Fascinating black and pink manicure – the bestideas and designs


  • The main mistakes in manicure with black and pink varnish
  • Minimalism
  • Black – pink french
  • With sparkles and rhinestones
  • Leopard manicure
  • Nail geometry
  • Delicate design

Black and pink manicure is one of the main trends of this.
of the season. Such a contrast combination allows you to achieve a very
interesting and vivid effect. But for the beauty of nail design
It is important to respect the proportions to avoid the risk of frivolousness.

Common mistakes

Fashion бывает очень коварной, не забывайте об этом моменте, когда
trying to follow the latest trends. It may seem to you that
the combination of pink and black is win-win and difficult
to mess up. But an excess of rhinestones or glitter will easily turn stylish
manicure in absolute bad taste.

If you want to decorate your image with additional details,
keep in mind that they should not be in excess. And, of course,
looks ugly sloppy manicure or
peeling varnish. Therefore, to create a beautiful design you need
set aside a sufficient amount of time.

Minimalistic design

Not sure which design to prefer? Very good
option – black and pink manicure in the technique of minimalism. For his
create enough varnishes in two shades. Pink can be taken as
tender, bright and juicy. Any option would be awesome.
Look at the nails.

You can apply pink varnish on all nails, except the nameless, and his
make it black. It is quite acceptable and the opposite option – all nails
black, and one – bright pink. Do not be shy
experiment, alternate colors as you like. Everything
limited only by your imagination.

French manicure

What about the good old jacket? This is a great option for those who
tired of classic manicure. Try to add bright ones

The most daring women of fashion will appreciate the pink French
A manicure with a black addition is best black trim.
Nail design looks very stylish and original, if
use an unusual triangular edging. Zest manicure
will give one nail, completely painted black.

When creating such a manicure, be sure to keep in mind that
black edging visually shortens the nails.

You can also do a reverse french by painting in a contrasting color
the edge of the nail, and the bottom well.

Manicure with sparkles

Another great way to make a manicure more modern and
original – the use of sparkles. If you get them, then
сможете создавать очень интересные варианты  маникюра в
black and pink. Sparkled french on the nails is great
suitable for a festive look that needs a bright
zest. There are many different design options.
nails, but the main thing is not to forget about the sense of style and try not to
go overboard with glitter.

From modern trends pay attention to silver glitter,
which covers the edging. Moreover, the glitter can be applied to
the edge of the nail, and on the main color. Not less interesting option –
gradient when a smooth color transition is decorated with sparkles.

And finally, pink – black jacket goes well with
golden sparkles as a smile line decoration.

черно - розовый маникюр с блестками и стразами

Leopard manicure

Best of all leopard design is suitable for evening look.
It can be combined with an accessory or small items of clothing, but
It is important not to overdo it with this print.

To create such a design, you will need light and dark.
shades of pink varnish and black. Create a unique design for you
a thin brush or a special tool called dots will help,
but you can do with a regular toothpick.

First, apply on the nails a light pink varnish in one or two layers.
After waiting for complete drying, apply a dark pink varnish on
each nail three to five points. Their order may be absolutely
random. Each such point will symbolize the “leopard”
spot. When the stains you have dried dry, take a thin
brush and circle each of them with black lacquer, as if
framing. You do not need to strive for the perfect
accuracy, leopards have all the spots – completely different.

The remaining space between the spots can be filled.
rare black strokes. The main thing – do not overdo it. As a result, should
get a pink manicure with a black leopard pattern. For more
resistance to varnish do not forget to cover your nails with special

Clear lines on the nails

Black color is great for creating geometric
drawings on the nails, including on a pink background. It may be
both a small triangle and a volume figure consisting of
sets of thin lines. In this case, everything is appropriate. And of course the circle
– is also a geometric figure, do not forget about it.

Nails covered with a black base can be decorated with circles of different
diameter with thick or thin walls. Or, on the contrary, gentle
soap bubbles of a light pink shade.

Important advice: if you draw shapes with clear lines, do not
repeat the pattern on each nail. This design can decorate one
nail. If you want to decorate all the nails, make the lines different
thickness and draw different forms – it will make a manicure more
original and aesthetic.

Gentle girlish design

Remember how in adolescence painted fields of notebooks
cute hearts? Why not come back to those wondrous ones right now
time? Bright hearts on a simple black background. Or vice versa? Also
great idea! Black and pink manicure erases the frame and allows
your fantasy to play out in full. Appropriate in this design
there will be rhinestones: you can take large ones and place them in the center of the nail
or a heart, and you can decorate your nails with a whole scattering of small

In this case, the principle of one nail is also relevant, but it can
work and otherwise. For example, it is appropriate to decorate all the nails with hearts,
кроме одного, а его выделить большим количеством strass.

If you still could not find the perfect
Manicure option in black and pink shades, this will help you to video

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