Fashionable holiday hairstyles for girls – suchvarious! What holiday hairstyles are suitable for girls of differentages (photo)

Пн, 26 сен 2016 Автор: Марина Писарева

The desire to be beautiful is born with girls.

Even little babes of several years old love
dress up.

Hairstyle is one of the best ways to give an image of beauty and

Festive hairstyles for girls can be varied,
however, the hairstyle should be age-appropriate. For example,
for kindergarten suitable light, playful hairstyle, which
involuntarily cause a smile. But the student of the middle class is already
I want to look like an adult.

Festive hairstyles for girls 2-5 years

Girls from two to five years are very active, so the hairstyle for
this age should be: firstly, comfortable (not be tight), and
secondly, it is good to keep (so that it does not deteriorate into improper

Hair accessories can be a real salvation for moms,
who do not own hairdressing. Jewelery
you can shave even for babies with short hair, which is important
for 2-3 years of age.

With the help of small rezinochek you can make beautiful
Festive hairstyle for girls 3-5 years.

Hair Rims

Rezinochki better to take one color.

1. First, carefully separate the strand in the area of ​​the bangs and collect in

2. Then parting it. Hair on one side
secure temporarily with a hairpin.

3. Divide loose hair into 3 equal strands.

4. Now the central tail must also be divided into 2 strands,
braid one of which together with the next strand in

5. Continue weaving tails, weaving into each

6. Braid the second side.

With the help of the same technique you can make a festive hairstyle
for girls with twisted straps.

Hairstyle “With twisted strands”

1. Make a smooth parting.

2. Separate two strands in the bangs area and make two

3. Secure the hair with a hairpin on the right side. Left side
divide into two strands.

4. Braid the right upper tail and the left strand.

5. Release hair from the left side and also divide by 2

6. Braid the left tail with the right strand.

7. It remains to twist similarly tails with strands still
fold and decorate at the base with decorative hairpins.

Interesting and simple hairstyle “For short

This hairstyle looks beautiful on the side parting. From the side
where the hair is bigger, make 4-5 tails of the same color and
size with rubber bands, then twist each tail around

Listed techniques hairstyles – the most convenient to create
festive image of the girl of kindergarten age.

Festive hairstyles for girls 6-9 years

At this age, as a rule, girls already have long
hair, which gives room for creativity and fantasy. Girls in
this age want to be like princesses, so they accept
any experiments to create a magical holiday hairstyle.

For girls with short hair, you can also pick up
appropriate hairstyle or make a beautiful styling.

Pigtails “Dragons”

The technique of weaving braids under the cute name “dragons” gives
space for creative experimentation. With this technique
You can make many beautiful festive hairstyles for
girls not only middle classes, but also high school girls. Weave
such braids can be direct weaving, oblique, in a circular. Also on
The appearance of the hairstyle is affected by the number of braids and the thickness

�”Curls” for a little princess

Flowing curls – a win-win option not only for
girls, but also for little princesses. This hairstyle is easy to do
even to work and take time.

It is advisable to use to create curls as
festive hairstyles for girls ordinary hair curlers or pigtails.
Heat exposure will adversely affect baby’s hair,
Therefore, it is better to abandon the use of curling or ironing.

The special charm of curls can be given with the help of hairpins,
ribbons or additional elements of weaving. Complete the image
can be oblique or bundle, collected over the loose curls.
Such a decision will not only give grace to her hair, but also make her
more durable and comfortable.

For short hair, you can use variations of hairstyles that
have been described for 2-5 years of age. Short hair curls
can also look beneficial if you put them right. For
styling children’s hair can not be used aggressive means
need to make a choice in favor of specialized funds
intended for children.

Festive hairstyles for girls over 10 years old

Closer to 10 years most children begin to give away
preferences for more “adult” options hairstyles. Of course it
does not apply to all girls. Some girls and in adult
aged prefer light and playful images in clothes and hairstyles.
However, when choosing a hairstyle for a girl over 10, mom is no longer
can completely rely on your taste, you need to consult with
a child.

Spit – the best option for long and thick hair. Various
weaving techniques will create an original image not only for
holiday, but also for everyday life.

A girl with a scythe is at the same time strict conservative
image, and fabulous. Spit recalls favorite fairy tales, princesses.
In addition to the aesthetic appearance, spit is a practical option.
Hair removed in this way will not interfere, which is important for
holidays, implying outdoor games and contests.

Many girls like hairstyles that are reminiscent of a “business lady”.
As a rule, these are different variations of the “goats” and “cones”.

This hairstyle is suitable for any holiday and beautiful
Looks with a festive outfit. In addition, special skills for her
incarnation is not required.

Hair “Bun, braided oblique” for long

For прически необходимы:

• one volume elastic band;

• 2 tight gum;

• invisible hairpins;

• decorative items for decoration (if desired).

1. Хорошо расчешите hair и сделайте «конский хвост» на макушке
using a tight gum. Put on a large top (it will serve

2. Аккуратно распределите hair поверх объемной резинки и
secure at the base with a second taut rubber band.

3. Оставшиеся свободные hair разделите на две пряди и
braid in braids.

4. Wrap the braids around the base of the “bun” and secure
invisible and studs.

5. Add festive to the image, using decorative

Такую прическу можно сделать и на средние hair, только косу
around the “bun” will have to replace the decorative rubber band or
chignon (artificial oblique) suitable for hair color.

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