Chromium picolinate helps to overcome cravings forsweets

To overcome their appetite, many are willing to even risk their
health and taking potent drugs to reduce
appetite, such as sibutramine. But there is absolutely safe
chromium picolinate supplement – also helps to easily give up
many delicious temptations.



Chromium picolinate for weight loss

Chromium is a mineral that is in meager amounts (from just 6
up to 12 mg) is constantly present in our body. Thereby
carbohydrates are consumed with food for the purpose,
those. for energy. But, if chromium is not enough, the glucose from
food can not normally be absorbed by the cells and rather turns
in fat. In this case, a common situation occurs: a person
grows fat, and he is constantly tormented by hunger, especially – the desire to eat
something sweet

Well-known nutritionist Alexei Kovalkov claims that with
the inability to give up sweets must first
saturate the body with chromium, and even slightly exceed the dose. Have
большинства полных людей такая тяга к sweets, победить которую
one will power, without chrome, is very difficult. Chromium Picolinate Additive
will help not to lose all losing weight. Kovalkov describes its action.
so: “Take chrome, and you will pass by as sweet as
stones. “

What does chrome contain

We get chrome from food. Especially rich in this mineral
broccoli, yeast, meat, especially liver, whole grains and bran,
yolk, apples. Unfortunately, from products our body is able
learn only 10% chromium. In addition, this mineral during thermal
processing is destroyed.

To meet the need for chrome, it is taken
additionally in the form of capsules. Haveсваивается он лучше всего в виде

Picolinate is found in many dietary supplements –
for example, Russian Turboslim and Formavit, and comes in the form of
A separate dietary supplement, which is called “Chromium Picolinate”.

If you buy chrome separately, it is recommended to take 2
– 4 times a day at a dose not exceeding 400 mg per day. If a
picolinate is part of a complex bioadditive, method of application
see instructions.

Where to buy chromium picolinate for weight loss? Ask him in
pharmacies, look for on the same shelves where there are vitamins, as well as dietary supplements

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