Fashionable colors winter manicure 2019

An important component of any female image is a manicure.
As a rule, winter design is more romance,
a feeling of warmth and comfort that is achieved thanks to the correct
the choice of color.

Winter colors

For winter, the nails are considered to be the ideal natural shape, medium
lengths or short. Classic colors for their design
is a blue-white gamma or silver. These shades are ideal for
creating nails on winter landscapes, patterns, blizzards or individual

In addition, this year are very popular
following colors:

  • Bordeaux;
  • wine;
  • the black;
  • Gray;
  • nude
  • yellow and gold;
  • metallic

They are used as a monochrome coating or are combined in
different types of manicure. As a decor winter nail art
involves the use of rhinestones, sequins, acrylic sand or

Fashionable colors

  • Blue

The color symbolizing winter is blue and its shades. Therefore, when
creating a winter nail art, he first comes to mind. Manicure,
executed in rich blue color, emphasizes elegance and
nobility of the image of its owner. And nails covered with light,
a pastel shade of blue will make the image light and tender.

Blue маникюр отлично сочетается с белыми или золотыми
decorative elements.

  • Bordeaux and wine

Dark, deep shades of red do not go out of fashion already
quite a long time. Saturated burgundy and noble wine
colors will look fine on nails medium or short

It is possible to beat color, having issued nails a la french, making lunar
manicure or gradient with the transition from light to dark. To decorate
such a manicure can be gold glitter, kamifubuki or manicure

  • Nude

For beautiful, well-groomed nails nude shades will be excellent
by decision. They are so versatile that they are suitable for anyone.
events, complement the created image. It is not necessary
pick up lacquer in skin tone, it may be slightly different.

  • Gray

Another universal color of winter manicure is gray and
all its shades: from light off-white to wet color
asphalt. An alternative to the usual gray glossy finish would be
matte manicure. Such a design in gray looks very
stylishly. You can add it to the geometric pattern or
imitating marble surface with a pattern, lettering or

  • Yellow, Gold and Metallic

Gold or silver lacquer can cover your nails completely or
use them to create a bright accent when combined with another
color. Using yellow color, you can create a beautiful winter jacket,
where a smile instead of white lacquer is covered with gold or silver.

By making a moon manicure, a shiny moon can be made as
convex and concave.

  • The black

The black маникюр всегда актуален. Depending on the design of the nails,
black lacquered can look minimalistic or
luxuriously. The black lacquer will be an excellent background for crystals and
another brilliant decor. Based on it, you can create a manicure with
the effect of broken glass, stained glass design or rubbed. the main thing
adhere to the sense of proportion using decor. Otherwise
manicure will be defiant.

The black-and-white combination has long become a classic of nail art, it
remains popular regardless of the time of year.

  • White

Due to its versatility and good compatibility with other
Flowers, on the basis of white nails can embody any design. it
may be floral pattern, curly pattern or lace.

White manicure is especially popular, regardless of the season;

Combination Features

This season, designers offer instead of a single-color coating.
combine in the design of several colors gel polish. To manicure
looked harmonious, you need to choose them correctly.

  • The main secret of the successful combination of multi-colored varnishes is
    that they should all belong to either cold tones or
    warm Quite often, manufacturers of gel polish in the description of their
    products indicate which podton it refers to. Even white color
    может быть холодным или warm
  • Women who have to follow the rules of the dress code
    It is worth looking at the matte finish. They reduce the color brightness,
    make it muffled, but at the same time look
  • Glossy and matte finish perfectly match each other.
    For example, when making a French or moon manicure, when
    the base is covered with a matt varnish, and the moon or a smile is drawn

Properly selected color varnish will create an original
Winter nail art, which will complement the image, will allow in the winter cold
stay trendy and attractive.

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