Fashionable casual dresses: models andstyles

The dress, according to many men, is the most feminine and
attractive element of female wardrobe. And in this with him not
neither tight trousers or jeans, nor a business suit, nor
even a skirt with a blouse. Conditionally dresses can be divided into casual
and solemn, and the category of everyday, in turn, on
dresses for work and dresses for leisure and other occasions.

If the organization you work for preaches is strict
dress code, the former may differ dramatically from
the second.

Simply put, casual dresses are a very broad definition.
covering a huge range of dresses – from bright summer sundresses
to discreet office models. Поэтому styles повседневных платьев
very diverse and difficult to classify. However,
experts in the field of fashion distinguish several basic styles.

Базовые styles повседневных платьев

  • – Dress detachable along the waistline with flared or straight
  • – Dress shirt – at the top of a fairly free and
    resembles a shirt or shirt, below the waist – tight. With such
    dresses look great belts.
  • – Dress with offset waistline – low or high.
    It can be straight or flared. Strongly extended rather narrow
    the bodice and short skirt are the distinctive features of the so-called dress
    �”Torso”, trendy in the 30s of the last century. High line
    waist, from which the fabric flows free folds – perhaps
    Empire style, if the dress is long, or used recently
    huge popularity “baby doll”, if the skirt does not fall below
    mid thigh.
  • – Sheath dress – straight, not fitted, fitting over the thighs.
    In the classic version, which appeared in the late 20s of the past
    century – without sleeves or collar.
  • – Dressing gown or coat-dress, also incredibly popular in
    certain periods, has a fastener in front from the top to the very
  • – Dresses in a romantic style – usually with wide loose
    skirts such as “sun” or “half sun”, decorated with ruffles and
    ruffles. A frequent element of such dresses is sleeves-lanterns or
    loose sleeves ¾.

These are just a few options. В наши дни styles
casual dresses are infinitely diverse and allow women
choose the most suitable for the occasion model.

Trendy casual dresses reflect minimalist trends.
Bright, intricate finish is not very common. Can
note predominantly fitted silhouettes and length not more than
to the middle of the knee (although in the latest collections you can meet and
models up to mid-calf or ankle-length).

Fashionable casual dresses in the collections of autumn – winter 2016 –

At Oscar de la Renta, they are delightfully elegant and feminine.
Fitted (the waist is underlined by an elegant, rather narrow belt),
tight-fitting, with a narrow knee-length skirt or a little lower, either with
wide, light skirt length to the middle of the calf. Very impressive
look dress coats or dressing gowns with front closure
from top to bottom. The prevailing colors – white, white in combination with
red or green, beige, yellow with black.

Bottega Veneta offers light, straight or slightly fitted
and short-sleeved flared dresses with length up to
knee, classic shades – black, white, gray.

Fashionable dresses from Lanvin are discreet, but very sexy.
The asymmetric fitting models look originally, like
consisting of two longitudinal halves of different colors and textures.
Can также отметить простые узкие платья с короткими рукавами и
shallow cut, but with catchy detail – zipper
впереди от горловины до bottom. Length – a few centimeters higher

Дольче и Габбана в коллекции D&G порадовали глаз длинными,
bright, colorful and incredibly positive dresses with frills,
looking very romantic and at the same time reminiscent of style

Модные повседневные платья. Фасоны повседневных платьев
Модные повседневные платья. Фасоны повседневных платьев
Модные повседневные платья. Фасоны повседневных платьев

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