Coffee ground scrub: effective and fragrant.Benefits and Benefits of Coffee Ground Scrubs

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A fragrant drink of coffee can be considered truly universal – it
able to energize and invigorate the body not only from the inside, but also
outside. And the coffee grounds, which many
poured, and very vain. Used as a scrub ingredient, she
can be used to cleanse any part of the body: face, hands, feet,
and also for fight against cellulitis on problem sites.

The purpose of scrub from coffee grounds: use in

Scrub is a special composition by nature, in which
includes abrasive components that can gently remove horny
skin particles and the upper layers of the epithelium without damaging the skin and deep
cleansing it With regular use of scrub, you can notice such
positive results:

• gaining skin softness and smoothness;

• improved blood circulation;

• deep cleansing of pores from accumulation of dirt.

Even after a single use you can notice how the skin
gets rested appearance and looks refreshed. After
scrubbing procedures cosmetics can penetrate
much deeper into the epidermis, and color cosmetics will go to bed
Smoother and longer hold.

In appearance, scrubs resemble a creamy texture with
by adding different sized solids. Most popular
абразивным ингредиентом в cosmetology выступает морская соль,
ground coffee beans, nuts, bones of fruits and berries.

Scrub is usually used after steaming the skin.
and before applying cosmetic masks, creams, lotions.

Have scrubs from coffee grounds compared to similar
means some advantages:

• the appearance of instant results – after the first procedure
visible positive dynamics;

• safety for the body – you can use such a scrub
even during pregnancy;

• prevention of skin diseases – caffeine substance
reduces the risk of skin cancer;

• possessing an antibacterial effect;

• is an excellent antioxidant;

• coffee grounds suitable for use as a component
scrub on any parts of the body, not just on the face;

• high efficiency of anti-cellulite scrubs based on

• richness of the composition of active substances capable of removing
toxins from the body and harmful chemical compounds;

• product availability – all coffee lovers will not spend on creating
scrub a penny, since the thick can be used as a separate
scrubbing product.

Useful properties of scrubs from coffee grounds

For the preparation of useful by nature and natural scrub without
harmful impurities and chemical components will be needed and thick
real, not instant coffee. In addition, she has such
useful properties:

1. In the course of numerous studies it was found that the thick
able to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

2. The composition of coffee grounds is saturated with vitamin E and fatty acids,
which make the product the strongest antioxidant. It protects the skin
from the problem of photoaging, as well as inflammation and skin

3. Able to significantly reduce wrinkles, the greatest effect.
visible in the area around the eyes, where most often formed
�“Crow’s feet”, improve skin tone and elasticity.

4. Stearins in the composition help retain moisture in
skin cells, as well as maintain the necessary turgor.

5. Thanks to being part of a large amount of caffeine and
chlorogenic acid, the coffee grounds are able to return the skin
healthy appearance, restoring damaged structure and
protecting from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

6. When applied externally, caffeine effectively fights swelling.
and inflammations. At the initial stage, the coffee grounds prevents
development of inflammatory processes, improves blood circulation,
increasing blood flow to selected areas of the skin, which helps
effectively fight cellulite.

7. Coffee is a good exofoliant, it is this quality and
makes the product a suitable ingredient for peeling skin.

The multiplicity of useful properties allowed to become coffee
indispensable component in a number of cosmetic products and salon
procedures such as spa therapy, wraps, professional
peels in the fight against cellulite and skin aging.

Terms of use scrubs from coffee grounds

In order to scrub on the skin was correct and
effective, it is necessary to properly prepare the coffee mixture, and
certain recommendations will help to do this:

1. It should be chosen as an ingredient in healing scrub, only
coffee beans to be ground into powder. Give away
preference can also be made to ground coffee, but the largest
the effect gives a green drink.

2. Coffee should be prepared according to a certain technology, for this
need green powder to pour boiling water and give it
boil for a few minutes. You should not add sugar or
cream into the drink.

