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  • How to make a manicure snowflakes at home?
  • How to draw snowflakes on nails – a lesson for beginners
  • Snowflake Scandinavian Pattern
  • Snowflakes on nails with a stemping
  • Blue and blue manicure with snowflakes
  • Black and White Design Ideas
  • French manicure
  • Snowflakes with sand
  • Delicate pink or red manicure
  • With sparkles and rhinestones
  • New Year Design Ideas

One of the most popular winter manicure options is
Snowflake design is very atmospheric and feminine. He calls
we have associations with the New Year’s mood, fluffy snow and
sparkling sparkles of winter frost.

Manicure with snowflakes at home

Not always is the time to visit the nail master
service. But despite this, I want to achieve interesting and
Fashionable nail design. Fortunately, today there is nothing
difficult to make a great original manicure in
home conditions, even if you do not have professional skills.
Just learn our online tutorials in a photo or video format.

Draw a snowflake on the nail at home at all
easy, even if you have no artistic taste. In the shop
you can easily purchase a special stencil for any pattern
difficulties. But if necessary, you can draw a snowflake and without
stencil – using a regular sewing needle or toothpick.

Before you start creating a design, be sure to follow the usual
manicure. As the main color, you can take any, but
classic version – white snowflakes on black or red

Snow manicure ordinary varnishes

In the vast global network you will find a huge amount
tips on how you can use to draw patterns
a needle, a toothpick, or even a ballpoint pen. But on
in fact, these improvised tools are not very convenient for manicure,
therefore, you can purchase a set of special brushes at affordable prices.
price Having trained to draw on paper, you can create on
nails real winter magic.

For the New Year’s picture, you will need:

  • thin brush;
  • lacquers of the right shades, finish and base;
  • a piece of foil.

Manicure creation technique:

  1. To get started, prepare your nails, giving them shape and polishing.
    Apply the base and dry it thoroughly. Cover your nails with your chosen one.
    You base paint, wait again for drying. Take a piece
    foil, put some white lacquer on it. Dip the nail in the tip
    brushes. You can start drawing!
  2. Spend at the edge of the nail three thin lines, gently pressing on
    brush. Decorate them with “notches”. You can not be limited to simple
    forms, and add lines of originality. Wait for drying
    white lacquer, and then cover the nails with a finishing coat.

рисуем снежинки на ногтях

Scandinavian snowflake on a red background

Scandinavian snowflakes look very original and festive,
прорисованные на красном background. This pattern should be drawn on
the finished coating using gel-paint white. Create it
completely easy. Snowflakes on short nails are an option
express design, but look – just gorgeous.

скандинавский узор со снежинкой

Five minutes stemping

Stamping plates will delight you with a variety of patterns for
nail art, and the process of creating a picture with them takes amazing
little time.

You will need:

  • set for stamping;
  • top and base coat;
  • defender;
  • degreaser;
  • red and white gel polish;
  • UV lamp.

As always, you should start with the preparation of nails: file them,
polish and degrease. Apply a base coat and secure it.
in the lamp. Then cover the nails with red varnish in two layers, drying
each of them separately. Cover the nail rollers and cuticle
defender. Drip white pigment on the stepping plate with
desired pattern. Remove excess with a scraper, then press down.
stamp to plastic, lightly roll it over the nail, and on it
there will be snowflakes. Carefully remove the defender that has turned into
film, put your hand in the lamp to fix the pattern. Now
the result can be covered with a finish. After drying, remove
sticky layer. Manicure ready!

More ideas:

Manicure with blue and blue snowflakes

It is blue and blue that are usually associated with cozy cold.
winter evenings. This season they are in trend and very popular
combination with snowflakes. This design is sure to lift you
mood and will make winter much less boring. Just apply on
the nails are blue or blue as the main color, and on top (after
drying, of course) draw snowflakes, if you wish, decorate them
rhinestones or sparkles.

Blue French manicure with snowdrifts looks very interesting.
and snowflakes on them. Can be done and vice versa – white with blue
snowflakes on it. If you think that white elements look like
too faded, add some sparkles for the festivity.

Snowflakes on a black and white background

Such a manicure is usually performed on almond-shaped nails. AT
The center of the snowflake can be placed rhinestones.

черно - белый маникюр со снежинками

Snowflake french

For holiday manicure is not necessarily limited
classic shapes and colors. Draw red or blue smiles,
decorate them with white curly ice pieces and admire
amazing result. Such a bright jacket is usually done only on
a pair of nails and not at all.

френч со снежинками

Snow manicure with sand

Such a manicure can be created using different materials.
and technology. Patterns powdered with acrylic look very impressive.
powder or sand. Like velvet, they will make manicure more delicate
and at the same time festive. Such a design would be equally beneficial.
Look at the nails of any length and shape.

Pink and red manicure with snowflakes

Shades of red look most bright and rich, especially on
almond-shaped or oval-shaped nails. Since holidays are coming,
You can feel free to choose shades of red. Also
rhinestones, acrylic powder and glitter are welcome. Drop all
doubt and let your imagination open. Do not forget that
red color goes well with white.

Manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

Talented masters of nail design are close to the most
nature, and the patterns they create are not inferior in beauty to this
snowflakes. And the rhinestones add special refinement to this pattern.
A simple shiny pebble in the center of the snowflake will make it more
original. And high-class masters create snowflakes entirely from

Christmas manicure with snowflakes

Examples of snowflake designs are so varied and amazing.
that the eyes literally run up! Snowflakes are one of the kindest and
harmonious attributes of the holiday. They can be easily combined with Christmas
toys, Christmas hats, festoons, reindeers and
etc. Of course, to create such patterns will have to try,
but you will surely attract admiring glances!

New Year’s fairy-tale extravaganza every year hides snowflakes
Marigolds fashionistas. This manicure not only looks very stylish, but
and amazingly conveys the spirit of winter and New Year. As they say, not in
the world of two absolutely identical snowflakes, and there are no identical ideas
manicure So, it’s time for you to bring something new to this art.

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