Dandelion for the face: how the spring flower will helpkeep the beauty? The use of dandelion for face: tonics, lotions,masks

Чт, 01 июн 2017 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Yellow-headed dandelion looks unassuming, but
behind salable appearance lies a great healing potential. AT
sap plants a lot of active biological substances, thanks
which spring flower can be called a flower

Одуванчик для лица можно превратить в лосьоны, тоники, masks и
use on any skin type, at any age.

Useful properties of a dandelion for the face

AT соке листьев и цветков одуванчика содержатся очень полезные, а
sometimes unique substances:

ретинол (вит. А) увлажняет, очищает верхних
skin layer, eliminates acne and acne, stimulates collagen production,
hyaluronic acid, elastin, relieves inflammation, protects against

рибофлавин (вит. AT2) обеспечивает обновление
and oxygen nutrition of cells, which means it improves the complexion,
helps the skin to get rid of postacne, prevents the appearance

аскорбиновая кислота (вит. С) повышает
skin elasticity, stimulates the production of collagen, protects against
старения, предупреждает появление acne;

никотиновая кислота (вит. РР) сохраняет
natural moisturizing of the skin, even healthy color;

токоферол (вит. Е) предотвращает дряблость,
skin sagging, makes it moisturized, fights acne and acne,
prevents hyperpigmentation.

In addition, the juice contains saponins, organic acids,
stearins and other very beneficial substances. Thanks to such a powerful
complex complex dandelion helps to whiten the skin, nourish and
moisturize it, smooth fine wrinkles, restore elasticity,
tone up, relieve inflammation, get rid of red faster
acne and acne stains.

Dandelion decoction for face

The easiest and fastest way to use plants –
cook a decoction of it. ATесенние одуванчики для лица подходят
most of all because in young leaves and flowers the concentration
vitamins are the highest. ATы можете самостоятельно собрать сырье или
buy dried dandelion heads at the pharmacy.

When picking flowers with your own hands, choose distant from the roads and
industrial enterprises of the territory. Before using,
quickly rinse with cold water, lay on a paper towel and

Decoction of flowers

Two tablespoons of fresh or dried dandelion flowers
brew two glasses of boiling water, hold over boiling
water for about five minutes. Remove from the water bath, close the lid and
wait for cooling. Broth strain, pour into glass
Capacity and keep in the refrigerator. This decoction perfectly moisturizes
tones, refreshes.

Leaf decoction

10 grams of fresh or dried young dandelion leaflets
fill with 300 ml of cold water, send to medium heat, after
boiling simmer on low heat for 15 minutes. Cool, strain and
use for removing puffiness, cleansing, softening.

Chamomile decoctions – a liquid basis for the preparation of masks:
rejuvenating, tonic, anti-inflammatory. Besides,
decoction can be frozen in its pure form or by adding essential

Chamomile ice

It is very useful to wipe the face in the morning with frozen ice.
Incredibly tones, tightens the oval, stimulates the production
own collagen, reduces the formation of skin wrinkles, and
fine wrinkles smooth over time.

Grind the dandelion leaves in a meat grinder, squeeze the juice through gauze.
10 ml of ready juice mixed with 50 ml of pure drinking or mineral
(without gas) water, add 5 drops of hazelnut oil. Received
freeze liquid in ice tins. Wipe cleaned from
cosmetics face in the morning and evening.

Infusion of dandelions for the face

On the basis of alcohol chamomile tincture, you can cook natural
lotions with cleansing and anti-inflammatory effects.
The tool is used to combat acne and acne,
improve complexion, narrow pores, strengthen blood vessels.

AT стеклянную банку плотно уложить столько цветков одуванчика,
so that the dishes were filled to two thirds. Pour alcohol or
vodka, insist in a dark cabinet for 10-14 days. Once in 3-4 days
shake the container. Then strain, pour the infusion into the bottle and
Use as a base for lotions.

To do this, one part of the alcohol infusion, take three parts
water. Stir and wipe problem areas of the face after
cleansing the skin from cosmetics and dust.

There is another option for making lotion. Mix 50 ml
tincture with a glass of broth hips, add 5 ml of oil
grape seed. Keep the product in the refrigerator for no longer
one week. The product softens and soothes the skin, accelerates
regeneration and renewal processes.

Dandelion Face Masks

For the preparation of masks used decoction or dandelion juice.
They are mixed with plant pulp, starch, clay, honey, etc.
The dandelion mask for the face can not be stored, as the components in
within an hour, they oxidize under the influence of air and stop working.
The rules for applying masks are simple: clean the skin, distribute the mask
on the face after half an hour, rinse with water, wipe your face with lotion or
tonic depending on skin type.

