Dress – case for full: fashion models

It’s no secret that full girls are now no less
demand than skinny. However, there is one common problem that
unites all the “pompous” – this is ignorance and inability to pick
beautiful, and most importantly correct, outfit.

It turns out that it is not at all necessary to muffle your body in
shapeless monochrome cloaks that will only add volume,
it is better to give preference to the most feminine wardrobe item –
the dress.

Of course, there are a huge variety of styles of such a dress,
however, today we decided to experiment: what if we wear
plump girl or lady in sheath dress?

For a start it is worth making a reservation that this type is a variation
strict business style. The modern woman spends most of
day out, talking with sponsors and customers, performing office
work and supervising staff, it must be irresistible and at the same time
time dressed discreetly and not vulgar. And here to help again
comes business dress case.

It is worth recalling that the “classics of the genre” implies a narrow
sheath knee length dress. It is distinguished by the absence
sleeves and horizontal seams. Generally, the design of such a dress
extremely simple, because, no wonder they say that all ingenious –

It is curious that the flowering of such a dress fell on the 30s-60s of the year.
of the last century. However, famous women of fashion wear with pleasure
last trend and now. It is thanks to the convenience and elegance,
sheath dress is reflected in the new autumn-winter collection. You
You can choose any color, but it is worth considering some
figure flaws.

So, what to consider when choosing a sheath dress for the full?

  • Wide shoulders and too voluminous breasts hide straps,
    leaving the neck. Just give up the straps: they go far
    not all. It will help fitting.
  • Youрез V подчеркнет бюст и удлинит шею. Boat and Rustic
    the cut of the top is ideally adjusted too narrow shoulders. However, such
    rectangular cut will be a wonderful decoration for quite
    normal top.
  • A wide bottom is usually not a problem, since such a style
    The dresses perfectly adorn the dignity of a full figure. Much
    appropriate to pay attention to the overall harmony. Silhouette should not
    cut off with the dress, so you need to approach the choice of length
    extremely carefully.
  • Standard fit – knee length is good for plump beautiful
    legs. Just below the knee – if the cup shape is not ideal. Overstate
    �“Standard” is possible if the legs are long enough.
  • Little girls are also “shown” this style of dress. but
    don’t forget that the wrong length and absence is pretty
    High heels permanently spoil the image.
  • It is pertinent to emphasize the waist with a wide acettic belt. Generally, this
    accessory is considered the best medicine in the fight against
    imperfections of the figure.

By the way, about accessories. For a sheath dress one of the most
winning options will be a long, moderately, massive jewelry.
Let it gracefully descend below the chest, visually lengthening the shape and
creating flowing harmony. Give up on “collars” and large

Clutch will complete the perfect evening look. Try to pick
it to match any minor details of the toilet so as not to
go too far with color and texture. Perfectly complement the modest image
and discreet, but certainly an expensive clutch.

A bulk bag is also suitable for use, however
break out of the image. Do not skimp on accessories, because they
– These are the final overtones of harmony.

That is the perfect and stylish look, in which each
the girl and woman will feel great in the office
so in the club after work. Do not be afraid to be beautiful, do not hide
and feel free to lush and such desirable forms.

Sheath dress for full: photo

Платье-футляр для полных Платье-футляр для полных

Платье-футляр для полных Платье-футляр для полных Платье-футляр для полных Платье-футляр для полных

Платье-футляр для полных

Платье-футляр для полных

Платье-футляр для полных

Author: Lobastova Oksana

Your feedback

Рита: Все правильно – главное, правильно подобрать платье
case and skillfully place accents. Even a full woman always
There is something to show – beautiful shoulders, arms, neck, chest. AND
the main thing is to love yourself the way it is. Ugly woman after all
can not be. There are those who do not want to be like that!

Елена: На первой картинке очень красивое платье. I, too
chubby, and then a friend invited to the wedding as a friend.
AND хочется, конечно, не ударить в грязь лицом. I have just
similar figure and similarities with the model. And thank you more,
Rarely where you will find sensible advice for the full.

Элла: У меня есть две знакомые с пышными формами. AND
I always wonder how they treat themselves differently.
One always tries to go against nature, sits on the cruel
diets, trying to hide their fullness, and therefore all the time in
shapeless clothes. AND от этого выглядит еще полнее. And the second
he is not shy of his figure at all, he always dresses elegantly, with
taste, and in accordance with the requirements of the figure. She has in
wardrobe and sheath dresses. AND никто никогда не обращал внимания на
its size.

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