Fashionable classics. Classic womencostumes

The costume occupies a special position in our wardrobe: its role is so
great that without a suit a modern business woman simply does not
get along. Модные классические женские costumes сегодня
  look as stylish as it was in
seventies-eighties of the last century, lineup
very diverse, in it you can find strict classics and less
претенциозные costumes, подходящие не только для официальных

Classic women costumes: модные фасоны

Despite the fact that unisex flooded not only store shelves,
but our minds, fashion designers do not give up the idea to attract attention
to women’s suits with skirts: the influence of fashion sixties clearly
seen in some trends, in shorter jackets,
flared flared skirts. Not forgotten and breakthrough fashion eighties with her
angular shapes, pencil skirts and monumental jackets
with broad shoulders due to shoulder pads.

Fashion отступила от лаконичности и консерватизма, позволив
снабдить costumes поясами, басками, ремнями и другими эффектными
details. В противовес этим моделям выступают costumes в стиле
military, at the same time strict, but perfectly emphasizing all
dignity of the female figure.

A dash that unites all styles of fashionable classic women
suits, is the short length of the skirts, favorably
focusing on beautiful slender legs. In such a suit woman
will never feel slighted in its original right
to be sexual, however his severity will not give a single chance
look loose or frivolous. Here everything is good in moderation,
style and precise tone complement each other.

As for trendy colors, this is still a classic.
black, all shades of gray, combinations of gray and black (top black,
jacket and skirt gray), pearly gray, close to blue,
brown, rose ash (dark version), sandy or dark
mustard, dark khaki, all shades of blue.

The classic trouser suit is not inferior to their positions –
an option in which the lady feels free and relaxed,
dressing at the same time stylishly and fairly strictly. Pantsuit,
snatched by us from the male arsenal, has long been mastered and adapted
for our convenience. This is an extremely practical part of the wardrobe,
giving us the opportunity to go through life with a wide male step,
staying feminine charming. That is why in every fashionable
This year’s collection has a place for a pantsuit: its variety
models gives you the opportunity to choose their own, corresponding to the needs

There are also classic pants in combination with a loose jacket.
thigh-length, and tight pants, suitable for miniature ladies,
who prefer high heels and wide trousers for those who love
freedom of movement and intrigue. Cropped trousers also found a place in
New collections of fashionable suits – their advantage is that they
make a stylish business suit more relaxed.

Actually this season with trouser suits did not happen.
nothing fundamentally new, all the trends are completely recognizable
fashion past years. There are minimalist strict classics and
freer models repeating the style of the eighties, with
banana pants, wide pants and large heavy

The summer months are not forgotten, when it becomes hot in the office because of
 frank outfits of employees: match the working
setting and look fresh and stylish will allow fashionable models
classic women’s suits with breeches and shorts. Here
visible all the democratic fashion that allows women
look and feel the same good: a little
extravagant but quite suitable for the summer heat models from
lightweight knitwear and organic cotton will be perfectly combined
with ankle boots and closed sandals.

It is noteworthy that there are warmer models of suits with
breeches and shorts for wearing in the offseason – in them a woman just
ensured the attention of a strong half and a good mood!

Модные классические женские costumes: фото

Модные классические женские costumes Модные классические женские costumes

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