Clenbuterol Syrup Slimming

Clenbuterol is a drug similar in mechanism of action
with all the adrenaline known. After his appearance in pharmacies
unscrupulous sports doctors and do not value their health
body builders very quickly began to use it as
doping, as a means to lose weight and the so-called “muscle drying”.

Professional bodybuilders use Clenbuterol for drying.
tablets. Moreover, they have to get the pill illegal
способами, так как в продаже есть только непригодный для
этих целей сироп с высоким содержанием сахара
. After all
Clenbuterol’s only medical indication for use –
removal of bronchial spasm in bronchial asthma, with bronchitis with
spasmodic obsessive cough.



Why Clenbuterol lose weight

Imagine yourself in the place of the girl, running from the last strength
at night from a maniac along a dark alley of a huge park, behind which stands
her home. Horror is dry in the mouth, sick, quick beats and ready
jump out of the chest heart, blood pressure increased. Head
as if squeezed tight hoop, sweat soaked blouse, fingers finely
tremble. All muscles are tense, large waves pass through the body.
shiver. When she saw the light in the window of her apartment, from the hope of
the close salvation she had a second wind: she rushes, not
feeling pain in the overworked muscles, inhaling deeply and not at all
thinking at this point about food.

Agree, after such a shock, she will lose weight immediately by several
kilograms. But after all, the main thing for her was to save her life,
even at the cost of undermined health. All the while she’s in
horror fled, her muscles and emotions were controlled by adrenaline, a hormone,
responsible for the mobilization of all the forces of the body. Clenbuterol
affects the same receptors in the cells and works the same way, only
somewhat weaker. The main thing – it relaxes the muscles of the bronchi,
allowing you to breathe deeply. But all the other symptoms
observed in a girl are considered to be side effects expressed
the stronger, the greater the dose.

Что происходит в организме после приема Clenbuterolа? In muscle
and fat cells begins to actively produce an enzyme,
fat burning to produce a huge amount
energy. At the same time even the body temperature rises, from where it went
figurative expression “burn fat.” Palpitations, blood
moves through the vessels faster, carrying oxygen and giving it to the capillaries
skin excess heat. As a result, sweating increases, and
mean loss of fluid. No appetite. But even if you continue
overeat, then new fats are not formed, because they are blocked
enzymes necessary for this. Everything just turns into
дополнительную порцию energy. Важная особенность Clenbuterolа, за
which athletes love it – building muscle. Body
becomes strong and fit, with magnificent relief, like a
panthers before jumping. But if you choose the wrong dose and
exceed it – burn and muscle.

Почему нельзя использовать Clenbuterol для похудения

I am sure that the unfortunate girl would never wish to repeat
your heroic sprint race in the park. And not only from
endured horror. Surely she had a long exhausted home
lying listening for stabbing pain and heaviness in the heart, rubbing
tense muscles. At the same time she was tormented by insomnia and pulsating noise.
in the ears. Adrenaline supplies are exhausted and it will take several days
to recover them. A dehydration, high rise
blood pressure and heart muscle overload can
subsequently cause very serious diseases up to
myocardial infarction, this shock with a drop in pressure. Same
deadly side effects occur immediately – with
передозировке Clenbuterolа.

And now let’s calculate how much the dose of the drug is exceeded.
found in the Internet recommendations for dieters. In 5 ml
syrup contains 1 µg of active ingredient. Weight loss course
designed for two weeks. On the first day you need to drink 20 teaspoons,
then the dose is gradually increased over 6 days, bringing it to 120
spoons. At this dosage remain from the 7th to the 12th days. On the 13th and
the final 14th day, respectively, take 80 and 40 tea
spoons. Needless to say, how hard is the heart?
Bodybuilders using this technique note that there is everything
side effects, and by the end of this “treatment” the effect is noticeable
decreases. This means that the body is brought to full

There is another nuisance that must be considered
Lose weight: 120 teaspoons is 600 ml of sugar syrup.

Even accustomed to doping athletes themselves, without
highly paid literate doctors will never drink
Clenbuterol. So is it worth risking health?

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