Face care at 30

Face care at 30
Thu, Nov 24 2016

You are 30 years old, and in your soul you are still quite a girl and
so you want to look young and fresh. What to do? Carefully
read this article and stick to the following

The reflection in the mirror says it slows down and deteriorates with
age many processes in the skin. Our task is to the maximum
take care of your appearance with traditional cosmetic
creams and recipes that we got from our
прабабушек.Утренний уход

Morning we start with washing. For dry skin cleanser
There is a special milk and cream. If the skin is normal, then
For washing you can use a special cream-gel.

After washing, be sure to wipe the face toning
means. It can be a lotion bought in a store or a tonic. is he
should not contain alcohol and dry out the skin. The best thing
apply biotonics with phytohormones. If you can not buy
quality tonic, you can make a decoction of herbs
mint and chamomile.

Creams need to be selected with special attention and very high
quality. is heи должны регулировать процессы метаболизма и разбудить
cell genetic memory. From the age of 30 you need to start using
lifting cream firming the skin and allowing it to look elastic. AT
useful age creams include wheat proteins, collagen and
витамины А, С и Е.ATечерний уход

Twice a week in the evenings you need to choose the time to make
cosmetic masks for the face. is heи бывают питательные,
reducing, toning. ATыбор косметической маски зависит
on your skin type. Masks must contain collagen, elastin and

An hour before bedtime, apply a night cream. AT отличие от
the body of a man his skin does not sleep. Therefore, night creams are very
effective for facial skin care.

Skin care should be daily and thorough.

Give yourself a little more attention, and you will become irresistible!

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