Citrimax – это пищевая добавка, основной компонент которой –
Garcinia Cabogea extract. This plant contains
hydroxycitric acid, it suppresses appetite and increases the level
energy metabolism. В состав Citrimaxа входит также
chromium polynicotinate, which dulls the cravings for sweets.


In addition to these elements, other stimulants are also included in the formula.
fat metabolism (betaine, inositol). В отличие от «Citrimaxа» в
«Citrimax Плюс» экстракт гарсинии камбоджийской входит в меньшем
quantity (daily dose of 1050 mg versus 1500 mg) with the same
the content of chromium polynicotinate (300 μg), and, moreover, in the formula
mild laxative (turn), diuretic and choleretic
(dandelion) and metabolic important ingredients (carnitine,
folic acid).

It is necessary to maintain optimal functioning.
organism during a diet or fasting persons who have a tendency to
constipation or lipid metabolism disorders. Brown Seaweed
– It is a source of macro and microelements and a stimulator of metabolism.
The formula contains potassium and magnesium in a well digestible form –
those. you can not be afraid of leaching of potassium and magnesium from the body that
characteristic of many laxatives.

Citrimax принимают в качестве диетической добавки по 1 таблетке
30 minutes before meals 3 times a day. «Citrimax Плюс» рекомендуется
принимать так же, как и «Citrimax» особенно в тех случаях, если у
patient has a tendency to constipation or to achieve greater
effect, as well as if before the diet course failed
Pre-pass the course “Cleansing from toxins and toxins.” To persons
old age is preferable to first take a course
«Citrimaxа Плюс», а не «Citrimaxа».

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