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The question of whether you can wipe your face with ice causes many
disputes. The benefits of ice have been known since ancient times: recognized beauties
used it to make the skin of the face elasticity, elasticity and
even color. Modern people also have a huge interest in
cold recovery. With this alternative to costly
Procedure, cream, lotion is a small piece of ice.

The benefits of cold skin treatments

The secret of ice is that it stimulates protective
properties of the human body, activating immune processes.
Due to this, the metabolism in the epidermis improves,
increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid responsible for the regulation of water
balance, is excreted with double force at the moment of rubbing the face
ice cube. Melt water is absorbed by cells from the surface and
held in for quite a long time.

Action on the skin:

• maximum moisture;

• improvement of blood circulation;

• narrow pores.

In this case, the skin becomes smooth and silky, loses
greasy and matted. Ice, especially with special additives,
has a good whitening effect, lightens freckles and
fights pigmentation on the face. Rubbing once a day
(preferably in the morning) neck with a cube of ice, face and decollete area
significantly rejuvenate fading skin, tone it up, bring back
attractive appearance.

Can I wipe my face with ice? It may even be necessary. But do it
follows, following the recommendations of experts and some rules
проведения procedures.

Damage to ice cubes

Despite the popularity of ice rubbing, cosmetologists
constantly remind the fair sex that
low temperatures can hurt even more than
high, causing skin stress. Cold contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels.
When repeated wiping the face with ice, the vessels are several times
tapering and expanding, which gives an excellent psychotherapeutic
effect, but bad for the skin. Therefore, experts responding to
question whether you can wipe your face with ice, advised to comply
умеренность, так как итогом частого воздействия низких
temperatures on the skin of the face is:

• impaired blood flow;

• the appearance of spider veins;

• puffiness;

• effect of enlarged pores.

According to cosmetologists, even washing with cold water can
�“Exsanguinate” the skin and cause vasoconstriction. That leads to
reduce the function of the sebaceous glands: on the skin surface
less fat and sweat. The skin loses its elasticity, becomes
flabby and dry, early wrinkles appear on the face. Usually,
women too late pay attention to a similar effect.

Rubbing with ice for different skin types

Particularly attentive to the advice of experts should listen
owners of dry skin that is very sensitive to
low and high temperatures. Under the influence of cold such skin
begins to peel off, pockets of inflammation appear and

Is it possible to wipe your face with ice for people with normal and oily skin?
It is possible, but not often. От проведения procedures лучше воздержаться в
cold season, when adverse external factors, in the form
low temperature and wind, harm the skin, drying and cooling it.
Rubbing ice can afford a man who has time
достаточное для проведения procedures и отдыха кожи после ее

Can I wipe my face with ice in the warm season? Can,
especially residents of the southern regions. Spring and summer, hot and dry
погоду, холодные procedures укрепят кожу, придадут ей эластичность,
radiant and fresh look. The effect is due to increased blood flow
under the influence of warm air to iced skin.

Tip! Wipe your face with ice is desirable
only once a day – in the morning. The procedure carried out in the evening
time may cause sleep disturbance.

Ice Cube Cooking Tips

Despite the recommendations of experts, many women believe
that ice cubes do more good than harm instantly
improving the appearance of the skin, which immediately after wiping freshens and
turns pink. Именно для них косметологи подготовили несколько
recommendations for the preparation of the composition of home

1. Water must be boiled or purified.

2. You can freeze mineral water, rich in biologically
active substances that help to tone up skin fading.

3. Making cubes from tea (black, green) or herbal decoction,
It is important to monitor the concentration of infusion. Too strong can
harm the delicate skin of the face.

4. Excellent effect has ice made on the basis of watermelon.
or any other berry juice.

The finished liquid is poured into special molds and placed
in the freezer. Broths and teas first need
cool it down

Правила проведения procedures

Asking whether you can wipe your face with ice,
beauticians pay attention to what you need to do respecting
specific algorithm:

• skin should be pre-cleaned with lotions
belongings and other things;

• on normal or dry skin before rubbing applied
vegetable oil, sour cream or fat cream;

• ice cube must be wrapped with a napkin or towel;

• ice with accurate and fast movements applied to the temples,
eyes, forehead;

• the outline of the face, neck and decollete area is quickly circled;

• moisture is not removed from the skin, drying out on its own.

You can make a small massage in the form of light pats on
face with your fingertips.

Tip! You can not keep ice
cube in one place. This can provoke a sharp narrowing and
dilation of blood vessels and, as a consequence, the formation of capillary

Cold Rub Recipes

Mineral water ice does not need additional saturation,
Being an excellent composition for the rejuvenation of skin exposed
age changes.

Before freezing boiled or filtered water, the solution can be
enrich with various ingredients that include
minerals and vitamins. These may be herbal teas, teas,
berry or fruit juices.

Tip! Enriched ice should be used in
4-5 days from the moment of freezing.

– People with oily skin should use ice
Cubes based on green tea, contributing to the normalization of functions
sebaceous glands. The recipe is simple: one teaspoon
tea leaves pour a glass of boiling water and insist 1 hour. Filtered and
The cooled solution is poured into molds and frozen.

– For oily skin, you can also make ice cubes with
chamomile, celandine, calendula and lemongrass Chinese. Important
keep proportions: 1 teaspoon dry mix for 1 cup

– Dry skin of the face is perfectly moisturized with cubes made on
on the basis of decoctions: mint, parsley, plantain, St. John’s wort or chamomile.
Popular recipe for ice from the mountain ash. 2 teaspoons
dry rowan need to be crushed into powder and brew 1 cup
boiling water. After the infusion has cooled, it is filtered and

– Mature skin needs extra nutrition that can
provide peach mix with cream. The composition is whipped and
frozen in molds.

– Smooth wrinkles will help ice from mint or dandelion.

– A recipe for anti-inflammatory ice to help get rid of
acne, is to mix a dry mixture of chamomile and
celandine Two tablespoons of herbs pour 2 cups boiling water and
insist on a water bath for 20 minutes, then filter and

There are many recipes for making ice to wipe
facial skin. Important правильно подобрать ингредиенты для каждого
case study. Using tips and tricks
professionals, each person can with the help of simple home
procedures to return skin to youth, healthy and attractive external

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