Does Inneov help Celluse fromcellulite?

Perhaps at least once each of us wondered: how to solve
проблему cellulite? Beauty industry and nutritionists in one voice
advise a comprehensive approach: skin care – creams, anti-cellulite
procedures, sports, healthy eating and so on.

Relatively recently to the solution of the problem of cellulite connected
pharmaceutical industry; and in addition to all
the above measures we are offered to use the cosmetics, t.
e. drugs that create beauty from the inside.

In essence, nutricosmetics are dietary supplements.
(BAA), helping to solve this or that beauty problem. In this case
our task:

  • eliminate excess subcutaneous fat
  • improve blood circulation in the subcutaneous fat layer
  • increase the elasticity of the skin and connective tissue

One of the cosmetic products to solve the problem
cellulite – Inneov Cellus.



Inneov Cellustrech – composition

Laboratories Inneov is a very decent manufacturer, good
proven in the field of beauty products. Main
active ingredients of their preparation: calcium carbonate, sea
Glucosamine, green tea and pine bark extracts.

Глюкозамин — один из основных «стройматериалов» для нашей
connective tissue, it is also part of the skin. Use
Glucosamine with food contributes to increased skin elasticity and
connective tissue.

Why do you need it? One of the main problems with cellulite –
violation of elasticity of connective tissue, which is like a skeleton
permeates our subcutaneous fat.

When the amount of subcutaneous fat increases, the inelastic
dense fibers of connective tissue do not stretch after him,
and fat is collected and bumped up. So it appears
�”Orange peel”. Deepening the relief of cellulite – this is just
attachment points of the very connective fibers.

It is strange that in the instructions for Cellusestats this component is specified
only as “reducing pain in severe forms
cellulite. This property is unlikely to be relevant for the most part.
our audience. But for improving the appearance of the skin – offset.

Экстракт зеленого чая давно известен как источник кофеина
and a powerful antioxidant that prolongs youth and beauty.

Антиоксидантом также является и экстракт сосновой коры,
part of Celustrecht. In addition, green tea has
slight diuretic effect.

As part of Celluster, green tea extract is designed to improve
blood circulation in problem areas, to ensure the drainage effect,
that is, remove excess stagnant fluid from subcutaneous fat

And in cooperation with pine bark extract, green tea does not give
harmful substances from junk food destroy our cells. So
Thus, we immediately get several positive effects in the fight against

И, наконец, кальций. Relatively recently, scientists have been
Calcium has been shown to reduce body fat.
It is this property of calcium that the producer Inneov claims.

However, you should not deceive yourself, since this effect (decrease
fatty deposits) develops against the background of prolonged (during
several years) taking calcium supplements.

Reception effect

Do not expect Cellus to lose weight after
three month course. Calcium, on the other hand, is one of
major beauty minerals. Its positive effect is guaranteed.
on the condition of the skin, hair, nails.

Just do not forget that this mineral is absorbed.
exclusively in the presence of vitamin D. Therefore, in
the time of which Cellusestrum is accepted, it is necessary to include
vegetable fat (like olive oil) or any other
source of vitamin D.

What happens in practice? Most often consumers of celustrecht
note a clear positive effect: improved elasticity and
smooth skin, eliminating the effect of orange peel.

Less common are those who have not felt the effect of the drug at all.
As a rule, the effect is noted by girls using Inneas.
Cellurest in addition to fitness, massage and diet.

Doctors reviews

Is it possible to recommend the drug to effectively combat
�”Orange peel”? The answer is yes, but only in conjunction with fitness.
and skin care. If during the reception, Cellus will not be
follow a diet restriction diet should not be expected from
drug effect slimming, only – improve the appearance and
�”Quality” of the skin.

If you plan to fight cellulite only when
Help Cellustrech, do not spend money. Better buy a subscription
in the fitness club.

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