Castor oil for weight loss and othersdelusions

What to use castor oil for weight loss – big
stupidity, any nutritionist will tell you. However, the forums do not
decreases the number of unfortunate, hoping, nevertheless, lose weight
on castor oil. What can result in losing weight on castorca, and
how to use this oil, read our article.



Our grandmothers

Castor oil – today’s scary childhood memories
grandparents. In Soviet times, a teaspoon of castor oil
poured into babies to cure constipation or indigestion.
The times were hungry, there are few good medicines, and food is not
endured no criticism, and therefore problems with the stomach
met often and were often treated with castor oil. Why is this unbearable
bitter, stimulating gag reflex medicine after a decade
completely forgotten suddenly began to be used for weight loss –
unexplained mystery.

Is castor oil good for losing weight?

Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of the castor plant. It
It belongs to one of the most poisonous families – milkweed. Highly
long ago chemists learned how to handle it so that toxic
There was practically no substance left in the finished oil. And since
the oil is almost not absorbed in the intestines, it is actively started
used in recipes of traditional medicine, taking orally when
bowel disease and using as an external agent.

That only they were not treated with castor oil: skin diseases, pain,
hemorrhoids, ocular and gynecological diseases. But most of all his
used as a strong laxative.

Whoever has tried to drink castor oil will not forget this
never. Here’s how the slimming forums describe their impressions.
�”After being able to force myself to swallow disgustingly
smelling liquid, for a few moments you feel relieved. But
torture is just beginning! Suddenly, the mouth starts to spill
almost unbearable bitterness, which is very difficult to get rid of. Then
for 4-7 hours there is a lull: no pain or abdominal distention.
But вдруг вы понимаете, что кишечник заурчал не просто так – надо
urgently run to the toilet and stay there for several hours! it
how not a bomb exploded: at any moment liquid stool flows
huge portions and hold it for at least a few moments
is impossible. What a confusion … “

Why it happens? In the intestine, castor oil is broken down
enzymes to fatty acids, of which 90% is ricinoleic
acid, which is a strong irritant of the mucous membrane. To
get rid of this substance harmful to the intestinal tube and
reduce its concentration (and it is easier to dilute it), increases
peristalsis of the intestine, fluid is sent to the intestine. From here
frequent frequent loose stools, severe dehydration. Even
after taking a small dose of castor oil may begin
severe diarrhea, which is not easy to stop. What we get
eventually? Intestinal release + dehydration, and on scales
losing weight see minus two kilograms, which, of course, to
weight loss have nothing to do, because fat tissue is not
splits and remains in place. Do I have to fight like this with my
organism, when in pharmacies there is a huge arsenal of modern
harmless laxatives? Moreover, the lack of fluid in
diet time can damage the kidneys.

The real benefits of castor oil

Instead of ingesting castor oil in gelatin capsules,
help not to feel the eerie smell and taste, buy at the pharmacy
glass bottle of oil and rub it into the hair roots, eyelid skin, and
also lubricate their eyelashes. A 3-week course of treatment will create
a real miracle: hair will become thicker, darker and less
fall out. And the eyelashes will be thick and long, as if they were enlarged in
elite cosmetic salon. More castor oil can be lubricated
pustular rash, soften corns and cracks on the heels. But for
losing weight is meaningless to use – it does not burn fats,
appetite does not stupidly. It is better to lubricate their shoes – at least they will
shine and do not get wet.

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