Dry skin of the face: how to properly care for it?Folk and cosmetics – everything that helps to care fordry skin

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Dry skin is one of three types of skin. She has a special
sensitivity and requires careful maintenance. However if
follow all the basic rules, such skin will only
to please And the main thing from them is better less, yes better.

Causes of Dry Skin

Dry skin may be congenital or acquired.
The initial cause of dryness is insufficient performance.
sebaceous glands, and over time the lack of it is added

At a young age, owners of dry skin can even envy,
as their derma is smooth, with a delicate pink shade. But,
if you neglect the healthy diet, the basic rules of care, then
over time, it will become drier and lose its
elasticity. Also one of the features of this skin is that
that wrinkles on it may appear as early as 25 years.

• Age – after about 40 years the skin is no longer capable of itself.
cope with the production of the necessary substances. Primarily from
this affects our skin.

• Heredity – skin type can also be transmitted by

• Natural phenomena, sun and frost. Excessive sun exposure
may cause excessive dryness of the skin. The cold causes narrowing
capillaries that nourish the skin. Dry skin is more noticeable.
will be in winter than in summer.

• Tap water, hot tub, pool water, saltwater
water – both adults and children probably felt like
Chlorinated water causes dry skin. Same impact
can render and sea water.

• Cosmetics – some ingredients that come in
the composition of these funds or their incorrect use may cause
dry skin The same result could be if you are wrong
select facial care products or a long period of time
use peeling preparations (scrubs, peels, etc.)
Due to their constant use, the skin stops on its own.
excrete natural fat, sweating goes down and
as a result, fat is poorly distributed over the skin. Upper layer
remains completely unprotected.

• Improper diet or inadequate water intake.

• Dry air in rooms, bath. Heaters, air conditioners,
fans, batteries very dry air indoors.

• Diseases of the nervous system, hypovitaminosis can also
lead to increased skin dryness.

• Excessive drinking, smoking and other aspects
improper lifestyle never provided a favorable
effects on our skin.

Меры профилактики при уходе за dry skin

In order to avoid negative environmental impacts when
severe frosts, or vice versa bright sun, use cosmetic
protective equipment with increased protection factor.

After visiting the chlorinated pool and after taking
sea ​​treatments, be sure to use a shower, and then moisturizing

Use shampoos, shower gels and other cleansing
means. Usually moisturizing and nourishing ingredients in such
products are very few. They wash the entire protective film and cause
dry skin After all, you have repeatedly noticed how after washing your hands with soap,
I want to use hand cream. Try also to avoid
funds, which include sulfate.

The use of chemicals. Make it a rule
use such tools only in gloves. It refers to
cleaning, washing and washing dishes

Cosmetic products containing ingredients
вызывающие dry skin For example, alcohol, mint, menthol, eucalyptus,
citrus essential oils. The use of these drugs in large
quantity and for skin that is prone to dryness may result in
skin irritation.

Means with moisturized ingredients. Usually creams for winter
contain petrolatum, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. However when dry
climate, in a dry room, the more you will enjoy
with such creams, the more the skin will dry.

In rooms with low humidity and dry air concentration
It is desirable to put special humidifiers or containers with water.

When visiting a steam room or sauna, try to drink as much as possible.
more water to replenish moisture. After the bath, use
nourishing or moisturizing creams or oils.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eliminate harmful from the diet
food, drink 2 liters of water every day. All this will save you
not only from dry skin, but also satiate your entire health
an organism.

Косметические средства при уходе за dry skin лица

The following may help to cope with dry skin.

1) day cream for the face – it should be of a light consistency,
soak quickly in the skin and leave a protective film. Such
moisturizers like hyaluronic acid, milk proteins and
vegetable ceramides will help retain moisture in the skin for long
period of time.

2) night cream for face – it is best to use regular
nutritious fat cream. It is applied 1-2 hours before sleep thick
by layer and after 10 minutes, blot the skin with a napkin.
It is preferable to use the cream, which include
vegetable oils, ceramides and minerals, algae extracts,
aloe, vitamins A and E, grape seed oil. This cream will
even work while we sleep and perform the function
skin regeneration.

3) makeup remover – preferably using gels
for sensitive skin that contain algae extracts,
evening primrose oil. Perfectly suited cream with azulene –
soothing supplement that is able to enhance regenerating
skin ability. It is not recommended to use cleansing gel, so
as he removes along with cosmetics and lipid film, which in
primarily performs a protective function. If she will be regular
wash off, the skin will be drained significantly, and she and so

4) Tonic should be alcohol free. In its composition may
enter honey, rose petals, lime blossom, jasmine, chamomile, juice
sweet fruit.

Лучшие маски, которые способствуют уходу за dry skin

For dry skin, it is recommended to use nutritional and
toning masks. Each one has an extensive
range of useful properties and it is best to apply them in order

• Nourishing mask – sufficiently moisturize the skin and saturate it
all nutrients. Recommended for use alone
once a week.

• Toning mask. It is dry skin that most needs
toning up. Moisturizing particles will contribute
collagen and elastin production. It is these components that contribute to
rejuvenation process. Burning substances will stimulate
blood circulation, sour – will come to fight with problem skin, and honey
and healing herbs all soothe the skin. In the summer time for
ухода за dry skin вам помогут кусочки льда из отвара трав или
green tea that can wipe the skin.

There are also the following types of masks:

• Moisturizing: mix in equal proportions cottage cheese, cream and
carrot juice. This mask will also have a whitening effect.

• Egg. The basis here is the yolk, since it is he
suitable for loose and dry skin. Add some honey,
lemon juice and olive oil.

• Cucumber: 2 tsp. cucumber mix with 1 tsp. milk In the presence of
In this mixture, you can add a little finely chopped sea

• Honey: rub well literally to white color 50 g
honey, adding to it 50 ml of vegetable oil and egg yolk.
Warm up a little. Or you can mix 1 tsp. honey with 1 tsp

Watch your skin carefully and she will answer you well-groomed
view, beauty and radiance!

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