Emerald manicure – design ideas in emeraldshades

Green, and in particular, emerald shades are valued on a par with
same gemstone. It symbolizes fertility,
hope, immortality and luxury worthy of kings. No fashionista
does not bypass this noble shade side. This is quite understandable.
It can be combined with almost any shades, and especially harmoniously
combination with neutral gamma. Eminent Designers Required
include this saturated color in their collections. Same tremulous
relation to him and in nail art. In the latter case, you can select
some especially popular uses for emerald
colors on the nails.


  • Ideas and options
  • Matte finish
  • Emerald Nails with Gold
  • Variants of french
  • �Cat eye and marble decor
  • Sequined
  • Combination with black
  • With rhinestones

New ideas with emerald gel polish

In 2018, emerald nails are one of the leading in fashion
industry trends, so be sure to prepare for a new
season and learn all the new nail art in advance. That nails can
make a simple or business image trendy.

To implement the ideas conceived using emerald
colors are most often used gel nail polish coating. Complement
Emerald manicure can be with the help of drawings or decorating
elements such as rhinestones, sequins, stones, etc. Make bright
marigolds can be on their own, for a more complex design better
contact a professional.

Matte finish

Matte manicure is more popular than ever, especially in dark
saturated colors, which is the emerald. The thing is that
dark color allows a matte surface to show itself throughout
beauty. In addition, dark green can be left as
monochromatic manicure or add special sand, rhinestones or

When choosing the right tone – light, dark or with
metallic sheen, it is important to consider other colors,
present in the shade of the eyes, hair and clothing. Only this way can
create a harmonious image because the emerald is not related to

Dark green and gold = perfect combination

This combination can be called royal, almost in direct
sense of the word – the richer and more luxurious is difficult to find. Gold
can be in the form of stones, rhinestones, sparkles or small chains.
On a rich green background, the color of the precious metal still shines

For such a manicure does not necessarily wait for a solemn
case – it is perfect for everyday “socks”. Besides
rich appearance, he undoubtedly adds to women’s hands
grace. But the use of gold is better to limit and
make a brilliant accent only on a pair of fingers.

Classic french in emerald color

Classic has long found its place in fashion trends and the usual
French manicure confirms this. Do not have to do white
the strip on the tip of the nail, you can find a way to translate the classics into
зеленых shades.

Popular cat eyes and marble decor

You can not find a more suitable embodiment for the original
manicure “cat” eye than green. He is the most
resembles an ornamental stone with the same name. Uniform
stripes on emerald nails give it even more shine. AT
As a decor on the ring finger often use small
multi-colored or transparent stones, and also silvery

The effect of marble in green color looks very unusual. Divorces
created using lighter emerald shades, and
also familiar white and black. Often, they often make manicure in
ombre style.

Glitter on emerald

Glitter and sparkles in general, occupy a special place in the fashionable
flow. Of course, in nail art, they are reflected in the first place.
There are two possible options – use the emerald color as
bases or, on the contrary, cover any suitable basis with shiny
green elements.

Black color combined with emerald

This combination is quite justified and looks just
wonderful. Manicure is fashionable and very stylish. If a
add more and decor in the form of gold or glitter, then the nails more
will be suitable for evening out, rather than for
everyday life.

Ideas design emerald manicure rhinestones

Rhinestones – a very common decoration option, which
looks great both for a holiday and in everyday life. Even
for business style most rhinestones are quite acceptable. Emerald
nails allow you to use stones of almost any shade, but
Gold and silver elements look especially advantageous.

Emerald design in any of its embodiments can be done on any
the length and shape of the nail plate. ATозраст модницы при этом также не
matter. But it is better to think about suitable clothes in advance.
The most attractive with dark green nails will look
outfits of white, black, turquoise, gold or silver
colors. AT качестве еще одного акцента можно использовать изумрудную
footwear. Besides того, можно активно использовать украшения в тон:
earrings, necklace or rings.

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