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Traditional colors are pretty bright, but that doesn’t stop women,
wanting to combine them in one manicure. Often preference
given to red and black. But depending on the pattern used
and shades, you can get as a very brave and defiant manicure,
so pretty sophisticated version.


  • Red and black manicure with design
  • Gradient design
  • Matte manicure
  • Black manicure with red flowers
  • French
  • With rhinestones
  • With gold
  • Red manicure with a black rose
  • With black lace on a red background

They are undoubtedly classic at all times, in that
including in nail art. But now these two colors are of course used.
in a slightly different style than before – fashion trends and trends give about
yourself know. The combination of red and black is always relevant,
because women do not lose desire to create a festive mood
and unique image daily.

With a detailed study of possible design ideas you can
notice that the main color in this tandem remains most often
it is red, and black performs a secondary function. In language
Scarlet flowers means joy and desire for life, fire, and
love and passion.

Design in red and black shades

This combination is chosen only by courageous and resolute women,
as the increased attention of others is exactly guaranteed. Bright
the design will not let you hide in the crowd, but there are interesting options
allowing you to create not only a club manicure, but also quite
daily. In addition, you can arrange discreet, innocent or
passionate manicure.

The most advantageous form for him are long nails with
pointed end. In this case, it is recommended to cover the finished
the result is a matte top in the gradient technique. Popular
the option remains the famous tartan, Halloween-related drawings,
images of a ladybug and the like.

When making such a manicure, you will definitely need to
follow the rest of the image. Since the nails will
very bright, they attract all the attention to themselves – while
the rest of the wardrobe – clothes, accessories and even makeup – should be
less challenging. The best outfit to black and red design
there will be a monochromatic black dress.

Bright patterns on the nails in red or black – hit in
the art of nail art this season. Drawing can be practically
Any – lacy, classic, cartoon or thematic.
The surface can also be any – glossy, matte
or brilliant.

Gradient transition

The red-black color transition in the ombre technique is consistent
looks very dynamic and stylish. The brush becomes more
graceful. The gradient itself should be given special attention, since
careless work will look sloppy and rush to others in

The transition itself can be of different types: vertical,
horizontal and even diagonal. In any case, as a basis
only one color is taken, and the second appears as an additional one.
It is worth thinking in advance.

An excellent decoration for this option would be to add brilliant
items in manicure. In this case, one color can be taken as
monochromatic coating, and the second – in the form of sparkles. For example, red
varnish, which is covered with black sparkles on top, located in the form
gradient – glitter thickly superimposed at the very base of the nail
plate, and the tip of the nail impose less.

Matte finish

Matte-effect gel polishes have a large palette of shades,
therefore, it is very easy to choose the right one. Red gamma in this
the season at the peak of popularity, so its combination with black
will like many.

Red flowers on a black base

Flowers on the nails do not give up their positions in women, therefore
you need to look for options for their design on a black background. Scarlet
flower compositions in this case are arranged as accents on
middle or ring finger – this solution looks harmonious and
unobtrusively. The most popular flower in red is the rose
and field poppy, which are depicted with a brush and acrylic

Red and black jacket

French manicure, closely following the fashion, remains as
always trendy. Most often it is performed with a red base and
black tip, but this is not the only option. Tip
can be arranged in the form of a small gradient, in which zoning
shades transferred from the middle of the nail closer to its tip. Design with
this transition is calmer than the classic french in these
colors, and besides, quite interesting.

Rhinestones on a bright manicure

Bright дизайн в красно-черном цвете, дополненный блестящими
Rhinestones – a rather extravagant combination. Ideas for such
decorations are pretty much. In this case, one of
colors, and secondary are executed several strokes and accents in
different combinations. Rhinestones are used at the same time –
This is one of the main rules. It is recommended to choose for their placement.
just a couple of fingers, otherwise the result will look

Matt looks great on short nails. option
black and red manicure. To place the emphasis choose medium and
the ring finger of each hand, which, unlike the rest
covered with red gel polish, due to which they stand out. Wherein
nails covered with black matte gel polish, decorated with transparent
rhinestones that looks very elegant and noble. If
вместо прозрачных камней выбрать золотистый option, то маникюр
will immediately become festive.

Gold in addition to the red and black manicure

The golden color is perfect for a bright combination. As
golden jewelry can be used rhinestones, stones, foil or
special adhesive strips, which can also be purchased in
nail shop

To create such a design it is necessary to cover the nails with red.
gel polish and wait until they dry out. To the surface in
randomly glue the gold stripes in such a way
to tip their tip lightly on the skin. In the same way
black elements are also added. The finished design is fixed on top.
a layer of clear lacquer, and the extra tips of the strips on the sides
cut off.

Есть еще один похожий option, когда на основу клеятся
special stripes, on top everything is painted with the second color and after
its drying, strips come off. The slots received will be
visible color first varnish. Manicure is bright and interesting.

Black rose on a red base

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind in red is
classic rose The original drawing is obtained by several
ways – with the help of sliders, brush images and stickers.

In the case of red and black, the base and the flower itself can be
make any – a black rose on red will look very
nontrivially. Классического optionа можно добиться, наклеив на
black lacquer purchase sliders in the form of a scarlet rose. Manicure work
very romantic and noticeable at the same time.

Более готичным optionом будет изображение на черном фоне
buds white and pink. These nails look very gentle
and cute, despite using a black base.

Black lace pattern on red

Lace on the nails is not used the first season, but in 2018
year this design is more relevant than ever. Изначально такой option
used mainly in wedding scenes, adding tenderness and
romance in the image of the bride. Use this motif in such bright
and expressive colors brought in a second breath. Most
Original and beautiful laces are painted on the nails by hand when
using the finest brush, but without having special skills
a decent result is impossible. Therefore, the foreground
It is imitation of openwork, which is not difficult to perform. Openwork
nail design can be supplemented with accessories with a similar theme –
clutch, scarf, etc.

Manicure red with black, despite the brightness, is great
to business style. Stylists recommend adding one of the
the following shades are black, white, gray, blue, then the image
get the most harmonious. Pants or jeans preferably
choose dark or black. A large number of accessories will not be
look appropriate. The same applies to bright makeup and variegated

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