Eyebrow tattoo – care after the procedure and importanttips. Important points in the care of eyebrows after tattooing, the rules andcontraindications

Пн, 13 июн 2016 Автор: Ольга Федеренко

The result of eyebrow tattooing depends on the used
material and professionalism of the master.

Made correctly and qualitatively permanent makeup resembles
natural eyebrows.

Highly qualified specialist neatly draws
shape, making imitation of small hairs.

For two or three years, the eyebrows remain well-groomed and delight.
its owner.

A significant role is played by the serious attitude of the client to the care of
eyebrows after tattooing.

Care for eyebrows after tattooing: what to do in the early days

In the first couple of hours after the procedure at the place of the tattoo
swelling is formed, brows are covered with a crust. Hue becomes
much darker and brighter than planned. Then he’s a little
will fade, after complete healing of the skin, it will stabilize, manifest
desired color. Brow tint may vary three to four times. Average
The recovery period of the skin after the procedure is 3-10 days. During
this period, follow these guidelines for the care of eyebrows
immediately after the tattoo:


Properly remove the nipple that oozes from the wounds.
It is necessary to get rid of it so as not to disturb irritated skin.
and do not peel. For this fit any soft cloth. With
If desired, soak it in an alcohol-free product. Soft
blot eyebrows, do not rub or press on them. Otherwise
In case you provoke an even greater excretion of ichorous and process
healing will be slower.

Processing by special means

Treat the tattoo site first with an antiseptic solution:
miramistin, chlorhexidine, and then healing, emollient ointments:
bepanten, lifesaver, oxaline ointment.

The first two days are the most important. Pay attention to the eyebrow area
need every two hours.

Follow this scheme:

• remove the remnants of the cream with a soft cloth;

• we put antiseptics;

• closes the area of ​​tattoo with a cream.

Then the procedure should be carried out as needed when
there is a feeling of tight skin or discomfort.

You can wash your face after the formation of crusts. it
occurs on the third or fourth day. Up to this point allowed
clean your face with cotton pads soaked in ordinary or
mycelialnoy water, cleansing lotion, without affecting the area of ​​the tattoo.

The use of decorative cosmetics

During заживления следует полностью отказаться от
makeup cosmetics for eyebrows. With их нанесении и удалении
there is a mechanical impact, which additionally
irritates sensitive, irritated skin.

Useful tips:

1. Caring facial procedures are best done before
permanent makeup.

2. Protect your skin from weathering and sea water.

3. Do not overdo it with moisturizers.

Важно: сразу после сеанса и в последующие
Six months, include in your eyebrow care sunscreen with
high level of protection. Apply them whenever you visit.
solarium, are exposed to sunlight.

Care for eyebrows after tattooing: what is possible and what is not

From the correct care of eyebrows after tattooing, their correct
healing depends on the final result. Subsequent correct
care will prolong its durability. Withслушайтесь к таким общим

1. For washing, choose soft products that do not dry.
skin Stop using tap water and soap.

2. If after 48 hours the swelling did not sleep, then take an antihistamine
the drug, with pain – anesthetic.

3. After three to four weeks, visit your master for
carrying out the correction.

Immediately after the procedure and until healing
It is prohibited:

1. To rub a place of a tattoo with a hand, a towel.

2. Remove the crust.

3. Go to the sauna, bath, pool.

4. Make eyebrow.

5. Pluck or shave eyebrows.

6. Use products containing alcohol.

7. Sunbathing.

8. To visit a sauna, a bath.

In cold and warm seasons, care for a little eyebrow tattoo
is different.

In winter, there is a risk of catching a virus or infection.
Girls with weak immunity should start taking vitamins, and
possible antiviral drugs apply measures
prophylactic. Avoid temperature changes
strong wind and frost.

In the spring and summer care for eyebrows after tattooing
complicated by exposure to heat and ultraviolet rays. Exists
risk of inflammation and burnout shade.


• use creams with SPF, vitamin A, D;

• Do not put on the eyebrows fatty cream;

• wear a hat;

• do not swim in lakes, rivers, pools;

Совет: татуаж незаменим на море, при
swimming pool, sauna. But because of the peculiarities of care after
процедуры не нужно do перманентный макияж, например, перед
a trip to the sea. Make it a month and a half to

It is advisable to choose the time when you can not
going out. First, at home it is more convenient to care
behind the tattoo site. Secondly, the first time zone eyebrows will
look not aesthetically pleasing. Third, the risk is reduced

After recovery, the skin in place of the tattoo becomes
sensitive, delicate and thin. Be sure to include in your care
moisturizing products and nourishing oils. Periodically apply them.
on the entire surface of the eyebrow and gently massage until full

The procedure of permanent makeup makes the hairs weak, they
grow badly. Some experts recommend regularly
trim them.

Совет: во избежание неожиданного результата
consult your mother browser.

Eyebrow care after tattoo: possible complications

Most of the trouble is related to the unfortunate
the result. Claims come down to the wrong color,
unsuitable form. It is these moments that often disappoint.

Paint color must be selected individually and taken into account
client’s color type. Too bright eyebrows look unnatural and
defiantly. The shape of the eyebrows must be approached very responsibly, because
with her you will walk at least two years. Inexperienced specialist
может сdo несимметричные, разные eyebrows.

Fix a bad tattoo is difficult, but possible. In a month
Correction is carried out, which consists in applying
additional coloring composition. In case you need to remove from
skin tissue excess pigment will have to resort to laser

There is also the possibility of infection or
allergic reaction.

To avoid such consequences, carefully prepare for
procedure. Choose a reliable master, now problems with the collection
no information. Yes, and “word of mouth” no one canceled. Discuss
with a specialist the desired shape of the eyebrows, listen to his recommendations
and find the middle ground. The selection of color will also be important.
pigment. On fair-haired girls eyebrows harmoniously look on
tone two darker flown curls, dark-haired should be chosen,
respectively, dark colors.

Advice: even if you are a hot brunette, do not do blue black
eyebrows. it уже давно не модно и выглядит вульгарно.

Contraindications to the procedure of tattoo:

1. Health problems: low immunity, tendency to
skin diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes.

2. Pregnancy, feeding.

3. Birthmarks, hemangiomas, warts in the area of ​​the future
permanent makeup.

4. Allergy to paint.

5. Too thin skin and close proximity of vessels to the top.
skin layer.

Eyebrow tattooing has been on the list of most
claims procedures. It allows you to give the desired shape, color,
визуально сdo бровки гуще. You are only required to clearly
follow the rules of post-care and the result will delight long

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