Bright Gypsy Style

Modern people, especially townspeople, have lost the habit of feeling their
belonging to a particular culture, we unwittingly became
cosmopolitan, but it did not give us advantages, but on the contrary, it did
poorer We forget our origins and do not know where we are going … Gypsies,
traveling across the expanses of the earth as well as hundreds of years ago
never get lost as a nation, because, despite the persecution and
dislike of many “civilized” people, misconduct and lifestyle,
they managed to keep not only the language, but also the culture, bright
a manifestation of which is the gypsy style of clothes, style,
who wants to imitate.


Gypsy style features

The desire to follow the gypsy style of clothes was observed in
Russians always – our great-grandmothers wore large with great pleasure
Gypsy jewelry and bright shawls, but do not tear the eyes of men
from the proud tread and swaying hips of gypsies stepping
in layered skirts, from the chest, barely covered with silk blouses
with a triangular neckline. This style of clothing, carefully preserved
cultural gypsies who became artists and singers in all their glory
can be seen on the performances of the theater “Romen”.

However, ordinary gypsy women are sedentary or nomadic, especially in
outback trying to look the same as many years ago
looked like their predecessors. Gypsy style features одежды
these are: on the feet – rough shoes that are not afraid of dirt roads and
long transitions, at the waist and hips – a long skirt consisting of
several parts (skirts can be removed one by one), blouse and
necessarily one more, thrown over or a shawl, on the head –
a handkerchief tied around a knotted braid or on top of a head
so that the form resembles a skullcap.

It would seem – nothing unusual, everything is quite trivial. But
the attractiveness of the gypsy style of clothes seems to have a mystical
character – everything is folded into this piggy bank: the fatal gypsy women with their
destructive passion (it suffices to recall only Carmen, Jesenia, and
Esmeralda), the ability to predict fate, and therefore communicate with
otherworldly forces, extraordinary strength of character and frantic
devotion to the man she chose …

Thanks to all this “devilry”, every woman wants to be
a little gypsy – free, fatal and passionate, woman,
worshiped and eager to possess. This and
our love for long silk skirts with frills,
colorful shawls and stoles, luxurious “samovar” earrings and
ringing monist, to all that in our mind relate to

Do not remain indifferent to this amazing style and trendy
houses: many leading fashion designers exploit the gypsy theme, introducing
in the collection such details as fur and leather vests, fringe,
colorful shawls and other elements typical of the gypsy style

It is also characterized by bright and saturated colors: black, blue,
burgundy, yellow, orange are the colors of satin and silks, these are exactly
materials from time immemorial were used for sewing amazing
Gypsy outfits.

These skirts can be worn with rough shoes, embroidered stones and
fringe, no matter what the weather outside. Top as well
multilayered – a T-shirt or top is put on the body, on top – a flannel
or a chintz shirt, on top of which a scarf is carelessly thrown over or
wearing a fur vest. This is not the original gypsy outfit
and only a fake, which can be recognized by the fact that the fur on
the vest is artificial, the scarf is made of acetate silk, and the topic
украшен не вышивкой золотом, а модным принтом,  а вместо
gold jewelry on the neck and ears flaunts cheap jewelry.

However, even in this form, the gypsy style of clothes remains
extremely popular, especially among Bohemians and seekers
self-expression of youth.

So, here is how you can dress in a gypsy style:

  • The skirt should always be long and flared, for this
    fine chiffon and Indian marlevka, colors – bright, you can
    embroider it with sequins, braid and rhinestones, embroidery and
  • Footwear – sandals on a flat sole and on straps (Greek
    sandals), decorated with fringe, buckles, or boots on a flat
    sole with different ethnic elements. Brown colour,
    black, beige.
  • Required attributes: a scarf or stole (with glass beads,
    bright ornament) and a bag as large as possible and made in
    Hand-made, i.e. knitted, woven, or hand-sewn and
    decorated in ethnic style.

In this form, any girl will look original, but there is
one “but” – it is likely that it will be asked to predict

Gypsy dress style: photo

Цыганский стиль одежды

Цыганский стиль одежды

Цыганский стиль одежды

Цыганский стиль одежды

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