Currant masks for the face at home.Simple but working black and red face mask recipescurrants

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Summer is in full swing, beautiful has ripened in the gardens
berry – currant. A set of useful substances she successfully
competes with citrus fruits, strawberries, apples. Therefore her
must be applied not only in culinary, but also in cosmetic

Воздействие currants на кожу лица

Berry contains vitamins A, C, P, E, natural mineral
substances, pectins, essential oils, etc.

Its composition determines how it affects

• Vitamin A has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing,
rejuvenating effect, evens complexion, speeds up the process
skin regeneration.

• Vitamin C soothes irritated skin, promotes
collagen production.

• Vitamin P improves color, gives the skin a fresh look.

• Vitamin E has a rejuvenating effect, smoothes
wrinkles, improves color, promotes cell regeneration.

• Potassium moisturizes, cares for the skin.

• Organic acids relieve irritation, have
antibacterial action, regulate the sebaceous glands.

• Pectin improves the digestibility of all ingredients.

Thus, the berry is indispensable for cosmetic procedures,
taking place at home. Effect on the skin can
exceed saloon expensive sessions.

Применение масок из currants для лица

Маски из currants подходят для дам любых возрастов. Young
girls, they will help from acne, mature skin tightened, remove
wrinkles and spider veins, even the complexion, make the skin
radiant and smooth.

It must be remembered that when applying the mask may occur
allergic reaction, therefore, you must first apply
small amount of the prepared composition on the inside
wrists and leave for 15-20 minutes. If there is no unpleasant
sensations, it means everything is in order.

The process of applying the mask is as follows
in the following way:

1. • Wash face or wipe with lotion.

2. • Wear a protective apron to avoid staining your clothes.

3. • Apply the mask gently, avoiding the eyes and lips.

4. • Leave for 7-10 min.

5. • Wash off with water.

6. • Apply your favorite cream on your face.

Despite its simplicity, regular use of the mask for
2 months will transform and rejuvenate the skin of the face.

Apply the mask should be on the massage lines, light circular
movements, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips.

Masks are made from the juice of berries and in combination with others.

Маски для лица из черной currants

Berry is applicable for dry, oily and combination skin.


Для приготовления маски, состоящей только из черной currants
you need to collect ripe fruits, wash them and mash them in a puree. it
can be made with a blender or spoon. In order to
make the mask more thick, add 1-1.5 tsp to the berry
oatmeal or wheat flour.

This mask is used for oily skin, it is beautiful.
dries acne, relieves inflammation on the skin. Applied
for bleaching pigment spots.

With sour cream or cottage cheese

Take in equal quantities black currant, sour cream (you can
replace with olive oil), beat with a blender to the state

This composition nourishes, moisturizes the skin, is applicable to dry and
combination skin.

With honey

For combination skin, a mask combines berries and honey.
in equal amounts. It prevents the formation of early wrinkles,
nourishes and smoothes the skin.

White clay

To obtain a lifting effect, currants are combined with white
clay to the state of thick slurry and applied to the face for 5-7

With black bread

To cleanse the skin, rye bread is soaked in milk, then in
the mixture is added berry juice.

Multi-component masks

Для глубокого очищения кожи делают маску из
following components:

• 2 часть сока черной currants.

• 1 part oatmeal.

• 1 protein.

The mask is applied on the face with massage movements.

Для получения противовоспалительного результата
The composition of the mask will be as follows:

• 1 tbsp. ложка сока черной currants.

• 1 tbsp. spoon of cottage cheese.

• 1/4 tsp lemon juice.

• 1/4 tsp. Of fir oil.

The mixture must be heated and in a warm form applied to the face.
Время воздействия 20 minutes

Для увлажнения и питания кожи можно применить
The following composition:

• Aloe leaf – squeeze the juice, you can hold it in

• 2 pieces of honey.

• 1 часть сока черной currants.

Также хорошей питательной маской является
The following composition:

• Vitamin E – 1 capsule.

• Пюре из черной currants 2 ст. spoons.

• Shea butter – 2 drops.

• Sour cream (milk, kefir) – 2 tbsp. spoons.

Black currant can be incorporated into any face mask,
only it is necessary to take into account its coloring effect and not to apply on the skin
более чем на 10 minutes

Маски для лица из красной currants

Red currant is four times less vitamin C, so she
does not have such a strong sedative effect as black. But
its vitamin A content is higher. He is responsible for the aging process,
регенерации клеток, поэтому маски из красной currants are
very helpful.

Apply the red currant can, like black, in the form
monomaski, mashing it. Option is to use
свежевыжатого сока currants, разведенного в соотношении 1/1 с
water With this solution, gauze is moistened and applied to the face on
15 minutes. This mask narrows the pores, reduces shine.

Multicomponent maxi differ by ingredients,
which complement and enhance the action of each other.

With kefir

The composition of the mask: 1 part grated berries, 2 parts kefir. Applied
на лицо на 12-15 minutes The mask nourishes and refreshes the skin.
evens out complexion.

With curd and honey

The composition of the mask: 1 part cottage cheese, 1 part honey, 2 parts pureed
berries. The mask moisturizes the face, its regular use guarantees
lasting anti-aging effect.

With clay

The ingredients are mixed in equal amounts and applied to the face.
for 20 minutes This mask deeply cleanses the skin, dries acne and
relieves irritation.

With milk

To achieve a whitening effect in equal quantities.
Mix the berries juice and milk. A towel is dropped into the liquid and
накладывается на лицо на 20 minutes Next, without flushing, on the skin
cream is applied.

Ice cubes with mineral water

To make the skin fresh, youthful, smoothing and whitening
кожи лица делается смесь из сока красной currants, минеральной
water in equal quantities, with a few drops of juice
lemon. The mixture is packaged in ice molds and
is frozen.

In the morning, in addition to the usual washing, face rubbed with a cube

Многокомпонентные составы масок для лица из currants

Для питания, увлажнения кожи делают смесь, из
following components:

• 1 часть сока currants.

• 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

• 1 yolk.

• 1 part of cottage cheese.

Apply the mask immediately after mixing the components.

Для устранения жирного блеска, сужения пор,
regulation of the sebaceous glands applies the following mask:

• 1 часть сока красной currants.

• 1 egg white.

• A piece of raw potato, grated. Juice is necessary
squeeze, only mush is used.

Even after the first application of the mask, the skin on the face becomes
smooth and even.

Следующая маска подойдет молодым девушкам для придания
сияющего цвета лица

• 1 часть сока красной currants.

• 1 part fat cottage cheese.

• 1 part milk.

• 1 part honey.

Полезные советы применение масок для лица из currants

To achieve the maximum benefit from the use of
masks need to adhere to the following tips:

• Маски для лица из черной currants больше подходят для сухой
skin, for oily and combination it is better to make facials from
красной currants.

• It is impossible to increase the exposure time of the mask due to its strong
coloring effect.

• The mask must be used immediately after mixing.
ingredients, keep, even in the refrigerator, no more than 1-2 hours.

• A strong effect is a mask consisting of mixing
соков черной и красной currants вместе. It bleaches well and
refreshes the skin.

• A mask of berries is applied no more than once every 5-7 days, otherwise
You can get the opposite effect.

• After applying the masks, the skin should be moistened with a favorite cream.
for face.

• Mask effect will increase if applied after taking a bath
or going to the bath.

Регулярное применение масок из currants для лица сделает кожу
gentle, velvety, the main thing is not to miss the moment while there is
the ability to apply masks from fresh berries. Frozen foods already
lose some nutrients.

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