Brightening hair at home: effectivelyor not? Methods of lightening hair at home: whatchoose

Чт, 12 май 2016 Автор: Анна Онуку

Blond curls always remain in fashion.

They allow their owner to look much younger
hairstyle becomes more voluminous.

However, to be a blonde is not as easy as it may seem.

Regular visit to the beauty salon takes a lot of time and
foreshadows considerable costs.

If you know how to brighten hair at home,
You can achieve a great effect with maximum savings.

Brightening hair at home with paint

Hair dye is very often used by representatives
beautiful sex in order to get the curls desired shade.
However, this chemical agent does not always give such a result.
as we would like. It depends on factors such as composition.
substances, the structure of the hair, the native color of the hair.

It has been proven that no matter how safe the paint is,
There are chemical components that can harm curls. AT
As a result, a woman’s hairstyle will become less bulky, lose
healthy shine. It is for this reason to use paint at home.
alone is not recommended.

Lightening hair at home: folk recipes

Home remedies are an excellent alternative to dyes.
chemical origin. They are great for girls and women.
at any age, absolutely safe for hair.

Honey Based Mask

1. Before using the mask must be well prepared
curls. Rinse hair thoroughly with shampoo, rinse it
air conditioning.

2. Wait a little while the hair dries, smear the curls
honey over the entire length.

3. Cover your head with a wrap, tie a kerchief on top.
Leave the mask for at least 8-10 hours.

Honey begins to release a whitening component that provides such
same action as hydrogen peroxide. The mask aligns the hair color,
feeds them, gives a pleasant golden shade.

Baking soda

1. Baking soda (8 столовых ложек) растворяется в половине
glasses of boiled water.

2. AT раствор добавляется 100 грамм обычного шампуня.

3. The resulting mixture is well washed hair.

The only drawback of this method is that the effect
will be noticeable not immediately, but after 1.5-2 months. However worth
believe that the result is worth the time spent.


Method 1

1. Take a few juicy ginger roots, they are rubbed on
fine grater.

2. Ginger заливается холодной водой и ставится на 30 минут на
the smallest fire.

3. It is necessary to wait until the decoction cools, then it

4. The resulting liquid is applied to the hair every day until
until the girl gets the desired clarification result.

Method 2

1. Before the formation of a homogeneous mass, the following are mixed
components – shredded ginger, fresh citrus juice (half fruit
lemon), a glass of light beer.

2. In order to give the hair more shine in the mixture can
drip 2-3 drops of jojoba essential oil.

3. The mixture is distributed evenly through the hair, after 2-3 hours
rinse with cool water.

Method 3

1. Take peels from citrus and fresh ginger. Pre
these ingredients are soaked in a little water for 20

2. AT настой добавляется сметана (200 грамм), эфирное масло
lemon (10 drops).

3. The mask is evenly distributed over the entire length of the hair, the head
wrapped with cling film and a towel.

4. After two hours, wash off the mask. Next day for
achieve the best effect of the procedure is repeated.

Lightening hair at home: how to cook paint
without peroxide yourself

Most girls do not want to expose their hair
chemicals, and rightly so. Lighten hair can be at home
having prepared the paint yourself without using peroxide.

Components you need:

• alcohol (50 g is enough);

• dried flowers of the pharmaceutical calendula (approximately 20-30 g);

• apple cider vinegar (0.5 liters);

• rhubarb root (30 g);

• dry pharmacy chamomile (20 g).

Step by step recipe

1. Add rhubarb, crushed in advance, to vinegar, bring to
boil, then leave to simmer well over low heat
about 10-15 minutes.

2. Add there chamomile, calendula and alcohol, simmer another 7

3. Remove the mixture from the heat, let it cool.

4. Strain the mixture, add some honey and lemon to it
the juice.

The paint is applied to the hair for 30-40 minutes, then washed off with
shampoo This hair lightening at home gives
short effect. To maintain a beautiful golden
shade, the procedure is recommended to repeat every time before
how you want to wash your hair. ATаши локоны будут блистать приятным
shade become stronger, the tips will not be cut. Resist
such a head of hair will be simply impossible.

Lightening hair at home: paint based


• water (300 ml);

• chamomile dry (100g);

• 30% peroxide (50 ml).

Bring water to a boil, add chamomile. Give brew
mix for 40 minutes, then strain the decoction and add to him
peroxide. The resulting paint is applied to the hair for 30-40 minutes,
после этого смывается shampoo The advantage of the method is
that even dark hair will gradually become pleasant
golden hue.

other methods

You can lighten your hair without going to a beauty salon with others.
methods that are equally effective and safe.

Rhubarb and tea

What you need:

• tea (one pinch is enough);

• rhubarb (250 g);

• water (250 ml).

ATсе компоненты смешиваются, заливаются крутым кипятком. Their hour
can not touch, then strain. The resulting mixture is applied
равномерно на локоны не более, чем на 30 minutes ATолосы хорошо
промываются shampoo



• dry chamomile (150 g);

• water (500 ml);

• glycerin (60 g).

Chamomile infused in boiling water for an hour. When the decoction cools,
him добавляется глицерин. The paint should be kept on hair 35-40
минут, потом хорошо смыть shampoo Suitable for dark hair.

Peroxide and vodka

List of components:

• chamomile (150 g);

• 30% peroxide (50 ml);

• vodka (500 ml).

ATсе компоненты смешиваются между собой и настаиваются не менее,
than 10-14 days in a tightly closed jar. Then there is added
about 10 drops of lemon essential oil and the paint is ready for
application. It is applied to the curls for 40-45 minutes, after that
тщательно смывается shampoo

Useful tips

1. ATолосы быстрее станут светлее, если любую из перечисленных
above mixtures should be applied when they are still slightly wet.

2. If a woman has naturally reddish curls, from the first time
lighten them will not work, you need a few procedures. it
also applies to dark-haired girls.

3. Do not lighten damaged hair. If a woman decided
стать блондинкой, до домашhim окрашивания рекомендуется сделать
several nourishing masks to restore the structure of the hair

Lightening hair at home is a simple procedure,
which requires minimal investment. If a representative
the fair sex firmly decided to become the owner of golden
curls, you need patience and everything will work out.

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