Fashionable bell skirt – examples of stylishcombinations

Skirts are undoubtedly the determining factor in a woman’s wardrobe and
should be a lot. This thing gives the opportunity to the woman every time.
emphasize your mood and personality. Skirt – bell
It begins in the 17th century, it reminds
a glass, or a bell flower, just turned upside down. In those old
Times she wore over the crinoline.

Previously, such skirts were sewn only from dense fabrics: taffeta,
wool, and they looked avant-garde, and you could only wear them
for cocktail parties. It can be called differently: tulip,
little bell, this style is the most popular many seasons
contract. The silhouette fits the waist and expands downwards. He is good at
that is simple, its secret is that it hides minor flaws
figures: extra centimeters of legs, not pronounced waist, too narrow
hips or vice versa, wide.

Skirt – bell теперь изготавливается из самых разных тканей:
knitwear, gabardine, wool, chiffon and denim. Now this
put on a skirt to work, walk, and some fashion designers offer
This style is as wedding dress. Skirt may have different
variations of the cut: cone-shaped, the shape of a wine glass, the bell can
be meek and elongated. The girls are slim, with narrow hips,
long legs, you can wear a very short skirt – a bell, and
length below the knee.

Owners of magnificent hips, it is more preferable to choose such
skirt to the knee and below.

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The costume occupies a special position in the wardrobe of a business woman.
so we picked up a photo of the most stylish women’s suits

What to wear with a bell skirt?

To pick an interesting ensemble, you should work on it.
If you are going to work, a formal date, a meeting, then
it will be a business image. To create it, you can choose a skirt
sweater, classic blouse, solid top. This skirt is good
combined with a blazer – the image of a business woman will not only allow
stand out from the crowd, but also express their individuality, at the same
time perfectly fit into the office image. Stay feminine
and sexy help skirt with a high waist and classic
a blouse.

с чем носить юбку - колокол, деловой вариант For
casual dress skirt – leather bell,
By the way, the absolute trend of this season! It is universal, but at the same
time combines elegance and shocking. Wearing a skirt
with large pockets, in a mirror image you will see an image
�”Rebel”! Currently, a leather skirt – a bell can be bought
a variety of colors: beige, white, red, blue. She is gorgeous
Looks with a white shirt and a long blazer.

There are several rules to follow: do not
wear thin transparent blouses, tight turtlenecks and

с чем носить кожаную юбку - колокол In the cold season
you can wear a woolen skirt – bell in a cage or abstract
to wear a short blazer to the top
high boots to the knee, the size of the heel is not special here
Values ​​- this outfit looks great.

с чем носить шерстяную юбку - колокол Casual
burst into fashion from the street, the exact opposite of the classic
and retro styles, very suitable for these skirts. Wearing a simple top with
the original style of the bell can create a romantic
striking outfit. Great for youth
T-shirts with a neckline. If you are going to go on
romantic date, or meeting with a friend in a cafe, you can
Throw in a lace bolero or a light knitted blouse.

с чем носить юбку - колокол, вариант для романтического свидания
Skirt bell – a great outfit for a hot summer. Legs “breathe”
since the style of the skirt does not touch the body. Welcome skirt any
colors: from white to bright red, all the colors of summer are good,
choose to taste! On such a skirt prints, abstraction look good
– they will wrinkle in the folds, without losing their geometry.
Summer version of shoes under the skirt: openwork shoes at a low
heels, or even on a flat.

с чем носить юбку - колокол, вариант для лета Evening
the “bell” option will look exquisitely made of velvet, silk,
satin combining with romantic lightweight blouses with ruffles
guipure. Shoes are better to pick up on the platform or high

с чем носить юбку - колокол, вечерний вариант Due to the fact
that the skirt styles – the bell is varied, the top with which the skirt is worn,
depends on the lifestyle of its owner. There may be T-shirts
tops, shirts, cardigans, jackets, the main thing is to stick to the right
directions and colors, it is important not to overdo it.

с чем носить юбку - колокол, летний вариант Is behind you
the choice of what to wear a bell skirt, but you need to know the features
his figure, and abide by some general rules.

  • – If the bottom is more than the top, you should not wear tight
  • – If you are the owner of large forms on top, the top is better
    wear classics and smaller jewelry. The focus is now on
    small but bright decorations, and not on large and voluminous.
  • – Choosing the length of the skirt, consider slenderness of your legs and
    fairly narrow ankles. Otherwise, it is better to choose stockings
    color skirt.
  • — К юбке – колокол не желательно надевать пышный top.

What else to wear a skirt – a bell? A photo

с чем носить юбку - колокол, вариант в клуб

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