Fashionable manicure in the color of Marsala

A shade of Marsala we owe to sunny Sicily, where they produce
unique wine with that name. This exquisite wine shade
immediately liked not only designers, but also girls-fashionistas,
who appreciated his nobility. There is nothing
surprising in the fact that he became very popular in clothes,
so in makeup and manicure.


  • Special features
  • Ideas and manicure options

Already that season, the hue of Marsala nails occupies the leading
position, and does not seem that he is going to take them. This color
combines the depth, sublime aristocracy and
moderate luxury, but this does not prevent it from remaining absolutely
universal. It is suitable for both long and short nails,
remarkably in harmony with any outfit.

The most popular among modern girls gel polish in shade
Marsala, because with it you can achieve a manicure, which
last several weeks without any damage to the nails.

There is only one caveat: when using this
shade you need the perfect condition of the nails and cuticles. Should
make sure your hands look well-groomed, all
the nails were the same shape and length. If you do not pay this
attention, it will only emphasize the shortcomings.

Special features оттенка

Choosing the color of Marsala to create a fashionable manicure, you should
accept his rules:

  1. It is perfectly combined with almost any shades.
    The most successful and fashionable combinations – with black, white, gray,
    brown and any shades of beige.
  2. Everyone knows that shades of red are commonly used.
    only on short nails, but Marsala did not succumb to this trend. Him
    can be safely applied to the nails of any length, much more important –
    perfect plate shape. Valid as short nails with monophonic
    design that will show your perfect taste as well as longer
    almond-shaped, which will look very stylish and
  3. As with any other expressive shade, are not allowed here.
    any errors, chips and scratches. Therefore it is recommended to choose
    gel polish, which will allow to achieve a more dense and bright
    overlap and carry this shade for a long time.
  4. Marsala has a refined mood that is more appropriate.
    for a cool period. Him сложно представить в сочетании с
    bathing suit at the resort, although combined with an elegant summer
    dress it works fine.
  5. This shade is also universal because it is suitable for women.
    any age. He looks amazing in the hands of the lady in strict
    costume and fashionable party girl at a party.

Marsala – the embodiment of taste and elegance

Marsala hue has incorporated sexuality, confidence and
naturalness We made a selection, which included only the most
interesting options for nail art. Try to try them on and
attention from you is provided.

  • Marsala in matt incarnation

Especially luxurious looks matte manicure in shade
Marsala, resembling expensive velvet. When you look at it, right away
there are associations with aristocratic reception. Underline this
amazing luxury can be done with golden decorative elements
or a combination with a glossy color option.

Simple glossy patterns on matte look great.
surface. Another good option is monochrome French
Manicure: a glossy background and a matte smile line or vice versa.

You can cover several nails with matte and the rest with glossy
varnish and then add velvety patterns with powder to
nail art. The result will be simply stunning!

  • Marsala on short nails

The most simple, but therefore no less stylish solution –
monochromatic coating. Him точно нельзя назвать скучным. Marsala
long attributed to individual colors, and it has several different
shades, the use of which on the nails allows you to achieve
tints of wine tones in a glass goblet.

You have a wide selection: from muted everyday choices
up to saturated dark, suitable for any evening look. This
the color is self-sufficient and absolutely not necessary
complement the intricate patterns and decorative elements.
This is especially true for long nails and almond-shaped.
The decoration of eccentric length and juicy hue additional
The elements will make a manicure too catchy. But monophonic
matt or glossy manicure in marsala color will be at its peak

  • Marsala в свадебном маникюре

Often, modern wedding manicure is complemented by this shade.
The main thing is that in the image of the bride he finds a response: in a hairpin on
hair, dress belt, lipstick. Nails can be monophonic and
discreet, but nothing prevents play with sparkling pebbles,
gold sparkles or rhinestones. Now very fashionable bright

The main thing is that nail art does not overlap the entire nail plate and does not
was oversaturated with details. Marsala’s deep color on its own
attracts attention, no need to mask it with decor.

  • Marsala и лунный маникюр

In most cases, the reverse jacket is used in gentle
shades. But he can perform another role. For example, chic
Looks moon manicure in the color of Marsala with rhinestones. it
wonderful option for a confident girl who knows
what wants from life. Pebbles are usually used for decoration
wells only on one finger, otherwise you can overload the design.
The combination of reverse french with marsala juicy color will look
more relaxed if you use the effect of “negative”

No less luxurious, but more classic version – a combination
Marsala deep color with one of the many shades of white.
Restrained milky white in combination with rich dark looks
no less impressive than any decorative items.

  • Marsala manicure with design

But if you want your nails to look real
original, then you can use nail art.

Marsala color looks great another expensive color –
gold. Manicure with the addition of gold can be decorated
applications, shining sparkles, various patterns. the main thing
– do not spoil the rich shade, making the design coarse. Here
children’s patterns like bows, peas and other things are unacceptable. But to
this color is a great crown, and this design does not look
pretentious. The perfect solution for a festive night is
combination of marsala with fine golden sand or beautiful golden
patterns in the Russian style.

  • Marsala Color in French Manicure

Everyone knows the classic and very versatile french: coating
colored varnish only the free edge of the nail. it очень простой и
convenient option for any occasion, especially in standard white
performance. But the classics will have to step aside, if the free edge
nail paint in the color of Marsala. This manicure will look very
bright and unusual, it will be difficult to look away from him.

the main thing в любом цветном французском маникюре – правильно и ровно
draw a border edging line. It should be uniform, but
not straight. Its shape should be as natural as possible, and its width
– correlate with the length of the nail plate.

Fresh trend in design of manicure – performance of the service jacket on the contrary:
the entire nail is covered in a contrasting color (for example, Marsala), and
the tip stands out classic white. it смотрится весьма необычно
and will be a great find for experimentally inclined girls.

  • Marsala color and rhinestones

Causative designs manicure Marsala with the addition of shiny stones
will certainly cause admiration of your friends. Bright white
purple and black rhinestones, shimmering on the nails, turn them into
a work of fashion art. With this decor you can
to realize the most original and daring ideas.

But it is important to keep in mind the unspoken rule of “two fingers”:
glue stones on all nails, maximum – two fingers to achieve
perfect result.

  • Marsala и золото

If you are going to some special event, very
actual will be a great manicure combining gold and color
Marsala. Moreover, the first is used for staining the wells at
the bases of nails, and the second – as a basis. The result looks like
very luxurious and noble, and do not even need to wear a ring.

Another option is to draw strict gold stripes along
каждого ногтя, покрытого цветом Marsala. it выглядит очень свежо и

There are many ways to use Marsala colors in
creating a manicure. It is very versatile and multi-faceted;
soul of many beauties. Try nail art ideas with this.
color on yourself, the result will surprise you.

Thanks to fresh trends we can find ourselves in a variety of
images. Try on the mask of the fashion-conscious lady,
Do not be afraid to take risks and conquer new peaks of beauty!

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