Fashionable french options for round nails

Round nails – not a contraindication for a stylish jacket. To make
A beautiful manicure is possible, even if the length is not a priority. Ramp up
acryl is not everyone wants, the length is not always suitable by occupation,
but you can only slightly change the design and techniques
manicure, and relatively short round nails will look

All about the intricacies of the form

What nails are round? Obviously, ideally, such a form does not
it happens. This term of the master name plate with edges smooth,
like a rounded shape and small length. If you go deep into
geometry, the edge of the plate is rather closer to the oval, and not to the ideal
ball shape. Nails are so called because of their length, not their shape. Why
don’t everyone want long nails? Someone works a lot with his hands, either
prints and it’s just not convenient. Sometimes the plates don’t want to grow
due to violations of the internal environment of the body – calcium deficiency and
vitamin D3, hormonal changes during pregnancy and after
childbirth or other reasons.

Many consider round nails not aesthetic, but they are not.
The only problem is to draw something on them
impressive hard. Yes, and do a french too, because you have to either
reduce the white tip of the nail, or try to visually lengthen
plate using a specific selection of colors. Master usually
plays with the width of “smile”, or trying to add a few
millimeters, removing the cuticle. Quite often round nails
make out in the brightest tones to visually lengthen them.

The edges of the nail plate can be arranged in different ways. �”Smile” –
branded part of the jacket – can be drawn in an arc, or be
visually straightened. How to lengthen a nail and create an illusion
lengthened finger? Usually take a thin brush and make out at
helping her edge “smile.” Its width will depend on the size
nails. Most masters define it based on what
the free part of the nail plate will remain after the image

Tip: very short nails can be decorated using contour
strokes. This is not a classic “smile”, but a thin contrast line,
highlighting the edge of the nail. Visual lengthening is achieved by
lighter than the base itself.

Sometimes masters “hide” decorated in the style of French
manicure nails among eclectic color. It should distract
attention from insufficient length. Colors may be the most
different. It is important not to do too much french.

Palette for round short nails

The lighter and softer the color, the less it emphasizes that
nail short. The basic tone of the nail plate determines the length.
The most fashionable ones are pink and blue. But they do not fit nails,
resembling balls in appearance and contour. Stylists
believe that the spherical nails will benefit from breaking the rules with
delicate flowers and will look better if you use more
dark varnish.

Simple secrets of optical illusion:

  • Visually lengthen the shades of beige, tan color, flesh
    pink. �”Smile” can be made a contrast, and then the marigold will be
    look more refined;
  • Powder tones, pastels, and various rich herbal,
    berry shades are suitable, if the nails have enough length;
  • You can try the “seasonal” jacket with a design reminiscent of
    summer, winter or autumn. So the “autumn” jacket can be decorated in
    bright yellow and orange tones, winter – in cool white and
    blue, summer – bright fruit and berry, and spring – gentle
  • Neutral tone of the natural nail plate is considered
    universal solution for short nails more elongated, not
    spherical shape.

Design can be selected as seasonal, with reference to the palette and
Theme, and universal, classic. Masters recommend
take into account the spectra of the palette, the so-called “color temperature, if
Need to draw on the nails of a pattern.

Design details

Classic fit only a very strict image or bow
classic bride. Design has become something mundane for us, and without
his nails of any length and size look boring and not
perceived by connoisseurs of beauty.

Important: the design should not become an end in itself. French is not necessary
do in the style of “see everything, I can draw and I have
pictures for design. This manicure is by nature fresh, gentle.
and close to the natural image.

Nails can look vulgar if they are decorated with each
by some element. For French manicure of any length, we
Choose a 1-2 nail decoration with some small accents.
Colored spots, excessive decor, sequins and glitter on all nails
went out of fashion about 10 years ago with long acrylic
�”Monsters.” Such a manicure is appropriate, perhaps, for scenic
onion pop stars. In ordinary life, you need to stick to balance,
so that modest nails with classic “smiles” balance
accented splendor.


The combined design is used very actively here. AT
Lookbooks we meet a combination of French manicure with techniques
broken glass, various gradients, overlay veils. Masters
decorate only holes or whole plates, use powder
Matt varnishes and strive to combine different textures. Most
The latest trend is the illusion of an unpainted nail plate for
french manicure.

The combination of “moon” manicure and classic will help to lengthen

  • Make a “smile” at the very base of the nail, pick up the width
    so that she can create the illusion of a regrown nail or simply
    combined with the length and width of the nail;
  • Use a thin brush to draw a contour around the perimeter of the nail to
    visually pull it out;
  • The base coat may be darker with respect to the line.
    or contrasting.

Other design novelties are suitable for round-shaped nails:

  • Emphasis on the base of the nail, and not on the tip. Cuticle can
    tracing gel varnish in a dotted technique or in a classic, but
    in a contrasting color, highlight with crystals, sequins or rhinestones,
    or apply in the design of the foil;
  • To make на 1-2 ногтях геометрический узор, например, какие-либо
    hollow shapes that connect with each other, combined or
  • Various cell format along the entire length of the nail;
  • Dotting “smiles”, foil sticker or drawing various
    patterns by hand;
  • Use rubbing;
  • Pearl or holographic effects;
  • The use of voile foundations and the preservation of the technique of french;
  • ATсе виды «моментального дизайна», от готовых штампов, до
    various decals.

ATажно: дизайн подбираем не только под общий образ девушки, но и
under the main varnish.

Seasonal ideas:

  • Summer nails make out in the form of strawberries or even tomatoes.
    The holes are green with a characteristic form of the stem,
    droplets, bones and a bright base on a pair of marigolds in combination with
    a classic jacket on the rest does not leave indifferent
  • Autumn leaves are an eternal theme, you can draw them in small
    the perimeter of the free part of the nail, or glue as ready
    of stickers. And autumn leaves decorate the “smile” french. AT этом
    It’s fashionable to simply turn 1-2 nails into yellowing leaves and
    make them droplets of gel, drying it in the lamp;
  • Winter designs – traditional silvery veils on pastel
    blue nails, pearly rubbing, beads, rhinestones and cold tones.
    Separately, we “respect” the New Year and happily make out a couple of nails in
    style shiny balls, or just do a suitable stamping
    subjects. A couple of Christmas trees and Santa Claus on the nails on this night is quite
    relevant even if the dress is classic.

Want to be everywhere with your favorite brand? On the catwalks you can see
nails with the logos “Gucci” and “Prada”. And in lookbooks – even ironic
nails with prints “McDonald’s” and “Burger King”. Of course, most
will choose the Subaru or Mercedes logo, but there are also
self-ironic personalities who depict the logo of the native on the nails
�”Logan.” AT общем, оформлять ногти знаками брендов – новая
The trend of this season.

Tip: Pay attention to the logo stickers. They can
cost a little more than usual, but the collection is enough for a long time, because
Glue more than 2 stickers with the logo – bad form.

Whatever the french round nails, it should not be
too classic and boring. ATремя ногтей без дизайна прошло, и
Now we can decorate our nails as we please.

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