriend But this season’s overseas mod is not
limited, a similar trick can be cranked with any female
jacket Just choose a model two sizes larger than yours.
ordinary. The more volume will be in your image, the better.

Jackets with prints

Thanks to the prints, any jacket gets an informal look,
turning any image into a true casual. Most popular in
this season, the drawings will be strip, cell, floristics and
pop Art.

Fashionable elements of jackets and jackets

  • Sleeves

A stylish jacket is a pretty demanding thing. Classical
cut, noble fabric, fitted style and concise details –
He must possess all this without fail. Structural elements
can miraculously transform any model, and in this
season designers recommend focusing on the sleeves.
Trendy will be the shape of a “sheep leg”: such a sleeve is voluminous and
magnificent in the shoulder, and narrowed down.

Bottom at the same time should be concise, devoid of pronounced
details. These can be straight tight trousers or classic
pencil skirt. Classic shoes will help to complete the look.
low elegant heels.

  • Patch pockets

Patch pockets внушительных размеров – настоящий писк сезона,
and the designers did not ignore fashionable jackets. Of course these
pockets can be functional, but as a rule, they are worn in
first decorative function. With their help, created
additional volume. With the help of well-selected accessories
(stripes, buckles, buttons) pockets merge with the main line

Patch pockets превращают даже самую строгую модель в
absolutely universal and applicable to any image. But
Be sure to keep in mind that they may create excess volume and
because of this, do not approach the owners of a magnificent figure.

  • ATоротник-стойка

To give the figure refinement and rigor will help narrow
vertical collar that unwittingly causes associations with
military uniform. This works even when the jacket has
fitted feminine silhouette, decorated with floral prints
or made of two types of fabric – like Giorgio Armani, Emporio
Armani and Alexander McQueen.

  • Belt

You can restrict the freedom and volume of a large oversize jacket with
using a leather belt. Most likely his best too
borrow from the strong half – the belt should wrap the female
waist several times, and does not have to look proportional.
Another winning option is a textile belt to match the jacket. If a
your chosen model has an average depth of cut, boldly
wear it on lace underwear or even on bare skin.

A variety of fashion jackets this season will amaze your
imagination, but you should understand the main thing: choose the ideal
option – the mission of the year, and it is quite doable!

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