Cracked heels: what to do, how to determinecauses of disease? Effective treatments for cracks onheels

ATт, 14 июн 2016 Автор: Римма Сергеева

Трещины на heels изрядно портят внешний вид стоп.

However, this discomfort does not end there: wounds on the heels
when walking constantly hurt and bleed.

Today, you will learn why your heels crack, what to do and how
prevent this problem further.

Cracked heels – what to do: determine the reasons

Болезненные трещины на heels могут появиться у любого человека,
regardless of his gender and age. First on the skin can be seen
small notches, after a while they are converted to
cracks. If left untreated, they become deeper,
become contaminated and begin to bleed.

For starters, consider the reasons for the appearance

1. Lack of skin care or improper care. At all
not enough daily to clean the feet from pollution, it is very important
from time to time remove keratinized skin. Heels should be moistened.
using special nourishing creams or oils.

2. Fungal infection. Pathogenic fungi can get on the skin in
bath, pool or office for the provision of manicure and
pedicure Their reproduction contributes to weakened immunity,
infectious diseases and disorders of the circulatory system.
Часто трещины на heels являются одним из главных симптомов грибка
skin. In this disease, excessive growth occurs.
рогового слоя skin. It becomes so thickened that on her
surface easily formed various injuries.

3. Inconvenient and poor quality shoes. Some shoes are capable
mechanically damage the skin of the feet, which leads to microtraumas.
Artificial materials do not let the air through
sweat. This creates favorable conditions for education and
reproduction of harmful microorganisms. If the cracks fall
the dirt can then begin the inflammatory process.

Synthetic socks and nylon are also bad for skin on feet.
panty hoses. The skin of the feet, becoming wet, is injured faster.

4. Long standing and overweight, rendering
a large load on the foot, also adversely affect the state
heels. Thickening of the stratum corneum makes the skin dry, inelastic and
prone to cracks.

5. Vitamin A deficiency. It is retinol that is responsible for beauty and
здоровье нашей skin. This fat soluble vitamin promotes
protein synthesis, is involved in tissue regeneration, strengthens
their. Vitamin A deficiency is indicated by dry, lost elasticity.
кожа, а также трещины на heels. Retinol deficiency
may be caused by the following factors:

• unbalanced diet (lack of food in the diet,
containing vitamin A – eggs, vegetables, fruits, herbs and carrots);

• lack of trace element zinc and vitamin E, which help
retinol go to the active form;

• use of mineral oil that dissolves vitamin

• diseases;

• hormonal changes in the body caused by such
natural causes like menstruation, menopause or

Начинать лечение трещин на heels нужно с устранения причин их
appearance. Without this condition they will be formed

Cracked heels – what to do: medical treatment
by means

Virtually any modern pharmacy can be purchased
препараты от трещин на heels. According to the manufacturers of these
means, you can get rid of skin problems in just a week.
Consider the most popular, well-proven

1. Foot cream “Healing against cracks in the legs” from “Green
pharmacy”. The drug is rich in natural herbal ingredients. AT
It contains plantain extract, tea essential oil.
wood and fir, walnut oil. This rich composition
promotes the rapid healing of microranok. The cream has
emollient and moisturizing effect that is excellent for
hardened skin of the feet.

2. Сосновый крем от трещин на heels Allga San — это
professional care for feet for home use. Him
the formula contains mountain pine oil, vitamin E, beeswax,
bisabolol, chamomile extract and other emollients and
anti-inflammatory components. This remedy contributes to
cell regeneration of the dermis. With regular use cream
eliminates cracks, makes the skin smooth and supple.

3. Cream “Dawn” with the active ingredient floralisin initially
was designed to care for the dairy animals udder. Now his
активно используют для профилактики и лечения заболеваний skin.
The tool perfectly softens and strengthens the blood microcirculation,
eliminates cracks and sores on the feet.

4. Ointment “Radevit” shows good results in the treatment
skin diseases that are accompanied by dryness and formation
cracks. It contains vitamins A, E, D2. Remedy reduces
skin inflammation, helps get rid of abrasions and peeling. Ointment
quickly restores affected tissue and heals cracks.

Cracked heels – what to do: folk remedies

ATылечить пятки от трещин can be with the help of folk remedies.

ATанночки для ног

Before you make a bath, feet should be washed with soap and water.
The procedure should last about 15 minutes. After bath heels can be
it will be easy to peel off the skin with pumice.
Horny layer should be removed gradually. After foot bath
wipe off with a towel and smear with a nourishing cream or

1. ATанночка из лекарственных трав. To make an infusion
need 2 liters of boiling water to take 4 tablespoons of herbs. For treatment
skin of the feet is perfect sage, train, St. John’s wort or
calendula. We are waiting for 30 minutes and filter. ATанночка должна быть
warm. We lower the feet into it and hold for 15 minutes.

2. ATанночка из пищевой соды обладает смягчающим и
disinfectant action. On 3 liters of hot water we take 2 solovy
spoons of soda and 3 tablespoons of household soap shavings. Such
the procedure perfectly softens the soles and allows you to remove the horny
слой skin. Soda bath is an excellent fungal prevention
инфекций и трещин на heels.

Honey compress

Bee honey has long been used if heels crack. what
делать для лечения трещин и ранок на heels? A layer of honey is needed
put on heels for the night. Top of the foot is covered with cellophane and
put on a sock. In the morning the rest of the compress should be wiped with a sponge.
As a rule, 4 days are enough to treat the disease. The result
applications of a compress will become healed wounds and smooth, saturated
skin stop.

Lotion from vegetable oils

Especially good to cope with cracks on the heels
lotions from olive, castor and almond oil. They
have an antimicrobial, moisturizing and healing effect.

Before you apply any of the oils on the foot, you need to steam
their. After the bath heels should be soaked with warm vegetable
wrap with polyethylene and put on cotton socks. whatбы
Lotion worked, just a few hours. Such gadgets
must be done daily. Very soon you will find that
трещинки на heels затянулись, а кожа стала мягкой и

Thus, we have considered, if the heels crack, that
do what are effective drugs and folk remedies.
Meanwhile, if the heels have not been cured by any of the methods, but
wounds continue to inflame, then you should immediately turn
to the doctor.

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