Choosing shoes for tight jeans

Owners of slender and athletic figures simply can not
deny yourself the pleasure of wearing tight and tight legs
jeans. These pants are the best underline all the advantages
фигуры,  делают походку сексуальной: с какой обувью узкие
Jeans will be combined and what needs to be considered when choosing shoes?

Cherished desire came true, and you finally purchased your jeans
dreams – narrow, from stretch material, like a second skin of a tight fit
legs … and everything else. Everything is fine, but there is one surprise: in such
jeans legs sometimes seem shorter than were intended by nature.
Therefore, we must be extremely attentive to the choice of shoes under narrow
jeans so that an ill-conceived step does not deprive you of the opportunity to complete
least appreciate the charm of tight jeans.


Shoes under tight jeans for tall girls

For high owners of long slender legs a good choice
there will be moccasins and ballet flats of every imaginable color, but naturally
combined with a blouse or other top. This shoe will highlight
the elegance of the feet and make the walk soft and feminine. but
if the legs are plump or somewhat heavy hips, then it is not necessary
once again to emphasize this. In this case, you need to choose shoes on
high platform or heels.

Imagine what your legs will look like if out of jeans
socks of sharp shoes will be visible, but only if the size
legs are not very big. Remember that elongated socks are visually
add a few centimeters to the size of the shoe, and it will be very
noticeably, because the pants will not cover the foot because of its narrowness.

For ladies with sports, pumped legs or for those who have
legs are slightly plump, there is such an option: put your feet on narrow
jeans high boots on heels up to five to seven centimeters, this
make visually legs slimmer. Similar service will stand
Ankle boots and shoes with heels or platform. But the silhouette of the boots and
Ankle boots should be lightweight, as bulky shoes will reduce to
zero all impression of stylish tight jeans.

Shoes under tight jeans for petite girls

This model is very suitable for tall miniature women.
jeans, so do not give up on it because of the low
growth: beautiful, even skinny jeans in an elegant look
combination with high heels. If you have never before
experienced such attention to your feet, then feel
more confident will allow an elongated blouse, cardigan or stylish

If you are confident in yourself, you can safely wear a mini
dresses, tunics, men’s shirts with a free cut – all this
will only emphasize the magnificence of slender legs in narrow

Skinny jeans are versatile enough to wear them and on
work and free time: depending on the combination of clothes and
shoes can create beautiful ensembles and change the image daily.

Skinny jeans look great on those who are active
lifestyle and is friendly with sports. Anyway, nobody
will say that tight jeans look bad with sneakers and sneakers.
Casual style, born from this combination,
suitable for young schoolgirls and business ladies who have forgotten about

Sneakers should not be massive, their color can be any,
even red, but with the color of denim and top. Lightweight sneakers and
democratic sneakers of the most fun colors – just a godsend for
overcast summer and warm spring, autumn warm days, the main thing
feel confident and free and enjoy your

No matter what you wear tight jeans, these pants will make you
Feel faster, freer and younger, because denim –
This is a choice of young and decisive!

Choosing shoes for tight jeans

Choosing shoes for tight jeans

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