Clothes and hairstyles in the style of the 90s

The time of tumultuous change, empty shop windows, break dance, house music,
gum with strawberry flavor and unisex style – this is the 90s. To think
just do not have time to look back, as yesterday is already called
the word “retro”.

Another social revolution did not fail to affect
external manners. The era of absolute freedom has affected and
on clothes.

Ripped jeans, rough boots, no makeup – this is the style of the 90s
in clothes. As, however, and bright, causing makeup, piercing boom,
leather tight pants and jackets with a mass of rivets and chains –
biker, he’s rocker style. Extravagance in everything – in
clothes, hair, behavior. It was a way of expression.

The term “unisex” was born in these years. Never youth
fashion for men and women was not so versatile. Main criterion
– convenience and democracy.

Wide, shapeless pants or jeans, deliberately untidy
sweater with a lowered armhole and overalls, worn sneakers can be
It was seen on the guys and girls.

90’s Style Today

Twenty years later, unisex is back in fashion, only this time
much more subtle. Today it is – expensive branded items that
pleasure are the representatives of both sexes. And call this
style is now taken differently – hip-hop. In the image of a reckless young
creatures introduced new parts in the form of accessories and

Another trend followed by clothes in the style of the 90s –
the layering of the dress, otherwise – zvibel. That is, allowed to wear
several items of clothing that peeped out from under each other.
This is another direction that does not want to part
modern fashion. Not only in youth, but also in business clothes
You can often see objects perfectly harmonizing with each other:
medium-length blouse, short jacket or bolero top, jacket
to the waist.

However, it would be a mistake to consider unisex as the dominant trend.
given time span. In fact, the style of the 90s in clothes is
a very broad concept that includes many areas. AT
In the end, society at all times consisted of people of different
layers, with different tastes and inclinations.

Glamor girls, for example, preferred the underwear style:
tight-fitting combination dresses, turtleneck bodysuits,

Romantic persons attracted outfits with a touch of old-fashionedness:
dresses and skirts cut grandmother’s times, lace ruffles and knitted
openwork shawls as outerwear. And of course the image
vamp women did not give rest to the ladies and in the seething 90s: monophonic,
most often a black outfit, peeking through a slit naked body,
bright makeup.

We must not forget that, despite the turmoil in the country and the world,
business people were afloat and at work, which means they were dressed

The classic male was finally privatized
a garcon style suit could be a tuxedo, a long coat, or
jacket male cut. Not inferior to the garcon in strictness and the other
style – Guards, it was generally observed to detail
military clothing.

Some areas of clothing in the style of the 90’s is obliged to dance.
Accordingly, fashionable disco rhythms of the 90s have appeared:
disco, jungle, country and others.

AT наши дни многие тенденции моды 90-х сохраняют свою
relevance. Why not?

  1. ATо-первых, это было не так давно.
  2. ATо-вторых, не все было плохо.
  3. AT-третьих, необязательно копировать устаревший образ,
    Enough to add a few details to your appearance.
    favorite style.

AT каждой моде есть нечто, за что хочется к ней возвращаться хоть
sometimes. You can not be afraid to experiment, and sometimes for this
it is enough to look back, at least twenty years.

Одежда в стиле 90-х. Стиль 90-х в одежде

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