Fashion tips from Evelina Khromchenko

Fashion tips from Evelina KhromchenkoOh, so this Evelyn
Khromchenko! How many men she drove crazy, how many girls and
women sent to the true fashionable way and made of them princesses.
And she always remains true to herself and her unique and
endlessly feminine style. Perhaps the profession requires it,
after all, there are editors of fashion magazines to see
through the fashion industry and understand what’s what, but according to Evelina,
rather, you will say that she is just a true lady who loves her
business and decorates everything around with one’s presence.

But how does she manage everything?

Work in the magazine, the meeting of fashionable courts, visiting the secular
events … – this is not the whole list of cases that day
of the day this sweet little girl and mother masterfully perform. Throw away
scornful looks and sarcasm, do not be jealous, you should just
listen and take note, especially since fashion tips from
Evelina Khromtchenko does not suggest something supernatural.
So we begin.

As Evelyn says, the wardrobe of every girl and woman
starts with shoes. Why is this so important? It turns out, by the fact that
on your feet, you can think a lot about yourself. Remember in
�”Moscow does not believe in tears” was such a fragment: a train and a man
opposite with dirty shoes. And so, the woman in the bad and absolutely
Loose shoes or boots cause about the same
an attitude.

Evelina Khromchenko advises once and for all to forget this
the wording, they say, “a friend has such, I also want such.” AT
итоге ATы бегаете по магазинам и находите нечто похожее,
you lay out for it something money, not realizing what you did
a gross mistake. And the size of this error is not even
что ATы приобрели неуникальную вещь, а то, что ATы отправились за
shopping without being savvy. What am I talking about? ATсе просто: перед каждым
шопингом полистайте свежий глянец – так ATы рискуете купить нечто
ultrafashionable in return for the already dead and uninteresting trend.

Another fashionable tip from Evelina – do not buy fakes.
Of course, at first it sounds too easy, but the dog is buried
somewhat different. The fact is that often Chinese consumer goods
really wants to put jeans for three hundred rubles as
designer brand. AT ход идут всевозможный стразы и отделка,
which supposedly raises the cost of the finished product to a thousand and
above. Do not go on about. Evelyn claims that by buying
shoes with rhinestones, made by the hands of not fashion designers, but God knows whom,
ATы нарушаете этикет. Just imagine what it looks like with
hand cheap zakos. ATам оно надо?

But one should not mistakenly believe, as Khromchenko says, that one can
wear only something infinitely expensive and spend on the purchase
clothes a fortune. This is also a bad form. And any celebrity
will confirm that there are absolutely inexpensive things in her wardrobe,
which any middle-income man can afford. And this
not pathos, just a combination of affordable clothing with taste and
the birth of such a style that quality, but not fantastic
expensive thing looked like a million.

Evelina also mentions our Russian designers, who are quite
do their work skillfully, while at the same time not raising prices – smart

Blindly following fashion is not the best option at all, much
It is more appropriate to combine, say, one trendy thing with a classic,
которая ATам идет. True, this does not mean that you need to keep in
wardrobe old things, because even the little black dress is changing
from year to year.

And, of course, the main advice from fashionable beauty Evelina
заключается в каждодневном уходе за собой и памятке: «ATы женщина, а
значит, ATы должны быть прекрасны!»

Author: Lobastova Oksana

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