Capsules and tablets of Beelit 96 for weight loss

  • 1 Instructions for use of the drug for weight loss Beelite?
    • 1.1 Composition
    • 1.2 Application
    • 1.3 Contraindications and side effects
  • 2 Opinion of doctors

В настоящее время существует немало способов и методик
weight loss. Some of them give the desired effect, while others grieve
losing weight Therefore, before the fight against obesity begins, the question of choice
The effective remedy is especially acute. From this completely
depends on the result and speed of losing weight. People use for these
goals different diets, take dietary supplements, and
also spend a lot of time in gyms.

Some slimming want to achieve a quick effect without exhausting
при этом организм пищевыми ограничениями и физическими
loads. Pills for burning excess fat lately
gained immense popularity among losing weight all social
categories and ages. Now the market for weight loss drugs
предлагает богатую палитру таблеток для
целью которых является уменьшение жировых
sediments without losing weight.

Not so long ago, effective slimming products appeared on the market.
новый препарат — таблетки Bilight 96.
Made means for weight loss in China by San
Tszyu Производитель обещает потерю веса до пяти
килограммов в неделю

Basically, the drug is aimed at women.
Изначально Билайт
 предназначался для восстановления после
The manufacturer claims that the pills help
burn the extra weight that a woman gains during pregnancy.
Кроме этого, препарат призван улучшить состояние кожи и


Instructions for use of the drug for weight loss Beelite?

In order for the Bilight pills to give a positive effect,
you need to know how to use them in what quantity,
what time is it. It is recommended to take slimming capsules
Beelit-96 in three stages.

Instructions: how to take a slimming drug
Bilight 96

According to the instructions, tablets should be taken twice a day,
three capsules half an hour before meals. Period of the course of struggle with
overweight lasts 1.5 months.

At the first stage, the drug improves the functioning of the stomach. On the second
stage is the splitting of nutrients. From the body
slags and toxins are removed. At the final stage is fixed
the resulting effect.

Следует внимательно отнестись к противопоказаниям и
побочным действиям
после употребления, о чем подробно
says annotations to Beelight.

Средство запрещается употреблять: подросткам;
women in position; breastfeeding mothers.


The best options when choosing a new drug for weight loss –
this is his composition. Focusing on the list of elements of the tool, you can
approximately understand how it helps the body fight fat
deposits in problem areas.

Based on what were the Beelite capsules for

  • tinder mushroom;
  • lotus flower leaves;
  • fruits of boyars;
  • poria coconut;
  • the inner surface of the chicken stomach.

However, most experts are of the opinion that
the manufacturer does not indicate all the components of the preparation, and that in
the chemical composition of bilight includes harmful
синтетические анорексигенные средства.


Beelite has several varieties that can be taken.
at different stages of losing weight. For example, well suited
Билайт Клубника 90 для худеющих на
начальном этапе
. You can take pills one by one.
per day. If you take a capsule before meals, you should do this.
an hour before the meal, and if after, you must wait two hours,
after which you need to drink a capsule with several glasses of warm
boiled water.

Для повышения эффективности таблеток для
Slimming bilight, you can increase the dose twice after three days
after the start of the reception. The maximum dosage is three
капсулы в сутки

In addition, there is also another kind of pill for
похудения этого производителя — Билайт 40. Чем
отличаются капсулы для похудения Билайт 40 от Билайт Клубника
90? San Tszyu decided to modify the Beelite series, and
increased the concentration of former types of tablets.

Употреблять Билайт 40 проще — не нужно
выпивать по две-три капсулы per day. And since improved
the concentration of the drug, then the properties of this means for losing weight
significantly increased.

Contraindications and side effects

Before using any means to lose weight, you should advance
familiarize yourself with all the properties of the drug, including
possible side effects. What are the contraindications and
side effects from the use of tablets of this line can

Китайские таблетки Билайт могут вызвать
following side effects:

  • increased heart rate, increased pulse;
  • possible problems with the kidneys, liver, as well as
    cardiovascular system;
  • allergy;
  • frequent headache.

В начале курса приема таблеток может начать пропадать
зрачки будут расширяться, появится сухость во

Opinion of doctors

Before you start using unknown pills, it’s better to find out
мнение врачей о капсулах Bilight 96 для похудения.

Большинство работников медицинской сферы выступает
against drugs for похудения
, полагая, что их состав
adversely affects human health, and that you can lose weight
only with proper nutrition and physical performance

Nutritionists altogether tend to the fact that as part of
таблеткок Билайт есть запрещенные вещества,
одним из
which is an anorectic drug
Сибутрамин, запрещенный во многих странах.

Federal bodies of control and supervision in the sphere of turnover
наркотических средств
проводили множество исследований
таблеток, и выявили нарушения, а именно — наличие Сибутрамина,
which adversely affects the health of the person taking
diet pills.

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