Fashionable pants and flared jeans in your wardrobe — Cwhat to wear them?

One of the constantly returning styles of fashionable pants is
flared trousers. They appeared in the distant nineteenth century, with
having stood for more than a hundred years periodically returning
critics and attacks. Why are these pants so popular, what is their secret?
So flared pants.

Wear with what and to whom?

Today, flared pants, we can rightly be attributed to the classics,
which does not deprive them of the right to occupy the most top positions in fashionable
shows. Flared trousers owe their longevity to the fashion world
their versatility: they are suitable for all girls, without exception
as perfectly emphasize the slenderness of the legs and the beauty of the hips.
Due to the gradual expansion to the bottom, the flare fits even
girls with curvaceous shapes, emphasizing the bends of the body, and
skinny girls they make more appetizing.

In the spring-summer season of last year, flared was prominent
the place, especially their classic options in black, were very
flared jeans are also popular. In the upcoming season, we can also
enjoy these wonderful pants, so
learn to wear flared pants. What to wear with what options are considered
the best and how to make flared pants play on your side? About it
and will be discussed.

Flared pants and a business style

To many, it may seem like a flare and an office do not fit well,
However, this is not the case – if you wear classic black flared pants with
white strict blouse with a sharp English collar and short
black satin waistcoat, you get very strict and at the same time
attractive image. This option is perfect for women with
luxurious figure, as the flare and black color are visually
adjust the volume of the hips.

Another thing is that not all companies are welcome.
so sexy style if the dress code is not too
strict, then in this image you can look just stunning,
Especially if you put on shoes with heels so that the flared covers the heel

Casual look

When creating a casual style, you can combine
stylish flared jeans with shorter jackets, sweaters and
jumpers, flared wear with turtlenecks and fur vests,
short fur coats. In summer, flared jeans can be worn with
tunics and colorful blouses, tops and t-shirts. Concerning
shoes, sneakers and ballet shoes are not suitable here, but shoes or sandals
on a high platform will be the way.

Flared trousers are perfectly combined, especially flared jeans with the image
hippie – a short denim jacket, loose linen suit
shirt, a pair of large bracelets, fashionable hair hoop and
capacious bag with fringe.

It may seem strange, but flared pants fit perfectly in
evening look. In this case, fit long pants flared from
shiny material stretch. They need luxury shoes on high
a steady heel, and a silk top will be the best choice for the top
with a deep triangular neck or with a smell on the chest. Here also
You can wear a fashionable men’s hat, a red scarf around your neck and
bright earrings.

Another option is a shiny top in an unusual color (pink,
fuchsia) on thin straps. Stiletto heels of the same color and
a little matching in color jewelry – in this form, you can become
center of attraction of views and desires!

As you can see, flared trousers deservedly enjoy such
love – they can help out in any situation, and if your
the wardrobe is not yet this important and stylish thing, then be sure
Get at least two options. Let it be classic
Stretch black flared trousers and stylish blue jeans.
Flared denim flare in which you will always look
bold, bold and sexy!

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