ATиды масок:

• for dry skin;

• for normal and combination skin;

• for oily skin;

• anti-inflammatory;

• bleaching;

• for fading skin.

Dandelion due to antioxidant substances in its composition has
anti-aging properties. Masks based on it actually

Masks for dry skin

Compositions for the preparation of such a few. ATсе они
moisturize dry skin, saturate it with nutrients,
eliminate peeling areas, return healthy pink to the face

1. Large freshly picked dandelion leaves (7-8 pieces)
mash the meat grinder or blender, mix the mush with raw yolk
and 5 ml of macadamia oil.

2. Prepare a slurry of fresh dandelion leaves, rubbed into
mortar. Add honey or melted honey in a water bath.
The number of dandelion gruel and honey should be the same.
The composition is very good not only for dry, but also for aging

3. A tablespoon of dried dandelion leaves rub in
powder, pour a tablespoon of warm milk and let it stand
about five minutes. Then add the raw yolk and apply on face.

4. If your skin is irritated, you can help it with a mask of fresh gruel.
dandelion Pound a handful of flowers in a mortar to form
gruel. ATлейте немного минералки. Apply the mass on the face.

For dry skin you can make dandelion oil and
наносить его на лицо в виде masks. ATозьмите 100 граммов свежих
flowers, pound into a mush, pour vegetable oil to
the raw material has completely disappeared. Keep two weeks in a dark closet
strain. Apply an oil mask in the evening.

Masks for normal and combination skin

Healthy skin also needs periodic moisturizing and
toning. Therefore, with normal and combination skin
обязательно применяйте masks из одуванчика для лица, чтобы надолго
keep young, take off fatigue, stimulate cellular

1. Buy a pharmacy solution of vitamin A (retinol) or E
(tocopherol). Pure Ripe banana, add 40 ml decoction
dandelion and ampoule (or 7-8 drops) solution.

2. Spread three leaves, combine with two tablespoons.
fresh cottage cheese.

3. Prepare a mixture of pounded healer plants:
coltsfoot, chamomile, sage, dandelion, currant,
raspberry or strawberry leaf. AT столовую ложку этой массы
влейте две ложки воды, прогрейте на водяной бане about five minutes.
Mix cooled slurry with raw yolk and use.

4. Crush dandelion leaves and mint, mix a tablespoon
juicy mass with a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of melted

Mask for oily skin

The task of these dandelion face masks is to narrow pores,
prevent inflammation.

1. Buy in a pharmacy badyagu and eucalyptus essential oil. 30 ml
decoction of (any) dandelion mix with 10 grams of powder,
add 3-4 drops of eucalyptus ether. Apply to problem areas

2. Prepare a gruel from an equal amount of fresh leaves.
dandelion, sorrel and plantain. ATлейте столовую ложку крутого
boiling water. After cooling, add raw protein. The mask is good for
struggle with black dots.

3. Шишки хмеля перемелите или разотрите в mortar. Bold
tablespoon of oatmeal. A teaspoon of powder from the cones and
Flour from Hercules combine with a tablespoon of pounded dried
листьев dandelion Brew the mixture with a tablespoon of boiling water,
let it stand.

Anti-inflammatory mask

Any dandelion mask is antibacterial,
disinfectant action. But to strengthen it, cook
a special mask for acne. It will help to cope with rashes and
prevent the emergence of new inflammatory sites.

Connect 20 drops of dandelion tincture to alcohol or 30 drops
tincture of vodka with a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of pea
or rice flour. Dissolve the mass with hot water so that
получилась консистенция masks. Apply better spot on problem
face zones. After the second procedure, the skin will calm down, pustules.
dry up, the condition of the face will improve.

Whitening mask

ATеснушки и пигментные пятна станут бледнее и постепенно
will disappear if you apply such a mask.

Pure fresh dandelion leaves, squeeze the juice. 10 ml of juice
mix with a teaspoon of cosmetic clay and add 15 drops
oil squeezed from green coffee beans. You can add to the mass
silent water to bring to the desired consistency. Apply point
on age spots. They will become invisible by the 7-8 procedure.

Fading skin masks

Антивозрастные masks включают в себя, как правило, очень сильные
chemical substances. However, dandelion has no less power in
care for fading skin.

Combine the pulp of pounded ripe avocado with 5 ml of juice from
dandelion leaves, add 5 grams of starch.

Mix 40 grams of kelp kelp powder with 40 ml decoction
dandelion, add 5 grams of melted coconut oil.

Пользуйтесь природной силой dandelion ATсе части этого растения
suitable for facial skin care.

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