Exquisite white jacket: a classic of the genre and notonly

Times are changing, in the world of high fashion are born more and more
ideas. Направлений и стилей сегодня сonly, что просто невозможно
remember even all the names, not that try to try them on
to myself. Why not turn in the direction of such a native instead
and never failing classics, adding a few new details to
what has already become familiar and familiar? One of the eternal options
nail art that has not lost its popularity for many years – white

To the French manicure, with which you can safely come to
work, theater, night club or birthday to your beloved
friend, designers are treated with special respect. Casual bow,
solemn image or image of a mysterious stranger – you can with
using french to create anything. Femininity, accuracy
and impeccable purity of the image – women love French manicure for
that it allows them to demonstrate these traits.

Classic is beautiful, but let’s not forget about fashion

New details of the classic jacket

French – rather strict design, if not diluted
various “highlights”. But you do not always want, in any
the setting to look exceptionally strict, not loving
experiments special? Sometimes it is worthwhile to afford to move a little
from classic simplicity, especially since fashion refers to small
pranks very favorably. First look at the color
the palette that fashion offers for french. In addition to quiet
classic white is:

  • moon white;
  • pearl;
  • lactic;
  • coffee color with milk;
  • silver;
  • marble white.

French is good on the nails of different lengths. But if several
years earlier, women of fashion sought to increase nails longer,
since the plates were decorated with intricate intricate designs – whole
pictures that needed to be placed on a small
space, today the popular length is up to 4 mm. Traction
naturalness can be traced throughout, including in the pursuit
make your nails so that they do not interfere with the usual things
but at the same time they gave the opportunity to give free rein to fantasy and come up with
original decorations.

What will be in the trend during the whole 2019, and possibly further?
Drawings. Moreover, the drawings can be made in different colors with
a lot of shades – fashion gives the go-ahead to the blotches of bright colors,
если only они не представлены в слишком большом количестве.
Отлично, если каким-либо изображением украшен only ноготок
the ring finger is the last squeak of changeable

Trends that will develop in the near future:

  • Guipure substrate, and on her drawing, made pastel
    shades and walking along the line of french;
  • before the service jacket was just a smile – now a smile
    it has become wider and there has been a tendency to move it into a frame;
  • the ring finger is decorated with a gradient;
  • �”Two in one”: the combination of a French and moon manicure, and with
    predominance of white;
  • mirror smile;
  • rhinestones decoration.

In addition to rhinestones, you can use other elements that give
the ability to sparkle or just stand out:

  • pearls;
  • crystal chips;
  • tapes;
  • kamifubuki.

Ennoble short nails

Naturalness that has replaced extravagance
implies a nail length that fits into everyday
bow. Harmoniously and stylishly, without frills – this is the fashion motto
coming season.

Make a white jacket and draw a thin smile – so we will achieve
creating the perfect image of an icon of style with impeccable
by taste. However, minimalism does not prohibit the addition of medium-sized french
elements. So, ideal for a white french light pearl
or mirror plaque. Simple drawing can decorate one or two
little finger. Droplets, slightly peas, maybe original
monogram – you can act as fantasy suggests.

The main thing – do not add too many details. Conciseness in
In our case – the sister of talent.

Ideas for long nails

Do not want to part with gently regrown marigolds? It has
full right! In this case, you can try different
variations of french:

  • �A “tortuous” smile (let her slightly change the shape, can
    be, turn into a double or triple line);
  • add a thin ribbon of a contrasting shade;
  • combine matte varnish and gloss;
  • apply a drawing;
  • Decorate the nails with silver or gold.

Would you like the white jacket to last longer, say, weeks
three until you get the mood to try some other
design? Then adopt shellac and gel polish. Get inspired
interesting ideas will help the photo, which presents a great many
variations with gel polish.

Drawings, rhinestones and tinsel: everything for those who do not wish
stay in the shade

Белый френч отлично сочетается любыми рисунками, если only они
not excessively large and convex, thin lines created from small
sparkling crumbs and rhinestones – something that fits perfectly
sophisticated beauty, who decided to diversify the classic

What else do ladies who preserve commitment to french but
attentively following the novelties of the last season?

  • First, it is a variety of patterns. Pictures can be drawn on
    free surface of the nail, to the dividing strip. It may be
    absolutely any composition: short vertical or
    horizontal lines, dots, stems or leaves of flowers, the month of
    stars, sun disk.
  • Secondly, it can be monograms. Many take as a basis
    Chinese characters. You can choose some kind of hieroglyph denoting
    something dear to your heart, and portray on the nails.
  • Thirdly, it sparkles. Such a decoration is forever, especially to
    holidays. New Year is coming, not long before day
    of birth? Colorful glitter is one of the brightest details.
    relevant in this case and giving the completeness of the image.

Учтите: украшать деталями желательно only один или два
Marigold Shine hard, sparkle with monograms and attract
the mystery of Chinese writing is inappropriate: everything should be
measure. White french – it’s still a classic, and therefore will be good
look with him just a couple of “highlights”, no more.

Before you begin to create, creating a new reading
classic french. carefully review the photo where
Presents the most outstanding works of masters of nail art.
Most likely, you will find there what is ideal for you,
or get a thought to push off from.

White french all ages are submissive – create in your
pleasure! But do not forget about the sense of proportion: it will tell
The most suitable options for you.

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