3. Finished coffee can be stored in the refrigerator in tight
preferably closed dark capacity no more than 5 days, place
must also be dry.

4. If the scrub is prepared for the body, then it should be applied after
taking a warm shower on wet skin.

5. Anti-cellulite scrub should not be used.
more often than 2 times a week, with dry skin type, the procedures should
be held less often – about 1 time in 10 days.

6. When using a coffee scrub to cleanse delicate skin
faces are necessary to start with light movements to rub the composition, and already
after some time intense not to hurt by hard
particles of the dermis.

7. At the end of the procedure, skin scrubbing is definitely worth
lubricate with nourishing cream to avoid drying out.

8. Do not apply the scrub on the skin with
micro damages, acne. People who have an individual
intolerance to the components of coffee should abandon the procedure
at all.

Varieties of coffee grounds scrubs: recipes for any type of

There are scrub recipes that are considered universal.
Only в зависимости от плотности skin следует выбирать степень
grain grinding, for fine or sensitive dermis is necessary
choose the smallest abrasive particles.

1. Scrub recipe includes coffee grounds and crushed
cereal oatmeal. Ingredients must be prepared in
equal proportions. If the skin is dry, you can add to the mixture
a little sour cream, and if fat, then natural yogurt without
add flavors. The finished mass should be mixed well, put
on the skin of the face and massage for a few minutes.

2. Скраб для жирного типа skin содержит по 2 порции гущи и
yogurt and 1 serving of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Смывать состав с skin
need cool water.

3. Скраб для сухой skin довольно прост в приготовлении.
You need cottage cheese with a high percentage of fat and coffee grounds,
which should be 2 times less than the prepared amount
cottage cheese. If the cheese is natural and homemade, then you can use
приготовленное средство и для чувствительной skin. but
This type of procedure is often not recommended for owners of this type.
The optimal amount is 1-2 times per month. At the same time, the concentration in
The composition of coffee grounds should be lower, as 1/3 or 1/4 part
cottage cheese. To scrub at the same time cleaned, softened and nourished dry
skin, you can add to the mixture a couple drops of almond oil.

4. Body scrub. The easiest way to make acceptance
the soul is also useful – it is to add coffee leaves to the shower gel.
The ratio of products should be so – on 1 spoon of gel goes 2
a pinch of thick. This scrub needs to massage the skin for
8-10 minutes.

5. Nourishing body scrub. To diversify the action
scrub the skin and add additional useful features to the tool,
it is also necessary to diversify its composition. Simultaneously feed and
очищать скраб сможет участки skin благодаря смешиванию мёда масла
of plant origin, for example, almond or olive,
and directly to the coffee mass itself. All products are taken in
such shares 2: 1: 2 respectively.

6. Scrub to combat cellulite is simple. Must be mixed
Such components: coffee grounds 2 servings, sea salt 1 serving.
To scrub became more liquid, you can dilute it with sour cream. Skin
before scrubbing, be sure to steam out, last
Massaging procedure from 8-12 minutes, too much effort when
This is not necessary to apply, so as not to damage the skin.

7. Enhanced recipe anti-cellulite coffee scrub. To
increase the effectiveness of coffee grounds scrub in the fight against
orange peel, can be used, in addition to the mass of coffee and
sour cream, additional ingredients in the form of essential oils. Only
should choose those that have anti-cellulite properties.
The proportions of the main components remain unchanged, as in
previous recipe, if necessary, sour cream can be replaced with gel
for a shower or a body milk. When the ingredients are mixed, then
At the end, you can add 2-3 drops of essential oil. Suitable for
these varieties are citrus aromas, needles, cloves,
myrrh, rosemary, ginger, rose, geranium, thyme, cinnamon, sandalwood,
lavender. A rather large list allows you to select the most
pleasant smell of ether.

You should not use these recipes and any others if available.
skin lesions.

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