Fashionable wedding dresses

In this article, we invite you to get acquainted with the collections.
wedding dresses from four “meters” of fashion: Vera Wang, Monique
Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera.


Vera Wang’s Spring 2016 Wedding Dresses Collection

As always, wedding dresses from Vera Wong emphasize
sensuality and seductiveness of the bride. In such a dress is not easy
comfortable It feels like the perfect bride. Vera wong
offered something that more than one generation of brides dreamed of. This, before
All in all, mermaid dresses with a fluffy skirt made of
tulle. It is this silhouette that prevails in the spring 2016 collection, which
no wonder, because he visually makes a girl taller, slimmer and
favorably emphasizes the dignity of the figure. The only thing that can
keep from buying such an outfit, so it’s extra pounds on
sides and stomach.

модные свадебные платья весна 2016, фото

In the traditional sense of the wedding dress should contribute
созданию образа скромной жены, но Vera wong развеяла этот образ в
down and dust. The bodices are made of shanty lace, through which
shining panty and bra from the same lace. More
In addition, the wedding look is complemented by unusual touches: decoration (not
be surprised) black color in the form of bead embroidery and belt. For
Those who want to wear all black on their wedding day, there is a model
consisting of a strapless top with a sweetheart neckline and voluminous
skirts of ostrich feather.

Someone transparent fabric will seem inappropriate for a wedding, but
there will be women of fashion who will react to such changes
style more positively and find them acceptable to themselves,
especially if you add a corset and petticoat. This is definitely
coup in the wedding fashion. Как бы там ни было, Vera wong есть Вера
Wong, and we will always admire her work.

Spring 2016 Wedding Dresses Collection by Monique Loulier

If you prefer airy dresses, refer to spring
2016 Monique Loulier collection. The designer offers wonderful
choice of wedding dresses in which any woman will feel
the princess. Truly royal outfit created under inspiration
from the book “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll.

модные свадебные платья весна 2016, фото

The first thing that catches the eye is lightness and airiness. Transparent
Tulle and several layers of organza create a breathtaking look.
Strapless no, but arms and shoulders are covered with transparent material with
sparkling “spikes”. It seems that the whole body of a woman is showered
the stars. There are also dresses with long sleeves for the bride to be
more comfortable if the wedding is celebrated during the cold season.
In addition, the sleeve adds elegance to the look. Take a look
on a dress with a feathery skirt. It’s fantastic. Fitted bodice without
a strapless lower thigh goes into a lush like a cloud,

Spikes and tinsel, rich embroidery, deep neckline, cuts and
Transparent fabrics are what distinguishes the 2016 spring wedding collection.
Monique Loulier. Much more sensual than most previous ones.
collections. The bodices are not so tight, numerous layers of tulle without
jewelry, so under them you see the body, white in
in combination with ivory, subtle shades of green and
peach all contributes to the creation of artistic
image. In any of these outfits you will definitely feel
modern queen.

Spring 2016 Wedding Dresses Collection by Oscar de la

Everyone loves Oscar de la Renta. In each of his collections such
charming elegance combined with flashy elements and
sophisticated silhouettes that we completely trust this brand. And on
This time he did not disappoint us.

модные свадебные платья весна 2016, фото

Peter Copping, now deceased designer in advance
He relegated his collections, became a creative designer of the house “Oscar
de la Renta “, and his pragmatic approach can only
welcome. He offered a rather diverse selection of models,
from traditional to shorter, modern and practical. is he
even created several models for bridesmaids! Such
observed infrequently, since designers are usually more focused
on dressing the bride, and not those who surround her at the wedding

The idea of ​​a new designer to offer a fairly wide range
silhouettes, and he reached his goal. This collection has everything from
playful tea-length cocktail dresses with floral appliqués
transparent lace dresses in the style of “column” perfectly
tight figure. The ivory-colored taffeta is widely used.
organza and sheer tulle. Floral motifs, sequins, embroidery
will make a princess out of any bride.

As for the colors, Copping did not deviate from such
traditional colors, like white and cream, because he had time
a bit to waste it on small parts.

Perhaps someone will not like huge hats in the form
flowers, but in general it should be recognized that the bridal collection from
Oscar de la Renta is one of the best.

A collection of wedding dresses from Carolina Herrera

�”Brides look romantic – but I want them to look
seductively “, said Carolina Herrera in an interview with fashion magazine
WWD. is heа действительно created outfits of indescribable beauty.
Transparent elements and slimming bustiers emphasize sensual
the nature of the woman, while not depriving her of modesty and freshness.

модные свадебные платья весна 2016, фото

Slender “mermaid” silhouettes of silk Mikado, Shanty
lace and organza fascinate and deprive speechless. Decorated
floral appliqués and embroidery handmade dresses from
silk fairies are set up in a rather romantic mood. In this collection
we also see tight waist, tulle sleeves, neckline in the form
hearts, sometimes frankly enough, a veil with embroidery around the edges,
which is just thrown over your head. What grace!

For оформления свадебной коллекции весна 2016 Каролины Эррера
used jasmine. Why jasmine, you ask? �”When I
was a child, under the window of my bedroom grew jasmine “, explained
Herrera �”I loved its flavor so much.” Who would not like these
purple flowers with their sweet aroma and graceful stems? So that
Forget about the bouquets with the perfect arrangement of flowers. Created by
the very nature of jasmine composition is what you need
in the spring of 2016.

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