Care for dyed hair: how to keepbeauty? Proper care for dyed hair at homeconditions

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Thick beautiful curls – this is the real female wealth.

It is not a secret that after using paints with
chemical composition they lose their original brilliance, become
not so thick and attractive.

It can be fixed.

Proper care for dyed hair at home conditions дело
not difficult if you approach it comprehensively and carry out
Wellness treatments regularly.

Proper care for dyed hair: the basic principles

So that a woman always remains satisfied with the beauty of her hair,
It is important to follow three basic principles in caring for them.

1. Постоянство. Can’t do one week
firming mask, and for the second week to forget about it. Healthy
the appearance of curls must be maintained constantly, regardless of
mood, employment and time of year.

2. Комплексность. Proper care
dyed hair is not only shampoos and conditioners, their
need to nourish with vitamins from the inside. A woman should follow the diet
your food, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and other
products that have beneficial trace elements. Disadvantage
The vitamins inside are reflected on the exterior.

3. Систематичность. If a woman decided
alternate peeling heads and homemade masks – so it should be
do without missing a single procedure. Hair love when
care for them, especially with natural remedies.

Tips for coloring curls and care

1. Self-lighten hair is allowed no more than
three tones.

2. Between dyeing and perm procedures should be
minimum period of 2 weeks.

3. Expose dyed hair to unnecessary stress without
need not recommended. Curling tongs and hot hair dryer still
they become much thinner.

4. Dyed hair must be after using shampoo.
need to process a special balm to minimize
harmful effects of environmental factors.

5. It is recommended to comb your hair every night before going to bed
will make your hair more obedient.

6. It is not recommended to comb dyed hair when it is still
wet In this state, the hair is very brittle and can be easily
to harm.

Proper care окрашенными волосами: укрепление структуры
from the root

To strengthen the structure of the colored curls, once
a week they are recommended to wash the egg. The recipe is very simple. AT
convenient capacity two eggs are broken, a glass is poured in there
warm water. At the same time, the mixture constantly needs to be mixed so that the protein does not
curled up.

Next, you need to wash the hair well with hot water. Above
Pour an egg on the head and rub it well with the fingers into the skin. ATсе
wash off with shampoo. For more effect then
rub the egg yolk into the scalp, wrap the hair with a towel and
wash it off after 10 minutes.

Recipe for Stimulating Dyed Hair

1. The egg yolks are whipped into a thick foam. Number each
she selects individually, based on the length of the hair. This is also for
Lemon juice is added to a healthier effect.

2. The resulting foam must be applied to the curls. You can both
сухие, так и на wet Fingers rubbed into the scalp
massaging movements for 2-3 minutes.

3. Wash the egg foam well with warm water.

Proper care окрашенными волосами: как ополаскивать

1. Immediately after shampooing hair is recommended to rinse
warm water with vinegar and lemon juice.

2. Great for rinsing infusion made from
yarrow mixed with chamomile and celandine. Herbs in
equal proportions are brewed with boiling water, infused until
complete cooling, filtered.

Hair nutrition after dyeing

After dyeing the hair structure is greatly weakened. If a
a woman wants to preserve the beauty of her hair, she needs to ensure
scalp additional nutrition.

1. To select shampoos and balms need special,
intended for colored hair. ATажно, чтобы в составе
cosmetics were vitamins, minerals and other beneficial
trace elements.

2. Perfectly nourishes hair infusion made from rye
of bread. Cooking is easy. Bread is soaked with boiling water for 4 hours.
After that, everything is filtered through cheesecloth. Water produced
rubbed into the scalp for no less than 5-7 minutes massaging
movements. Then washed off, it is desirable to allow the hair to dry.

3. Mask based on gelatin nourishes the scalp, returns
hair volume and natural shine.

ATосстановление структуры

To restore weakened after staining
hair is well suited tincture prepared on the basis of red

Step by step recipe

1. In the first stage, you need to prepare all the ingredients.
It will take 1/4 cup of pure alcohol, 1/4 of a pod of red

2. Pepper is carefully crushed, then poured alcohols.
It is necessary to insist in a dark dry place for at least 7 days.

3. ATсе хорошо процеживается. Now 1 part of the resulting
liquid mixed with 10 parts of boiled water.

The tincture prepared according to this recipe is rubbed into the skin
heads. For best effect, the procedure must be repeated 2 times a day.
for a week. If possible, leave for the night in the morning
wash off.

How to cure split colored ends

The paint dries hair heavily, it’s not surprising that the ends start
split hard ATажно вовремя их срезать, даже если женщина хочет
to grow long hair, you need to cut your hair at least 2 times
a week

Additionally, once every 5 days it is recommended to put on
tips one of the following components:

• vitamin E;

• Castor oil;

• wheat germ oil;

• fish fat.

Any of these ingredients should be applied on dry hair, on
the tips. The mask is left overnight, in the morning it is washed off with shampoo and
warm water. The listed components are much more efficient than
Purchased in stores and pharmacies balsams and conditioners for
hair. They perfectly nourish and moisturize the tips, create a protective
film against negative environmental influences.

Effective mask for hair after dyeing

If a представительница прекрасного пола хочет, чтобы даже после
regular dyes her hair shone with a natural shine
remained smooth and silky, it is recommended to do regularly
mask of herbs.

Ingredients you need:

• Plantain leaves are pre-crushed;

• nettle leaves;

• sage;

• oregano;

• celandine;

• black bread (250 grams);

• a glass of boiled water.

ATсе травы смешиваются в одинаковых пропорциях в удобной емкости.
Find them is not difficult, they are sold in pharmacies. Next mixture
vegetable components are brewed with boiling water and for one
hours brewed. ATсе процеживается через тугую марлю, туда
black bread is added. The mixture is stirred until
will become homogeneous.

The mask should be applied to the hair while it is still warm. Head
wrapped in plastic wrap, tied on top
a towel. After two hours, the mask should be well washed off with warm

Proper care окрашенными волосами: рацион питания

When the body lacks vitamins, it affects
external condition of a woman – on her hair, nails, skin color.
Curls become dull, brittle, hard to comb. For
order to bring them back to life first of all you need to saturate
body with beneficial trace elements from the inside.

1. Every day is recommended to use at least two liters
fluid throughout the day. This is good not only for the figure, but also for
hair. They will not be so dry, will find a pleasant shine.

2. It is necessary to try to minimize the use of fried,
smoked, highly fatty foods. Greater emphasis is placed on cereals,
fruits and vegetables, especially seasonal ones.

3. Today, a wide range of products is available in pharmacies.
всевозможных витаминов для hair. They strengthen the body from the inside and
help to improve the structure of curls.

Proper care окрашенными волосами — это целый комплекс
�”Events”. To achieve a great effect to the process you need
fit comprehensively. ATажно не только придать волосам здоровый
appearance, but also strengthen their structure through nutrition
body vitamins.

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