Combined facial skin: how to properlyto care for such skin? Recipes masks for oily andcombination skin

Пт, 29 июл 2016 Автор: TOарина Рамазанова

Combined skin type – the most common of the four

It is called so, because in this type of skin combined
several others – in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle, chin and
the skin of the forehead is oily, and in the rest of the skin is normal or dry.
In addition, combination skin has a tendency to
rash, inflammation, flaking.

Care for combination skin is significantly different from
care for other skin types. After all, before the care products is
incomprehensible task – they must simultaneously moisten the dry and
dry oily skin. How to choose the right tools and
to take care of problem skin – consider next.

Oily and combination skin of the face – the right care

Proper facial care is a pledge of youth and beauty of the skin. TO
Unfortunately, young girls usually neglect skin care.
persons considering it a waste of time and money. But they are strong
are mistaken – if you care for your face properly, with age it can
skin type can change, it can become normal.

This happens because with age the amount of moisture in the skin
cover decreases and, accordingly, the sharp difference between
oily and dry areas of the skin smoothed out, the differences become
less noticeable. However, only hope for age
changes in the skin is not worth it, because the skin can become dry,
irritated and more prone to the appearance of deep wrinkles.

Care for oily and combination skin
carried out in several stages:

• Cleansing of the skin (foam, mousse for washing, liquid
makeup remover, scrub)

• Toning (tonic)

• Protection (day cream)

• Food and recovery (night cream)

• Additional care (masks, beauty treatments)

Consider each step in more detail to take into account all the nuances of care.
for oily and combination skin.

TOомбинированная кожа лица — уход поэтапно

Stage 1 – cleansing. At this stage
implies washing with a gel, mousse or foam, and
make-up removal with a special tool and skin scrubbing. Soap
can also be used, but only if it is intended
for washing the skin of the face. The composition of this soap significantly
different from the usual. Ordinary soap, whether childish, or
even economic, forms a film, clogs pores and does not give the skin
breathe. So, provokes the appearance of redness and inflammation.
Wash should be twice a day – after waking up and before bedtime.
Скрабирование для combination skin очень важно — скраб помогает
deep clean the pores and reduce the fat content of the sebaceous areas. but
don’t get involved in this procedure – that’s enough
use scrub 1-2 times a week. In rare cases, if the skin
very oily, you can use the scrub 3 times a week.

Stage 2 – toning. Cleansing tonic with
easily helps to remove residual water after washing, to narrow pores and
prevent acne and blackheads, which are usually
tormenting owners of combined and oily skin types. True,
not all girls know how to properly use a tonic – his
must be applied with a cotton pad massaging
movements across the skin of the face and neck. Then you need to pour a little
tonic in the palm of your hand, lightly rub and swatting
apply on face. Do not get involved in using this
funds in dry areas so as not to provoke more
draining of the skin and the appearance of scaling.

Stage 3 – protection. TOожный покров необходимо
protect against environmental influences, especially from UV rays.
Therefore, after toning the skin, it is necessary to apply a day cream.
TO выбору крема для комбинированной и жирной кожи лица нужно подойти
thoroughly, because it depends on this tool
skin health.

Stage 4 – power and recovery. At this stage
involves the use of night cream for the face. But this
cream, like all care products, must match the type
skin. If the differences between oily and dry skin are too
visible, you can even use different creams at different
plots, in accordance with the type of skin.

Stage 5 – extra care. This includes
various masks and beauty treatments that are everyday
care is not relevant. Not necessarily these masks should be
bought in a specialty store. You can make a mask for
combination skin самостоятельно в домашних условиях.

TOомбинированная кожа persons: крем, подходящий обладательницам
this skin type

О выборе крема для combination skin лучше поговорить
separately, because the cream for this skin type is significantly different
from everyone else. This tool should help solve a very difficult one.
the task is to moisturize dry skin and reduce oily fat
plots. Therefore, the composition of such creams is fundamentally different from
кремов, предназначенных для сухой, жирной или нормальной skin.

In your the composition of the cream may include vegetable
extracts, and even essential oils.
The word oil itself is not
should scare – esters differ from vegetable fatty oils and
can even reduce the fat content of the skin. Refreshing effect
They have mint, lemon balm and green tea oils. And calm
chamomile, tea tree, or rose oil will help the irritated skin.
Эфиры цитрусовых помогут выровнять поверхность skin. Therefore not
you should be afraid to buy a cream that contains in its composition
any essential oils.

In addition, creams usually include in their composition and
additional ingredients that help improve the condition
skin. It can be collagen, glycerin, hyaluronic acid,
vitamins, minerals, etc. They are mainly intended for
maintain skin tone and prevent new wrinkles.
TOоллаген и гиалуроновая кислота даже помогут выровнять мелкие
mimic wrinkles, if any.

When choosing a cream, be sure to consider many
First, the cream must be targeted exactly
for combination skin type (or mixed). Can be used
2 different creams, if the fat and dry skin is too
pronouncedly different. Secondly, the cream must be selected in
according to age. TO примеру, крема для женщин от 35 лет
contain the very additional active ingredients that
help prevent wrinkles. Third, not worth it
buy cream in non-specialized stores, as you can
easy to stumble on a fake. Poor face cream can
provoke an allergic reaction.

TOомбинированная кожа лица – рецепт маски

Care for combination skin must necessarily include
use of masks. If you regularly make masks, you can significantly
reduce oily skin and dry
areas that will allow the owner of such a complex skin type
simplify facial care.

Masks are cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing and toning.
They differ in their composition and it is better to alternate them, for example, if
the girl makes masks 2 times a week, let one of them be
cleansing, and the second nourishing. This alternation of masks
положительно скажется на состоянии skin.

Recipes masks for combination (mixed) skin

1. Purifying mask

Ингредиенты: овсяная мука (или манная крупа) — 1 ст.л.,
milk – 1.5-2 tbsp.

Flour must be mixed with milk and thoroughly stirred until
obtain a homogeneous mass. If you use semolina instead of flour, then
you will have to leave the mixture for a couple of hours so that the croup swells.
The resulting gruel must be applied to the skin, avoiding
areas around the eyes, leave for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with warm

2. Nourishing mask

Ингредиенты: пюре из свежих ягод (малина, смородина,
strawberries, strawberries, etc.) – 1 tbsp., low-fat cottage cheese (you can
replace with kefir) – 1.5-2 tbsp.

Mix the ingredients and apply on the skin. Fresh berries
contain many vitamins and antioxidants that are needed
facial skin. And dairy products, in this case, cottage cheese or kefir,
have a weak whitening effect. After applying such a mask
skin will become fresher in appearance. To withstand such a mask is necessary
от 20 до 40 минут, затем смыть теплой water

3. Moisturizing mask

Ингредиенты: овсяная мука — 1 ст.л., персиковое масло —
1 tsp, honey – 1 tsp, grape juice – 1 tsp.

Указанные ингредиенты смешать до obtain a homogeneous mass.
The mixture is quite thick and oily, so the mask
perfectly moisturizes the skin. In this recipe, you can replace
peach oil on grape, it makes skin less
shiny, but no worse than moisturizing.

4. Toning lotion

Ингредиенты: цедра апельсина или грейпфрута — 200гр,
water – 1 tbsp.

Zest must be filled with water and grind with a blender.
This mixture should be left for at least 2 days, then it must be
strain. The resulting citrus tonic perfectly tones the skin

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