Clothing styles for teen girls

Watching the younger generation, often come to the conclusion
that nothing in this world is changing – adolescents are still confused in
heap complex and try to get rid of them, opposing
yourself to the whole world. This is manifested not only in an aggressive mood.
against adults, youthful maximalism or bad habits.

Much self-expression comes from teenage style.
clothes, or rather, the desire to express themselves through clothing. With this
You can not fight, but you can just accept. Clothing style for
adolescents – is a symbol of their involvement in the subculture or method
expressions, this is a whole world with its own secrets.

Adolescence is a short period during which
a person in a short time from a child turns into an adult. This
the transition is extremely important for later life, since it was during
it is the formation of worldviews, tastes. Simply
it is necessary that parents have maximum information on all
to questions of interest to the child and helped him orient himself in
world, including the fashion world. Of course, for a teenager 13-15 years
parents are not unquestioned authority, however, if
the child will see that adults are aware of many issues
not without interest and for him, it will help to find a common language and
�”Strings” for which you can gently pull in attempts
to adjust the aspirations of the growing chad.

The main styles of clothing that teenagers choose

Children of this age are very influenced from outside, therefore
they fall into different groups, companies, adopting not
only the style of behavior, but also the style of clothing. Very often the style of clothes
for teenagers – this is the only opportunity to tell others about
its existence and that they are interested. Modern trends
teen fashion is somehow related to musical
directions or cultural phenomena.

Here are the most basic ones:

  • Hippie

This movement originated in the middle of the last century, when
the ranks of his followers hit the most progressive part of the youth
America and Europe. �”Children of Flowers” promoted unity with
nature, peace in the world, free love. Unfortunately,
This trend has made the soft drugs property of the masses. What
concerns the style of hippie clothing, it is distinguished by an abundance of jeans,
various baubles, knitted things, deliberate negligence and
�”Unclean”, at first glance incompatibility of things: for example,
Army boots and denim skirt with leather braid.

  • Hip-hop

This стиль предполагает ношение одежды свободного кроя,
somewhat ridiculous and baggy – this style was formed from imitation
uniformed prisoners of American prisons. There is no need
calculate what and with what to combine, it is quite possible to get into the free,
with a wide woolen jeans, wear a huge t-shirt that is clearly not
in size, put on a baseball cap or cap, knitted hat,
decorated with rhinestones or print. That’s what they do
teenagers, but also well-established hip-hop stars, on which
teens and equals.

  • Rave style

This стиль еще называют клубным – если говорить честно, то он
It is very similar to the one that the “dudes” tried on themselves. Those
unimaginable bright colors, flashy colors and drawings, only
movements of ravers on the dance floor are slightly different.

  • Gothic

In contrast to the raver style – life-affirming and and
great fun, there was a gothic style, showing that
human life is just a brief moment before the abyss
the other world. Such thoughts inspire both hard dead makeup, and
black color of clothes, and costume jewelry, which has a clear bias in the mystical
the side.

  • Emo

This стиль демонстрирует природу подростков, их эмоциональную
instability, suicidal tendencies. He is just as dual
as the mood of a teenager, torn apart by contradictions. Emo-стиль
combines the impossible: leather black jackets and raincoats and delicate
pink-purple tutu skirts or bright shirts with lace
collars, hairstyles fans of emo-style are different
underlined asymmetry and acid shades.

Whatever the style of the “played” teenager, it is not necessary
take everything too literally – not all emo commit
suicide attempt, not every gota will come to mind
bloody sacrifices in the cemetery, and not all hippies tend to smoke
marijuana Be a friend to your child, despite all his
fads, and once you laugh together, remembering ridiculous outfits
now a successful and confident adult.

Clothing style for подростков: фото

Clothing style for подростков: фото

Clothing style for подростков: фото

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